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That Old Feeling
Rowena: [Dan has just returned from what Rowena assumes was a fight with Lillian] Are you ...
by That Old Feeling
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Jurassic Park
[Just before he gets attacked by a raptor] Muldoon: Clever girl.
by Jurassic Park
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Dancing with Gaia
Mike Wellington: This is a festival about dance, where dancers do beautiful magic, not crap!
by Dancing With Gaia
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Mary: What? Did they send you over so you could strap me onto the back of ...
by Saved!
0 votes   204 views  
About a Boy
Will: [voiceover] She couldn't stay at my place, and she didn't have a DVD, or satellite, ...
by About A Boy
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Beyond the Mat
Jake Roberts: My mother was 13 years old when I was born. Why? Because my dad ...
by Beyond The Mat
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
Raphael: Here they are. The three stooges. Donatello: Yeah, Larry, Curly, and Moe.
by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
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Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe
A chair is a very difficult object. A skyscraper is almost easier. That is why ...
by Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe
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Baby Geniuses
Margo: Stick to your rapping Ice Shtick and leave the smart remarks to those with IQs ...
by Baby Geniuses
0 votes   203 views  
Tatum: Cut Casper, that's a wrap!
by Scream
0 votes   203 views  
Gunner Palace
PFC Michael Commisso: IEDs are the scariest. I mean, by far, have got to be the ...
by Gunner Palace
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Winter Passing
Shelley: Now trying to get a paragraph out of him is like pulling a piano out ...
by Winter Passing
0 votes   202 views  
How to Deal
Macon: You're going to move closer to me so I can wrap my arms around your ...
by How To Deal
0 votes   202 views  
Kissing Jessica Stein
Helen: What does your therapist say about all of this? Jessica: Oh, I could never tell my ...
by Kissing Jessica Stein
0 votes   202 views  
Planet Terror
[watching Cherry and Dakota on a TV monitor] The Rapist: I'm gettin' my dick wet. Rapist ...
by Planet Terror
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Bateman: I'm sweating like a rapist
by London
0 votes   202 views  
Tummler: I'm pretty smart, if I say so myself. Huntz: Why is that? Tummler: This afternoon, we walked ...
by Gummo
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My Name Is Bruce
Bruce Campbell: Hey, light me, don't fight me. Cinematographer: Hey, bite me.
by My Name Is Bruce
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Be Cool
Chili Palmer: [after seeing Raji in a Mink covered coat and hat] Well, if it isn't ...
by Be Cool
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Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
[repeated line after photography sessions] Austin: And I'm spent.
by Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
Casey Jones: [leaning on baseball bat, to Raphael] Hey Raph, how'd your brain implant go, good?
by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
Raphael: I don't kiss on the first date, lady. Leonardo: Raph! Give your mouth a rest!
by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
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The Suffering
Clem: I first witnessed these "creatures", jumping out of the ground its self. Their heads are ...
by The Suffering
0 votes   198 views  
Lake Placid
[the U.S. and Florida game officials finally show up] Sheriff Hank Keough: We, uh, trapped him ...
by Lake Placid
0 votes   198 views  
The Dream Actor
Sid: Owen, I am going to rape you! I wish my hand was made out of ...
by The Dream Actor
0 votes   198 views  
The Wild
Blag: [to Kazar] And for the record, I've always hated your choreography. It's so... '80s.
by The Wild
0 votes   197 views  
Million Dollar Baby
Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris: She came from southwest Missoura, the hills outside the scratchy-ass Ozark town of ...
by Million Dollar Baby
0 votes   197 views  
Elf Teacher: Now, before we learn how to build the latest in extreme graphic chipset processors, ...
by Elf
0 votes   197 views  
Maurice Doyle: [the children are playing with only the train tracks and engine of a train ...
by Evelyn
0 votes   197 views  
The St. Francisville Experiment
Psychic - Madison Charap - Participant: There is definitely something in this room with me.
by The St. Francisville Experiment
0 votes   197 views  
L.A. Confidential
[White catches a parolee beating his wife] Wife Beater: Who in the hell are you? Bud ...
by L.A. Confidential
0 votes   197 views  
The Cure
Dexter: Where do bugs go to the bathroom? Erik: It's not on leaves. Not even bugs are ...
by The Cure
0 votes   197 views  
Crank: High Voltage
[Doc Miles' cell phone rings] Doc Miles: Hello, Doc Miles. Chev Chelios: Yeah, Doc. It's Chev. [Doc ...
by Crank: High Voltage
0 votes   197 views  
The Tripper
Jack: Yo guys, watch out for booby traps! Ivan: Watch out for what? Jack: Booby traps. Jade: What? Where? ...
by The Tripper
0 votes   197 views  
Katherine Willis
Like chiffon wrapped around a crowbar. -- Craig Clyde, director
by Katherine Willis
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Gloria Leonard
The difference between pornography and erotica is lighting.
by Gloria Leonard
0 votes   196 views  
The Ring Two
Evil Samara: Mommy! Rachel Keller: I'm not your fucking mommy! [Rachel pushes the lid of the well ...
by The Ring Two
0 votes   196 views  
Felix: [talking to Valiant about being in the RHPS] If it weren't for my wooden drumstick ...
by Valiant
0 votes   196 views  
[trapped in hot dogs] Scooby Doo: What Now? Shaggy: Let's do what we do best Scoob, eat. ...
by Scooby-Doo
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Detroit Rock City
[Trip is kicking the walls of the washroom] Lex: Take it easy man. This is the ...
by Detroit Rock City
0 votes   196 views  
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