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Wedding Crashers
Chazz Reinhold: I almost numchucked you, you don't even realize!
by Wedding Crashers
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House of Sand and Fog
[talking with Nadi] Kathy: I grew up in this house. It's the house that my father ...
by House Of Sand And Fog
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Pitch Black
[first lines] Riddick: [voiceover] They say most of your brain shuts down in cryo-sleep. All but ...
by Pitch Black
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Get Shorty
[Harry Zimm calls Ray Bones on the phone] Harry Zimm: Ray Barboni? Ray "Bones" Barboni: Who is ...
by Get Shorty
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Veronika Decides to Die
Dr. Blake: [from trailer] These days most people have replaced almost all their emotions with fear, ...
by Veronika Decides To Die
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The Princess and the Frog
Travis: But Ms. Charlotte you said later two hours ago. Charlotte: Travis, when a woman says later, ...
by The Princess And The Frog
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A Love Song for Bobby Long
Lawson Pines: Autumn comes slowly in New Orleans. The grass remains a stubborn green, but the ...
by A Love Song For Bobby Long
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Early Grayce: What's your name, boy? Walter Livesy: Walter Livesy. Early Grayce: Well, I think I gotta kill ...
by Kalifornia
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Genie: But oh, to be free. Not to have to go "Poof! Whaddaya need," "Poof! Whaddaya ...
by Aladdin
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The Good Shepherd
[on tape] Edward Bell Wilson Jr.: Everything is a secret. Miriam: You were brought up on secrets. ...
by The Good Shepherd
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Ging chaat goo si 4: Ji gaan daan yam mo
Chan Ka Kui: [phone call] Uncle Bill! I'm calling you right now from Australia and I'm ...
by Ging Chaat Goo Si 4: Ji Gaan Daan Yam Mo
0 votes   446 views  
Into the Wild
Christopher McCandless: You are really good. I mean, you're like, a hundred thousand times better than ...
by Into The Wild
0 votes   446 views  
Jackass Number Two
Chris Pontius: [after Wee Man and Preston go bungee jumping off the bridge] That was intense, ...
by Jackass Number Two
0 votes   446 views  
Cruel Intentions
Sebastian: Dear Annette, I don't know what I could possibly say that would rectify the harm ...
by Cruel Intentions
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Azazel: [speaking to Hobbes in Syrian Aramaic] I can't get inside you by touch, but even ...
by Fallen
1 votes   445 views  
Jingle All the Way
Jamie: I want the Turbo Man action figure with the arms and legs that move and ...
by Jingle All The Way
0 votes   445 views  
Man on Wire
Philippe Petit: To me, it's really so simple, that life should be lived on the edge. ...
by Man On Wire
0 votes   445 views  
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Edmund Pevensie: [after no one believes that Lucy had really seen Aslan] The last time I ...
by The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian
0 votes   445 views  
Into the Wild
Christopher McCandless: [written into book] Happiness only real when shared.
by Into The Wild
0 votes   444 views  
Remy: [cooking a mushroom over the chimney] The key is to keep turning it to get ...
by Ratatouille
0 votes   443 views  
Comic Book: The Movie
Donald Swan: By ignoring the Commander's past history, you're really missing out on a huge portion ...
by Comic Book: The Movie
0 votes   443 views  
The Usual Suspects
Verbal: Who is Keyser Soze? He is supposed to be Turkish. Some say his father was ...
by The Usual Suspects
0 votes   443 views  
David Archer
What`s most tragic is that this denial of basic education leads to over 1 million ...
by David Archer
0 votes   442 views  
Fired Up!
Brewster: I'm Brewster. [whispers] Brewster: Not my real name. My parents named me Jack. "Jack" - so ...
by Fired Up!
0 votes   442 views  
Fight Club
Narrator: What are we doing tonight? Tyler Durden: Tonight? We make soap. Narrator: Really. Tyler Durden: To make soap, ...
by Fight Club
0 votes   441 views  
Wild Hogs
Dudley Frank: Thanks, Woody, I feel really safe with you. Woody Stevens: I noticed that. If you ...
by Wild Hogs
0 votes   439 views  
Mickie James
Just to be able to go out there [ring] in front of all the fans, ...
by Mickie James
0 votes   438 views  
Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
Jean-Baptiste Grenouille: That's a really good perfume. [he holds the bottle out to Baldini, who turns ...
by Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer
0 votes   438 views  
Velvet Goldmine
Mary: I'm not really myself except in the midst of elegant crowds, in the heart of ...
by Velvet Goldmine
0 votes   438 views  
Reality Bites
Vickie Miner: You don't understand. Every day, all day, it's all that I think about, OK? ...
by Reality Bites
0 votes   437 views  
Mad Hot Ballroom
White chubby kid: My religion does not allow me to dance, and Mouhamed's does not allow ...
by Mad Hot Ballroom
0 votes   436 views  
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
Dr. Stephen Maturin: [referring to Blankeley's amputation] I'm sorry, Jack. I'm doing everything I can. I ...
by Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World
0 votes   436 views  
Son in Law
Walter Warner Sr.: Travis, it really tweaks my melon, to see a buff bro like Crawl ...
by Son In Law
0 votes   435 views  
Seven Pounds
George Ristuccia: You know, Ben, I keep asking you this but why me? Ben Thomas: Because you ...
by Seven Pounds
0 votes   435 views  
Cece Winans
The rich people are doing well but regular people suffer. We`ll all be better off ...
by Cece Winans
0 votes   434 views  
The 40 Year Old Virgin
Jay: Nastiest shit you've ever done? I'm talkin' about *nasty*! Andy Stitzer: Ahh... wow. So many stories ...
by The 40 Year Old Virgin
0 votes   434 views  
Just My Luck
Jake Hardin: Can I give you a ride? Ashley Albright: I only live twenty nine blocks from ...
by Just My Luck
0 votes   434 views  
Finding Nemo
Marlin: [introduction to the main menu of the first disc of the DVD] Where is it? ...
by Finding Nemo
0 votes   434 views  
Before Sunrise
Celine: You know, I've been wondering lately. Do you know anyone who's in a happy relationship? ...
by Before Sunrise
0 votes   434 views  
Keeping the Faith
Father Havel: I remember I fell in love with this girl in Prague. She was beautiful. ...
by Keeping The Faith
0 votes   433 views  
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