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Zeebad: Here we go. Mens room, food court... ah, booby trap filled lobby. Soldier Sam: Well that's ...
by Doogal
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Jermaine Dupri
When I came out rapping on my record, a lot of people said, Oh, you ...
by Jermaine Dupri
0 votes   385 views  
Deborah Myers: [looking at gruesome photographs of dead animals] Are you saying Michael did this? Michael ...
by Halloween
0 votes   385 views  
Deep Blue Sea
Russell Franklin: Just what the hell did you do to those sharks? Dr. Susan McCallister: Their brains ...
by Deep Blue Sea
0 votes   385 views  
The Parent Trap
Martin, the James' Butler: Shall we review your mother's list? Annie: Mm-hmm. Martin, the James' Butler: Now, let's ...
by The Parent Trap
0 votes   385 views  
Bill Carter
You`ll look like you have lead weights strapped to your feet, ... The higher the ...
by Bill Carter
0 votes   384 views  
Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd
Lloyd Christmas: You know, you're the first person I ever brought here, Harry. Harry Dunne: Is this ...
by Dumb And Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd
0 votes   384 views  
Mystery Men
[Monica is trying to eat dinner behind the counter when Mr. Furious approaches to try ...
by Mystery Men
0 votes   384 views  
Angels in the Outfield
[taking a picture with George Knox and Roger] Photographer: It looks like a prison photo.
by Angels In The Outfield
0 votes   384 views  
A Few Good Men
Galloway: Why do you hate them so much? Lt. Weinberg: They beat up on a weakling, and ...
by A Few Good Men
0 votes   384 views  
Future Kick
[after strapping a woman to a table] Hynes: There are only two things I'm gonna take ...
by Future Kick
0 votes   384 views  
Human Nature
Louise: I fall in love with a man - his mind, period. Lila Jute: There's a limit. ...
by Human Nature
0 votes   383 views  
Crazy in Alabama
Peejoe: You could drive by today and never know there was a pool there at all ...
by Crazy In Alabama
0 votes   383 views  
Lars: You used to love string. April Smuntz: That was before, when I was dating the son ...
by Mousehunt
0 votes   383 views  
David Nash
We weren`t aware of how rapidly things were deteriorating.
by David Nash
0 votes   382 views  
James: You know, one thing from that day, I realized that Jenna could've been raped by ...
by LolliLove
0 votes   382 views  
The 6th Day
Adam Gibson: My daughter's inside. I don't want her exposed to any graphic violence, she gets ...
by The 6th Day
0 votes   382 views  
Down to You
Al: You slept with a sixty year old? Eddie Hicks: Hey, when you work in the physical ...
by Down To You
0 votes   382 views  
Sense and Sensibility
Mrs. Dashwood: [feeling Marianne's ankle after she sprains it, Marianne being enraptured with Willoughby] Tell me ...
by Sense And Sensibility
0 votes   382 views  
The Santa Clause
Scott Calvin: You know, you look pretty good for your age. Little Elf Judy: Thanks, but I'm ...
by The Santa Clause
0 votes   382 views  
New in Town
Blanche Gunderson: And that's okay? It's okay to pull the rug out from under folks as ...
by New In Town
0 votes   382 views  
Eric Sevareid
Tenacity is a pretty fair substitute for bravery, and the best form of tenacity I ...
by Eric Sevareid
0 votes   381 views  
Inventing: Music
Maggie Tanner: This song is called "Life is Crap".
by Inventing: Music
0 votes   381 views  
Raise Your Voice
Mr. Torvald: I will also split you up into four groups. Yes, I still count on ...
by Raise Your Voice
0 votes   381 views  
Calendar Girls
Orchid Photographer: I love woodland orchids.
by Calendar Girls
0 votes   381 views  
Paul Blart: Mall Cop
Veck Sims: It's like my mother always said, if you want something done right, waste them ...
by Paul Blart: Mall Cop
0 votes   381 views  
Enemy at the Gates
Vasilli: Ludmilla and Anton were killed today. And it was my fault. Danilov: No, I'm sure that's ...
by Enemy At The Gates
0 votes   380 views  
Blood Ties
Cody Puckett: Do I live forever? If I bite someone, do they become one of us? ...
by Blood Ties
0 votes   380 views  
Marie Osmond
Now I`m REALLY depressed! (to a fan who recognized her as the voice of Rose ...
by Marie Osmond
0 votes   379 views  
The Amityville Horror
Michael Lutz: Do I have to call you Dad, now? George Lutz: Guess what? Michael Lutz: What? George ...
by The Amityville Horror
0 votes   379 views  
Friends and Family
Bruno: If they want to kill me, they're going to have to rape me first.
by Friends And Family
0 votes   379 views  
Liz Sherman: [to Hellboy, when she realizes that she and Myers are trapped with several Sammaels] ...
by Hellboy
0 votes   379 views  
Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde
Yves DuBois: What am I paying you for? 20 years in therapy and I start liking ...
by Dr. Jekyll And Ms. Hyde
0 votes   379 views  
Henri Cartier Bresson
To me, photography is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the ...
by Henri Cartier Bresson
0 votes   378 views  
Xan: [observing Peter as he is biting a flower] What on earth are you doing? Peter: Well, ...
by Duma
0 votes   378 views  
The Hot Chick
Venetia: Oh no, she didn't? Sissy: Oh yes she did! Venetia: [commenting on Ling-Ling's hot outfit] Girlfriend's booty ...
by The Hot Chick
0 votes   378 views  
The Princess Diaries
Mia: Hey, Joe? Joe: Mm-Hmmm? Mia: I'm gonna turn the backseat into a dressing room so I can ...
by The Princess Diaries
0 votes   378 views  
Dracula 2000
Mary: [confessing to her pastor] I've had these dreams my whole life. Trapped in darkness with ...
by Dracula 2000
0 votes   378 views  
Sleeping Beauties
Daughter: So, you were a date rapist, mommy? Heather: Only men are date rapists, honey.
by Sleeping Beauties
0 votes   378 views  
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Therapist: We have some new-comers here today. Please say hello to Scott and his father Mr... ...
by Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery
0 votes   378 views  
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