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Human Nature
Louise: I fall in love with a man - his mind, period. Lila Jute: There's a limit. ...
by Human Nature
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Down to You
Al: You slept with a sixty year old? Eddie Hicks: Hey, when you work in the physical ...
by Down To You
0 votes   177 views  
Deep Blue Sea
Russell Franklin: Just what the hell did you do to those sharks? Dr. Susan McCallister: Their brains ...
by Deep Blue Sea
0 votes   177 views  
James Boswell
I am so fond of tea that I could write a whole dissertation on its ...
by James Boswell
0 votes   176 views  
Star Trek: Nemesis
Praetor Shinzon: [speaking to Picard via a holographic transmission] I'll show you my true nature - ...
by Star Trek: Nemesis
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Kill the Man
Vicki Livingston: Not only has he been posting ponographic pictures he also falshed me.
by Kill The Man
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Jermaine Dupri
When I came out rapping on my record, a lot of people said, Oh, you ...
by Jermaine Dupri
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Helen of Troy
Theseus: The most beautiful girl in the world is here in Sparta. Pirithous: She's just a child! ...
by Helen Of Troy
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Calendar Girls
Chris: T minus two hours. Bras off to avoid strap marks. Celia: As we speak darling, as ...
by Calendar Girls
0 votes   175 views  
Calendar Girls
Orchid Photographer: I love woodland orchids.
by Calendar Girls
0 votes   175 views  
Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde
Yves DuBois: What am I paying you for? 20 years in therapy and I start liking ...
by Dr. Jekyll And Ms. Hyde
0 votes   175 views  
Million Dollar Baby
Maggie Fitzgerald: Did you see the fight? Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris: Of course I did. You had her ...
by Million Dollar Baby
0 votes   174 views  
Inventing: Music
Maggie Tanner: This song is called "Life is Crap".
by Inventing: Music
0 votes   174 views  
Stuck on You
1st AD: Excuse me, Miss Cher, there's a few fans outside hoping for autographs. Cher: Allright, but ...
by Stuck On You
0 votes   174 views  
Eric Sevareid
Tenacity is a pretty fair substitute for bravery, and the best form of tenacity I ...
by Eric Sevareid
0 votes   173 views  
Elizabeth Williams
There is a great opportunity for some of the fans to meet these drivers before ...
by Elizabeth Williams
0 votes   173 views  
Romance & Cigarettes
Rosebud: I heard you with Fryburg. He makes loud noises, and I hear them. Constance: He makes ...
by Romance & Cigarettes
0 votes   173 views  
The Hot Chick
Venetia: Oh no, she didn't? Sissy: Oh yes she did! Venetia: [commenting on Ling-Ling's hot outfit] Girlfriend's booty ...
by The Hot Chick
0 votes   173 views  
Super Troopers
Foster: You crapped on my heart.
by Super Troopers
0 votes   173 views  
Sleeping Beauties
Daughter: So, you were a date rapist, mommy? Heather: Only men are date rapists, honey.
by Sleeping Beauties
0 votes   173 views  
Out to Sea
Mavis LaBreche: I need a crap and a nap and I don't need an audience!"
by Out To Sea
0 votes   173 views  
The Ref
Lloyd: So, do you think we should go untie everybody? Caroline: No. I think we should unwrap ...
by The Ref
0 votes   173 views  
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Jack Skellington: [unwrapping Oogie Boogie] How dare you treat my friend so shamefully!
by The Nightmare Before Christmas
0 votes   173 views  
Jurassic Park
Dr. Alan Grant: Mr. Hammond, the phones are working. John Hammond: My grandchildren? Dr. Alan Grant: We're fine. ...
by Jurassic Park
0 votes   173 views  
Finished in Mahwah
Cassidy Secula: He didn't tell me that I had to take my clothes off... or that ...
by Finished In Mahwah
0 votes   173 views  
Hotel for Dogs
Lois Scudder: I'm suing you, I'm suing the state, I'm suing those kids, I'm suing the ...
by Hotel For Dogs
0 votes   173 views  
David Blair
When you follow the demographic trends, there was a lot of business formation back in ...
by David Blair
0 votes   172 views  
Death to Smoochy
Burke: It's all about the dough, Shel. Once you get the money, you get the power. ...
by Death To Smoochy
0 votes   172 views  
Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas
Marina: [plotting how to escape the Roq] So. What do we have to work with? Um... ...
by Sinbad: Legend Of The Seven Seas
0 votes   172 views  
The Santa Clause
Scott Calvin: You know, you look pretty good for your age. Little Elf Judy: Thanks, but I'm ...
by The Santa Clause
0 votes   172 views  
Fear of a Black Hat
Guy Friesch: Take away the pornography; take away, you know, the, you know, women-bashing; take away ...
by Fear Of A Black Hat
0 votes   172 views  
Leap of Faith
Jonas: A town this deep in the crapper's got nowhere to turn but GOD!
by Leap Of Faith
0 votes   172 views  
Muppet*vision 3-D
Waldo C. Graphic: [after being inflated and duplicated] Great! Now I can start my own football ...
by Muppet*vision 3-D
0 votes   172 views  
Liz Sherman: [to Hellboy, when she realizes that she and Myers are trapped with several Sammaels] ...
by Hellboy
0 votes   171 views  
Ladybug: This tastes just like crap. Beetle: Really? Let me try some. Hey, it is crap. Not ...
by Antz
0 votes   171 views  
Captain James Hook: [to Peter as he traps him and grinds his hook near his face] ...
by Hook
0 votes   171 views  
Jake Gallo: [about Juliette] Oh, Teddy, she didn't give you that whole routine about how her ...
by Pathology
0 votes   171 views  
Hilary Faye: [at a shooting range] Us Christian girls have got to learn to protect ourselves. ...
by Saved!
0 votes   170 views  
Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd
Lloyd Christmas: You know, you're the first person I ever brought here, Harry. Harry Dunne: Is this ...
by Dumb And Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd
0 votes   170 views  
The Day After Tomorrow
Simon: I just wish I could have seen him grow up, you know. Terry Rapson: The important ...
by The Day After Tomorrow
0 votes   170 views  
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