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Elijah Price: One of us has made a gross error, and wasted the other person's valuable ...
by Unbreakable
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The Reunion of Amilia Marbleberry and Marcy Stills
Emily Marbleberry: Tell me right now if you don't want to be friends with a bad ...
by The Reunion Of Amilia Marbleberry And Marcy Stills
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Our Hero: I had a lot of trouble picking my P.I.N. number. Person 13: I gotta get ...
by Jargon
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The Prestige
Cutter: Could I talk to Lord Caldlow in person? Owens: Out of the question, I'm afraid. Although ...
by The Prestige
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Mike Sweeney
We still only have 39 wins, but every person on the roster was into the ...
by Mike Sweeney
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Michael Jeter
I often see myself in my private life as being a pinched and confined person. ...
by Michael Jeter
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Keith Duffy
Without the tremendous overhead of a large branch system, savings can be passed along to ...
by Keith Duffy
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Karrie Webb
You see that a handful of times every year where a person that hasn`t been ...
by Karrie Webb
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Toccara Jones
I don't understand when people say that because I'm around skinny women that they would ...
by Toccara Jones
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Kissing Jessica Stein
Dan Stein: You know, I've been hearing about "the one" for I don't know, like 20 ...
by Kissing Jessica Stein
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Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Tommy: Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour? Hedwig: No, but I... I ...
by Hedwig And The Angry Inch
0 votes   307 views  
200 Cigarettes
Eric: Look, just tell me one thing. I'm not a vain person. Was the sex any ...
by 200 Cigarettes
0 votes   307 views  
Living Out Loud
Judith Moore: [heckling the female singer on amateur night] Oh... oh GOD. You are PAINFUL! I ...
by Living Out Loud
0 votes   307 views  
Frank Gorshin
I do not do hundreds of impressions. My entire repertoire of impressions numbers less than ...
by Frank Gorshin
0 votes   306 views  
Southland Tales
Boxer Santaros: [about Officer Taverner] Is he still alive? Serpentine: In more ways than one. Boxer Santaros: You ...
by Southland Tales
0 votes   306 views  
Shallow Ground
Detective Russell: Mark's dead, they found him in his patrol car this morning. Stuart Dempsey: Oh my ...
by Shallow Ground
0 votes   306 views  
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
Daniel Cleaver: New York. the Big, Juicy Apple. The city that never sleeps with the same ...
by Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason
0 votes   306 views  
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Penny: Do you want me around or not? Do you even like me? Chuck Barris: Ofcourse I ...
by Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind
1 votes   306 views  
The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Heather: Barry, wait stop... what if their murderers and they want us to follow them so ...
by The Return Of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
0 votes   306 views  
Defending Your Life
Bob Diamond: There was one person you were really cheap with. Over and over again. I ...
by Defending Your Life
0 votes   306 views  
Martie Maguire
We won`t as a band, and we probably won`t on the stage. But we will ...
by Martie Maguire
0 votes   305 views  
Are We Done Yet?
Suzanne Persons: [to Nick] I think you should just call a contractor.
by Are We Done Yet?
0 votes   305 views  
The Last Days
narrator: [newsreel] On August 2, 1934, officers and men swear the oath of allegiance not to ...
by The Last Days
0 votes   305 views  
Bob Steele
Traditionally, news organizations are very careful about reporting bomb threats. We don`t want to prompt ...
by Bob Steele
0 votes   304 views  
Anna Walker
Many of the princess`s personal friends who rallied behind him and were prepared to give ...
by Anna Walker
0 votes   304 views  
The Man
Andy Fidler: I just think we should be cooperating if I'm going to be your partner... ...
by The Man
0 votes   304 views  
Sliding Doors
[Helen tells James her boyfriend is cheating] James: Well, if it makes you feel any better... ...
by Sliding Doors
0 votes   304 views  
Leaving Las Vegas
Ben Sanderson: We both know that I'm a drunk. And I know you are a hooker. ...
by Leaving Las Vegas
0 votes   304 views  
Ed Wood
[Impersonating Bela Lugosi] Dr. Tom Mason: I want to suck your blood. I want to suck ...
by Ed Wood
0 votes   304 views  
Simple Men
Ned: What is that thing? Bill: That's the Blessed Virgin, Ned. Ned: She's pretty, huh? Bill: Not only is ...
by Simple Men
0 votes   304 views  
Alberto Tomba
I was introverted, shy. But if you win a lot you need to be extroverted, ...
by Alberto Tomba
0 votes   304 views  
Joan Armatrading
You don`t have to be rich and famous. You just have to be an ordinary ...
by Joan Armatrading
0 votes   303 views  
Angie Martinez
The people I chose to work with me on this album are there because I ...
by Angie Martinez
0 votes   303 views  
Aileen: I'm not a bad person. I'm a real good person.
by Monster
0 votes   303 views  
Matchstick Men
[asking how badly his life is affected by the agoraphobia] Dr. Klein: And your personal relationships? ...
by Matchstick Men
0 votes   303 views  
Primal Fear
[Marty is trying to woo Janet again, kissing the back of her neck and humming ...
by Primal Fear
0 votes   303 views  
The Hard Way
John Moss: I gave the little maggot a chance! I got to the bathroom and back. ...
by The Hard Way
0 votes   303 views  
Alexis Bledel
Sometimes I feel like I am an old person trapped in a young person's body. ...
by Alexis Bledel
0 votes   303 views  
Ben Foster
(On creating his characters) Every role, every gig, you have to find a quality and ...
by Ben Foster
0 votes   302 views  
Dirt Merchant
Dirt Merchant: Angie, how are you? Angie: Yeah, I need to hire a detective. Dirt Merchant: To do ...
by Dirt Merchant
0 votes   302 views  
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