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Mike Sweeney
We still only have 39 wins, but every person on the roster was into the ...
by Mike Sweeney
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Joan Armatrading
You don`t have to be rich and famous. You just have to be an ordinary ...
by Joan Armatrading
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Carmen Garcia
They are very trusting and willing to give personal information to anybody.
by Carmen Garcia
0 votes   271 views  
Bob Steele
Traditionally, news organizations are very careful about reporting bomb threats. We don`t want to prompt ...
by Bob Steele
0 votes   271 views  
Ben Foster
(On creating his characters) Every role, every gig, you have to find a quality and ...
by Ben Foster
0 votes   271 views  
Seth Binzer
We were on Ozzfest. I was drunk, going through my breakup, and I threw a ...
by Seth Binzer
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Truman Capote: God, I'm glad you agreed to come. You're the only person I know with ...
by Capote
0 votes   271 views  
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Penny: Do you want me around or not? Do you even like me? Chuck Barris: Ofcourse I ...
by Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind
1 votes   271 views  
The Last Days of Disco
Josh Neff: Take The Tortoise and the Hare. Okay, the tortoise won one race. Do you ...
by The Last Days Of Disco
0 votes   271 views  
Primal Fear
[Marty is trying to woo Janet again, kissing the back of her neck and humming ...
by Primal Fear
0 votes   271 views  
The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Heather: Barry, wait stop... what if their murderers and they want us to follow them so ...
by The Return Of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
0 votes   271 views  
Paz Vega
I am only an actress when they say, `action` and I stop being an actress ...
by Paz Vega
0 votes   270 views  
John Thomas
We find it disturbing that the networks in question seem to have no problem exploiting ...
by John Thomas
0 votes   270 views  
Jimmy Stewart
You hear so much about the old movie moguls and the impersonal factories where there ...
by Jimmy Stewart
0 votes   270 views  
Andrew Robinson
You learn from your failures - at least I do. When things go right, you ...
by Andrew Robinson
0 votes   270 views  
Me and You and Everyone We Know
Christine Jesperson: Call me, if you ever feel too old to drive.
by Me And You And Everyone We Know
0 votes   270 views  
Bless the Child
Bugatti: Can I ask you a personal question? John Travis: That depends on the question. Bugatti: There's a ...
by Bless The Child
0 votes   270 views  
Joan Collins
The secret of having a personal life is not answering too many questions about it.
by Joan Collins
0 votes   269 views  
The Good Shepherd
Edward Wilson: How do you know I am the right person? Ray Brocco: I was told you ...
by The Good Shepherd
0 votes   269 views  
Mirabelle: Are you the kind of person that takes time to get to know, and then ...
by Shopgirl
0 votes   269 views  
Rat Race
Lucy Impersonator: How about a pit-stop? Owen Templeton: Sorry, this is a one way flight. There's a ...
by Rat Race
0 votes   269 views  
Shanghai Noon
Chon Wang: Let me out! Give me the book back! I have to go to Carson ...
by Shanghai Noon
0 votes   269 views  
As Good as It Gets
Melvin Udall: Can I ask you a personal question? Simon Bishop: Sure. Melvin Udall: You ever get an ...
by As Good As It Gets
0 votes   269 views  
John Doe: Nothing wrong with a man taking pleasure in his work. I won't deny my ...
by Se7en
0 votes   269 views  
Avril Lavigne
I'm just coming out and I'm going to clearly be myself - I write what ...
by Avril Lavigne
-1 votes   269 views  
King Kong
Carl Denham: Ann, I'm not that kind of person. Ann Darrow: Oh really, then what kind of ...
by King Kong
0 votes   268 views  
Nicholas Nickleby
Mrs. Squeers: I hate him, that's how I like him. He's a nasty, stuck-up monkey. He ...
by Nicholas Nickleby
0 votes   268 views  
Scary Movie 3
Brenda Meeks: I just got a weird feeling something bad is heading my way. Like when ...
by Scary Movie 3
0 votes   268 views  
Puddle Cruiser
Emily: [performing stand-up comedy] The cops on this campus are great... Great at eating donuts! Freaky ...
by Puddle Cruiser
0 votes   268 views  
Flirting with Disaster
Tony: Where did you two come down on the whole circumcision controversy? Tony: Personally, I think a ...
by Flirting With Disaster
0 votes   268 views  
Tomb Hackers
Jack Loot: Hey Listen! Now if you be good and cooperate, I'll set you up with ...
by Tomb Hackers
0 votes   268 views  
In Bruges
Harry: [to Yuri] An Uzi? I'm not from South Central Los Angeles. I didn't come here ...
by In Bruges
0 votes   268 views  
Patricia Heaton
I was not an easy kid.
by Patricia Heaton
0 votes   268 views  
Jerome Williams
This is a game I could build on, but you know what, it doesn`t matter ...
by Jerome Williams
0 votes   267 views  
Charlie Watts
You`d imagine Mick would be the happiest person in the world, and yet a lot ...
by Charlie Watts
0 votes   267 views  
Andre Maurois
Growing old is no more than a bad habit which a busy person has no ...
by Andre Maurois
0 votes   267 views  
Toolbox Murders
Byron McLieb: I just wanted to welcome you guys. I know it's a bit of a ...
by Toolbox Murders
0 votes   267 views  
Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd
Lloyd Christmas: You know, you're the first person I ever brought here, Harry. Harry Dunne: Is this ...
by Dumb And Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd
0 votes   267 views  
The Saint
Dr. Emma Russell: After all, you are my personal saint. Simon Templar: You have to be a ...
by The Saint
0 votes   267 views  
G.I. Jane
Master Chief John Urgayle: Is there anything *else* we can do for your celebrity career, Lieutenant? ...
by G.I. Jane
0 votes   267 views  
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