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Paranoid Park
Jared: Dude, we should go check out Paranoid Park. Alex: Dude, I don't think I'm ready for ...
by Paranoid Park
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The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
[Edmund walks in after helping Peter out of a fight] Edmund Pevensie: You're welcome. Peter Pevensie: [Peter ...
by The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian
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The American Ruling Class
Himself - Folksinger: /singing/ Some say that human kind won't long endure. What makes them feel ...
by The American Ruling Class
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The Hunting Party
Benjamin: [after the waiter's warning] What the fuck was that about? Simon: A warning. Benjamin: Yeah? It seemed ...
by The Hunting Party
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Chief Grizzly: [listening to Twitchy talk really fast] It's like he's speaking *words* of some kind.
by Hoodwinked!
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Matt Moore
When I went to UCLA I was young, just 18 years old, ... I had ...
by Matt Moore
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Lewis Carroll
Thanks for your nice little note, though I am sorry to hear you find Through ...
by Lewis Carroll
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Liz Phair
You`re really creative when you`re in an environment that you don`t know how to handle. ...
by Liz Phair
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James Doohan
I really didn`t have to work, shall we say, with Star Trek. It was a ...
by James Doohan
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David Stone
Vegas is still a question mark. We can`t really know yet what Vegas is for ...
by David Stone
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Colin Campbell
You really don`t want to kiss a hamster.
by Colin Campbell
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Adam Foote
We showed a lot of character coming back tonight. This team really wants to win ...
by Adam Foote
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Freddy VS Ghostbusters
Chuck Branson: Dude, why can't you sleep like a normal person? You have nightmare every frickin' ...
by Freddy VS Ghostbusters
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Demon Hunter
Jake Greyman: [narration] My name's Jacob Greyman. I'd like say most people call me Jake, but ...
by Demon Hunter
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I Heart Huckabees
Mrs. Hooten: Albert, what brought you to the philosophical club? Albert Markovski: You mean the existential detectives? ...
by I Heart Huckabees
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Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
Dr. Stephen Maturin: I'll rest easier once I know they've reached shore. So many wounded. And ...
by Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World
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Scary Movie 3
Brenda Meeks: I saw this tape, and I think you should know about it. It had ...
by Scary Movie 3
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McCabe: What? No roll, Hondo? Hondo: How do you know I didn't? McCabe: You didn't, did you? Hondo: They ...
by S.W.A.T.
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The Original Kings of Comedy
Steve Harvey: When you go to church that much when you're a kid, you don't really ...
by The Original Kings Of Comedy
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The Salton Sea
Danny: So that's where I found myself. No, I should choose my words more wisely. This ...
by The Salton Sea
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Erin Brockovich
Ed Masry: [after a meeting with a PG&E representative] Didn't you hear? They have $28 billion ...
by Erin Brockovich
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Runaway Bride
Maggie Carpenter: Gill, I am really afraid of needles, but that doesn't make me a bad ...
by Runaway Bride
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Bill: I wake up happy, feeling good... but then I get very depressed, because I'm living ...
by Happiness
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The Talented Mr. Ripley
Tom Ripley: I really feel happy. As if I had been granted a new lease in ...
by The Talented Mr. Ripley
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The Iron Giant
General Rogard: You realize how much hardware I brought out here? You just blew millions of ...
by The Iron Giant
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Grosse Pointe Blank
Marcella: You know, when you started getting invited to your ten year high school reunion, time ...
by Grosse Pointe Blank
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Stu: I didn't kill anybody. Billy: Nobody said you did. Stu: Thanks, buddy! Randy: Besides... ”Takes a MAN to ...
by Scream
0 votes   365 views  
The Long Kiss Goodnight
Mitch: You're telling me that you're gonna fake some terrorist thing, just to scare some money ...
by The Long Kiss Goodnight
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The Prophecy
Lucifer: Do you know what Hell really is, Thomas? It's not lakes of burning oil or ...
by The Prophecy
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In the Line of Fire
[second phone call] Leary: I was worried about you with the motorcade today. You looked like ...
by In The Line Of Fire
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FernGully: The Last Rainforest
[Crysta looks at cloud of black smoke coming from Mt. Warning and realizes Batty is ...
by FernGully: The Last Rainforest
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Not Without My Daughter
Betty Mahmoody: Have you become Muslim? Ellen: Mm-hmm. Betty Mahmoody: Did you convert? Ellen: Well, I wanted to, I ...
by Not Without My Daughter
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L.A. Story
Harris: SanDeE*, your... your breasts feel weird. SanDeE*: Oh, that's 'cause they're real.
by L.A. Story
0 votes   365 views  
A Shock to the System
Graham Marshall: I didn't get the job, Leslie. The promotion... I didn't get it. Leslie Marshall: No, ...
by A Shock To The System
0 votes   365 views  
The Forbidden Dance
[Jason and Nisa got back from dancing and Jason's parents want to talk to Jason ...
by The Forbidden Dance
0 votes   365 views  
Check Brights
The Driver: As sure as night is night, failing to check his brights isn't his only ...
by Check Brights
0 votes   365 views  
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
The Baroness: That redhead is really starting to piss me off.
by G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra
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Mad Money
Counselor: People your age in the work force are usually considered real pains in the ass. ...
by Mad Money
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Funny Games U.S.
Paul: You know, if you'd let Peter help you, it would hurt less. Peter: I'm happy to ...
by Funny Games U.S.
0 votes   365 views  
Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One for the Road
Bill Engvall: My wife, trying to be helpful, goes to the grocery store and buys this ...
by Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One For The Road
0 votes   365 views  
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