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Lucky Numbers
Russ: Well, now that Walter's dead we need to find ourself a new beard. Crystal: Oh... I ...
by Lucky Numbers
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Coyote Ugly
Violet: I want my tape. Kevin: Had a feeling you'd be back to see me. Manager: No dates ...
by Coyote Ugly
0 votes   434 views  
The Whole Nine Yards
[at the bank, Jill proposes double-crossing Jimmy, splitting the money, and running] Jill St. Claire: What ...
by The Whole Nine Yards
0 votes   434 views  
Osmosis Jones
Leah: Jones, what in the world makes you think I would ever go out with you? ...
by Osmosis Jones
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Keeping the Faith
Rachel Rose: You write all your own sermons, right? Rabbi Jacob "Jake" Schram: Actually I download them ...
by Keeping The Faith
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The Insider
Mike Wallace: In the real world, when you get to where I am, there are other ...
by The Insider
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The Deep End of the Ocean
Ellen: Remember Cecile Lockhart? Beth Cappadora: You mean, star of STAGE, SCREEN, and now SOAP COMMERICAL, that ...
by The Deep End Of The Ocean
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That Darn Cat
Patti Randall: God, I'm really good. Those "Charlie's Angels" reruns are starting to pay off.
by That Darn Cat
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L.A. Confidential
Jack Vincennes: I'm the technical advisor. I teach Brett Chase how to walk and talk like ...
by L.A. Confidential
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Lost Highway
Mr. Eddy: I'm really glad to know you're doin okay. You're *sure* you're okay? Everything alright? ...
by Lost Highway
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Thud Butt: Peter, can I talk to you? Peter Pan: Sure, Thud. Thud Butt: I remember Tootles. Peter ...
by Hook
0 votes   434 views  
Monsters vs Aliens
B.O.B.: What happened to the " there isn't a jar in this world I can't open" ...
by Monsters Vs Aliens
0 votes   434 views  
Amanda: So? Dr. Lynn Denlon: My twenty second analysis without any medical equipment is that his brain ...
by Saw III
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Rocket Science
Ben Wekselbaum: It's all so pointless. That's the realization I came to at States last year. ...
by Rocket Science
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Rocket Science
Plainsboro Lunch Lady: [serving sloppy joe sandwiches at school lunchtime] They're not really bad if you've ...
by Rocket Science
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I Could Never Be Your Woman
Marty: You're gonna want to cut those apron strings. Otherwise you're never going to be a ...
by I Could Never Be Your Woman
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Susan Jones: Richard, why did we come here? Richard: What d'you mean why? I thought you would ...
by Babel
0 votes   434 views  
Michael Landon
I felt my father`s presence with me, enlightening my memories, helping me to commit to ...
by Michael Landon
0 votes   433 views  
Julia Rose
This is the first year that we have done anything like this. The kids are ...
by Julia Rose
0 votes   433 views  
Joanna Levesque
I like a guy who can survive the streets. I like to feel like if ...
by Joanna Levesque
0 votes   433 views  
Emile Hirsch
I don`t really want to do a teen comedy, you know? I mean, I just ...
by Emile Hirsch
0 votes   433 views  
Ethel Barrymore
[On Hollywood] The people are unreal. The flowers are unreal, they don`t smell. The fruit ...
by Ethel Barrymore
0 votes   433 views  
Cathy Meils
I didn`t think she could do it. I really thought it would be looked at ...
by Cathy Meils
0 votes   433 views  
Billy Murray
We`re all real excited about the change. It adds a whole new dimension to the ...
by Billy Murray
0 votes   433 views  
Amanda Peet
[2007] I`m not into vilifying L.A., like Everyone is so dumb, everyone has fake boobs ...
by Amanda Peet
0 votes   433 views  
Angela Carter
You must realize that I was suffering from love and I knew him as intimately ...
by Angela Carter
0 votes   433 views  
Me and You and Everyone We Know
Sylvie's Mom: Kids are so adaptable. Sylvie: Am I adaptable? Sylvie's Mom: Yes. Richard Swersey: Yes, well, they have ...
by Me And You And Everyone We Know
0 votes   433 views  
Little Manhattan
Gabe: I was charming and suave. Everything you could hope to be on your first real ...
by Little Manhattan
0 votes   433 views  
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Mrs. Lovett: [placing a small pie on the counter] Here we are. Hot out of the ...
by Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street
0 votes   433 views  
Running Scared
Joey Gazelle: [holding her at gunpoint while she holds her baby] Now you listen to me, ...
by Running Scared
0 votes   433 views  
Everything Is Illuminated
Alex: [Refering to the dog] This is Sammy Davis Jr. Jr... She is Grandfather's Seeing Eye ...
by Everything Is Illuminated
0 votes   433 views  
Be Cool
Raji: What's up? It's Raji. Nick Carr: Hey, Lowenthal. Joe Loop was supposed to kill Chili Palmer. ...
by Be Cool
0 votes   433 views  
An Unfinished Life
Gary Watson: I don't think you really understand just how worried I am. Kitty: Look, I don't ...
by An Unfinished Life
0 votes   433 views  
Life as a House
[Alyssa has just kissed George] George: Why did you do that? Alyssa: When you were dating my ...
by Life As A House
0 votes   433 views  
The Bourne Identity
Conklin: Great police work, really brilliant! Why don't they just put up a sign that says ...
by The Bourne Identity
0 votes   433 views  
Shallow Hal
Hal: I bet on horses sometimes, but I don't really care about the money. Rosemary: I never ...
by Shallow Hal
0 votes   433 views  
Big Trouble
Henry Desalvo: I got a great New York Strip over there that cost me $27 in ...
by Big Trouble
0 votes   433 views  
Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
Master Tang: [dying] Chosen One, do I look all right? Chosen One: Yeah... sure. Master Tang: On a ...
by Kung Pow: Enter The Fist
0 votes   433 views  
Get Bruce
Bruce Vilanch: I'm friendly with a lot of big stars. They're wonderful individuals mano a mano... ...
by Get Bruce
0 votes   433 views  
The Thomas Crown Affair
Catherine Banning: You really think there's "happy ever after" for people like us?
by The Thomas Crown Affair
0 votes   433 views  
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