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Jeremy Piven
If I have a rapper like Common rolling hard with me at a club and ...
by Jeremy Piven
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Anne Meara
If something is amiss, such as a rapid gain in weight overnight, the nurse contacts ...
by Anne Meara
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Raise Your Voice
Simon Fletcher: And Nina? Aunt Nina: Yes? Simon Fletcher: Don't corrupt my baby. She's too much like you ...
by Raise Your Voice
0 votes   424 views  
Merrill: Morgan, this crop stuff is just about a bunch of nerds who never had a ...
by Signs
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Star Trek: Nemesis
[speaking of his first officer] Picard: He's a tyrannical martinet who will never, ever allow me ...
by Star Trek: Nemesis
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Men in Black II
Agent J: [knocks an alien's face off] And you look like crap. [sees other alien] Agent ...
by Men In Black II
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Genital Genocide
Charles Albert Harris: My pathetic existence? Is it pathetic because I kill and rape women? Or ...
by Genital Genocide
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No Reservations
Therapist: Kids like fishsticks... Kate: I can't believe I'm actually paying for these suggestions.
by No Reservations
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Barry Cullen
the West was acting like a courteous gentleman or even a skilled lover, trying to ...
by Barry Cullen
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Brad Bird
There is a contingent of the digital-effects community to whom that is the holy grail ...
by Brad Bird
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Second Sight
Asylum Patient: I really like my shock therapy. Makes me see pretty stars.
by Second Sight
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Drew Baylor: Can you imagine an entire life wrapped up in a shoe?
by Elizabethtown
0 votes   423 views  
A Dirty Shame
Ray-Ray: One day we're going to discover a brand new sex act, one that's never been ...
by A Dirty Shame
0 votes   423 views  
The Man Without a Face
Chuck Norstadt: Is it true that you write pornography? [McLeod seems a little shocked, then embarassed, ...
by The Man Without A Face
0 votes   423 views  
The Judge: [to the courtroom] What a sad vision of today's youth. The juvenile authorities have ...
by Cry-Baby
0 votes   423 views  
Paul: Do we know anything yet? Fire Captain: We got men on the sixth floor going from ...
by Bobby
0 votes   422 views  
The Wedding Planner
Salvatore: But Massimo said you announced your engagement. Mary: I never said that. Burt: See, I told you ...
by The Wedding Planner
0 votes   422 views  
Icarus Descending
Manny Varjak: William Shatner is the greatest actor of all time. And you know why? Because ...
by Icarus Descending
0 votes   422 views  
Tom and Jerry: The Movie
Tom: [looking for Jerry after the cabin burnt down] Oh, Jerry, Jerry, where are you? I'll ...
by Tom And Jerry: The Movie
-1 votes   422 views  
John Woo
[on Tom Cruise] When he talks, he has so much energy it`s almost like he`s ...
by John Woo
0 votes   421 views  
David Banner
The sad thing is that people are going to think this is a reflection of ...
by David Banner
0 votes   421 views  
Death to Smoochy
Burke: It's all about the dough, Shel. Once you get the money, you get the power. ...
by Death To Smoochy
0 votes   421 views  
Lars: I don't believe it. He snapped the trap, ate the olive and left the pit ...
by Mousehunt
0 votes   421 views  
George of the Jungle
Narrator: But his rapturous rendezvous with the urban heiress was to be short-lived, Kwame and his ...
by George Of The Jungle
0 votes   421 views  
Doctor Dolittle
Rodney: [Rodney's cage is strapped to the top of John's Range-Rover, which is cruising down the ...
by Doctor Dolittle
0 votes   421 views  
Welcome to the Dollhouse
Brandon: Yo Weiner, you better get ready, 'cause at three o' clock today, I'm gonna RAPE ...
by Welcome To The Dollhouse
0 votes   421 views  
The Dig
[the rodent steals the machine part again, causing the door to shut, locking Boston inside ...
by The Dig
0 votes   420 views  
Flirting with Disaster
Mr. Coplin: Why is everyone getting worked up all of the sudden? I thought we were ...
by Flirting With Disaster
0 votes   420 views  
[last lines] Daphne James: So, how'd it go? Harry Mirapolsky: It went... I've got a feeling things ...
by Flinch
0 votes   420 views  
Happily Ever After
The Looking Glass: Snow White approaches a trap set by Lord Malice. But in the fog ...
by Happily Ever After
0 votes   420 views  
Ghost Busters
Vigo: Did you know that when stretched out, the human small intestine can be wrapped around ...
by Ghost Busters
0 votes   420 views  
A Perfect Getaway
Nick: [handing her the ring] This is for you. Gina: Holy crap. Gina: Did you get it from ...
by A Perfect Getaway
0 votes   420 views  
The Recruit
Zack: [to Burke] Are you a senior instructor at the Farm? Walter Burke: [wired up to a ...
by The Recruit
0 votes   419 views  
Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000
Terl: It is a pleasure to see you, your excellency, and I would be honored to ...
by Battlefield Earth: A Saga Of The Year 3000
0 votes   419 views  
Lake Placid
[Sheriff Keough finds two of his deputies digging a deep hole and gives them an ...
by Lake Placid
0 votes   419 views  
Henry Fool
Henry Fool: It's a philosophy. A poetics. A politics, if you will. A literature of protest. ...
by Henry Fool
0 votes   419 views  
Ashlee Simpson
`Autobiography` is basically a response to people assuming I`m a Jessica clone. It`s like, `If ...
by Ashlee Simpson
0 votes   418 views  
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Scott: If you've got a time machine, why don't you just go back and kill Austin ...
by Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
0 votes   418 views  
The Perfect Sleep
Femme Fatale: So are you going to read me my rights officer? Officer Pavlovich: Sure. You have ...
by The Perfect Sleep
0 votes   417 views  
Star Trek: Nemesis
Praetor Shinzon: [speaking to Picard via a holographic transmission] I'll show you my true nature - ...
by Star Trek: Nemesis
0 votes   417 views  
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