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Next Friday
Joker: [after realizing his bedroom door is locked] [using his date's butt as a mouth] Joker: No ...
by Next Friday
1 votes   364 views  

Alien: Resurrection
Purvis: [shouting] What's in-fucking-side me? Ripley: There's a monster in your chest. These guys hijacked your ship, ...
by Alien: Resurrection
0 votes   364 views  
Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills
Damien Wayne Echols: I knew from when I was real small people were gonna know who ...
by Paradise Lost: The Child Murders At Robin Hood Hills
0 votes   364 views  
Problem Child 2
Mr. Thorn: [Junior enters his new classroom and the students begin laughing at him, while his ...
by Problem Child 2
0 votes   364 views  
Funny People
George Simmons: So, Ira Wright? That's not your real name. You're hiding some Judaism. Ira Wright: I ...
by Funny People
0 votes   364 views  
The Final Destination
Hunt Wynorski: We just lost a really hot MILF.
by The Final Destination
0 votes   364 views  
Inside Man
[Inside the "war room" van, Detective Keith Frazier finally accepts a call from Dalton Russell] ...
by Inside Man
0 votes   364 views  
Liza Minnelli
It`s a waste of time to think about what I should have done and what ...
by Liza Minnelli
0 votes   363 views  
Ernest Green
We were really ordinary people and we really owe a debt of gratitude to (their ...
by Ernest Green
0 votes   363 views  
Memoirs of a Geisha
Sayuri Narration: [gazing at a ruined Hatsumomo in the streets] I could be her. Were we ...
by Memoirs Of A Geisha
0 votes   363 views  
The Interpreter
Tobin Keller: Do you think you can identify the voice you heard if you heard it ...
by The Interpreter
0 votes   363 views  
Over the Hedge
Police Officer: Now you do realize that was a Depelter Turbo. Gladys: Officer, please. This Verminator sold ...
by Over The Hedge
0 votes   363 views  
Artificial Intelligence: AI
David: My mommy doesn't hate me! Because I'm special! And unique! Because there's never been anyone ...
by Artificial Intelligence: AI
0 votes   363 views  
Yao: [at the waterhole] Hey, Ping. Mulan: Oh, hi, guys. I didn't know you were here. I ...
by Mulan
0 votes   363 views  
The Birdcage
Armand: My cemetery's in Key Biscayne. It's one of the prettiest in the world. The sky ...
by The Birdcage
0 votes   363 views  
A League of Their Own
[Mae helps Shirley learn to read] Mae Mordabito: Sound it out... Shirley Baker: Kimm... Mae Mordabito: Kimono. Shirley ...
by A League Of Their Own
0 votes   363 views  
City Slickers
Mitch Robbins: Alright Ed, your best day, what was it, twins in a trapeze, what? Ed ...
by City Slickers
0 votes   363 views  
Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity
Jeff Dunham: Do you have any other powers? Melvin the Superhero Guy: X-ray vision. Jeff Dunham: Really? Melvin ...
by Jeff Dunham: Spark Of Insanity
0 votes   363 views  
Brokeback Mountain
Ennis Del Mar: I'm gonna tell you this one time, Jack fuckin' Twist, an' I ain't ...
by Brokeback Mountain
0 votes   362 views  
The Hot Chick
April: So... do you really have a penis? Jessica (Clive): I don't think you get the gravity ...
by The Hot Chick
0 votes   362 views  
Big Stan
Tubby: Looks like everybody's gonna rape you. Stan Minton: Ok, ok... I, I, I bet I can ...
by Big Stan
0 votes   362 views  
Edward James Olmos
On Miami Vice and Battlestar Galactica: Miami, although it took place among policemen, wasn`t about ...
by Edward James Olmos
0 votes   361 views  
Snakes on a Plane
Troy: This is your new pilot Troy speaking, and sitting next to me is my main ...
by Snakes On A Plane
0 votes   361 views  
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby: What's going on? Jean Girard: Soon you will know what it is like to be ...
by Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby
0 votes   361 views  
Two Weeks Notice
[after Norman read his "Farewell Poem"] Lucy Kelson: That was really a nice speech you just ...
by Two Weeks Notice
0 votes   361 views  
The Last Days of Disco
Charlotte Pingress: It's really important there be more group social life. Not just all this ferocious ...
by The Last Days Of Disco
0 votes   361 views  
City Slickers
Ed Furillo: This guy, Curly, is a true cowboy. One of the last real men. He's ...
by City Slickers
0 votes   361 views  
Romance & Cigarettes
Cousin Bo: Some people fear the Lord. I fear women. Kitty Kane: What really happened between you ...
by Romance & Cigarettes
0 votes   360 views  
Happy Feet
Baby Seymour: [singing] Don't push me 'cause I am close to the edge. I'm trying not ...
by Happy Feet
0 votes   360 views  
Art School Confidential
Jimmy: [to Jerome] So... Who do you like? Jimmy: [Jerome is confused by the question, so Jimmy ...
by Art School Confidential
0 votes   360 views  
Natural Born Killers
Mickey: Mister rabbit says, "A moment of realization is worth a thousand prayers."
by Natural Born Killers
0 votes   360 views  
Roadside Prophets
Joe Mosely: You want life to mean something, and be real and stuff. But then you ...
by Roadside Prophets
0 votes   360 views  
Gary Stevens
We really picked it up from the half-mile pole in. Then I think by the ...
by Gary Stevens
0 votes   359 views  
Live Free or Die Hard
John McClane: Mai? Oh, yeah. Little Asian chick, likes to kick people? I don't think she's ...
by Live Free Or Die Hard
0 votes   359 views  
Melvin Goes to Dinner
Sarah: Do you realize that everything that you're saying is what they say the Antichrist would ...
by Melvin Goes To Dinner
0 votes   359 views  
Brian Gamble: Terrible day, I need a cocktail. Street: I'm staying. Brian Gamble: [In disbelief] You're what? After ...
by S.W.A.T.
0 votes   359 views  
Bring It On
Isis: Know what? She's right. See, then we'd be doing them a favor. Then they could ...
by Bring It On
0 votes   359 views  
Intolerable Cruelty
Marylin Rexroth: Miles, you'll always be my favorite husband. But no more sentiment, darling. I really ...
by Intolerable Cruelty
0 votes   359 views  
Idle Hands
Anton: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today because you're all dead... and it's all my ...
by Idle Hands
0 votes   359 views  
The Unknown Cyclist
[trying to come out to his mother] Doug Stein: Is there something you wanna ask about ...
by The Unknown Cyclist
0 votes   359 views  
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