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The Mist
Irene: We had damage at the school, wouldn't you know. That's what we get for not ...
by The Mist
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A Civil Action
James Gordon: [Seeing Uncle Pete for another loan after Schlichtmann's firm is in serious financial trouble] ...
by A Civil Action
0 votes   429 views  
Mary Hart
When you look at what we spend on entertainment, whether it`s on CDs, music, DVDs, ...
by Mary Hart
0 votes   428 views  
Be Cool
Sin LaSalle: Your man here says you got our money. Raji: I can explain it to you! ...
by Be Cool
0 votes   428 views  
Fun with Dick and Jane
Dick Harper: [holding McCallister at gunpoint] I've been terminated, bankrupted, deported and blackmailed because of you, ...
by Fun With Dick And Jane
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Bubba Ho-tep
Elvis: So I signed everything over to Sebastian. Except for enough money to sustain me if ...
by Bubba Ho-tep
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Tommy 'Buns' Bundy: There's mad money out here dawg, mad money out here. What you tryin' ...
by Belly
0 votes   428 views  
How to Rob a Bank
Nick: Alright there, Columbo. You seem to be answering a lot of unasked questions for an ...
by How To Rob A Bank
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Marisa Petroro
We just kinda kept in touch over the years. He said he really loved my ...
by Marisa Petroro
0 votes   427 views  
Chuck Jackson
We`ve spent a lot of money getting downtown back in shape and looking nice and ...
by Chuck Jackson
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Bartleby Gaines: Nah, I'm not going to answer your question, 'cause you guys have already made ...
by Accepted
0 votes   427 views  
Jodi Applegate
State fish and wildlife agencies are pretty much funding themselves. They do a tremendous job ...
by Jodi Applegate
0 votes   426 views  
Anthony: [as he let go all the Asian people that are in the truck] Look, here's ...
by Crash
0 votes   426 views  
The Big Lebowski
The Dude: We dropped off the damn money... The Big Lebowski: We? The Dude: I! The Royal "we"! ...
by The Big Lebowski
0 votes   426 views  
Mark Allen
They`ve always wanted to (unionize) and now they legally can. It`s obviously going to cost ...
by Mark Allen
0 votes   425 views  
Chasey Lain
{On her career as a stripper] You don`t spend your money while you`re making it. ...
by Chasey Lain
0 votes   425 views  
Street Kings
Captain Jack Wander: [after Ludlow tears down his wall] This is my power. This is my ...
by Street Kings
0 votes   425 views  
Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story
Palmer: Okay... I've found my other pocket. Alright, you listen to me, this is your last ...
by Dreamer: Inspired By A True Story
0 votes   425 views  
The Passion of the Christ
Judas: I have sinned, betrayed innocent blood. Take the money back! I don't want it! Caiphas: If ...
by The Passion Of The Christ
0 votes   425 views  
Secondhand Lions
Hub: Sometimes the things that may or may not be true are the things a man ...
by Secondhand Lions
0 votes   425 views  
Best in Show
Stefan Vanderhoof: [discussing the calendar] We're not gonna sell, just give it out to friends. Scott ...
by Best In Show
0 votes   425 views  
Wyatt Earp: I did my duty, now I'd like to get on with my life. I'm ...
by Tombstone
0 votes   425 views  
Augusto Silva: What do you want? Mike Terry: You brought the old man up from Brazil for ...
by Redbelt
0 votes   425 views  
John Mitchell
When the times are good, the money`s there. But you`re using a volatile thing to ...
by John Mitchell
0 votes   424 views  
Harvey Keitel
I don`t want people to think that awards amount to the value of an actor. ...
by Harvey Keitel
0 votes   424 views  
Greg Raymer
really did a lot to boost the popularity of the game. Viewers immediately liked Moneymaker ...
by Greg Raymer
0 votes   424 views  
Judy Austin: I wanna come back tonight for the evening service. Jay Austin: I'm not coming back. ...
by Flywheel
0 votes   424 views  
Street Kings
[last lines] Captain James Biggs: I came as soon as you called. Tom Ludlow: I guess you ...
by Street Kings
0 votes   424 views  
Head of State
Mays Gilliam: How many of you, right now, work two jobs just to have enough money ...
by Head Of State
0 votes   424 views  
The Way of the Gun
Jeffers: What? Obecks: Well, I'm just talking here... but by their design, all we really need to ...
by The Way Of The Gun
0 votes   424 views  
Training Day
Alonzo: You gonna bust your cherry killing a cop? You know what you get for that, ...
by Training Day
0 votes   424 views  
The Long Kiss Goodnight
Mitch: You're telling me that you're gonna fake some terrorist thing, just to scare some money ...
by The Long Kiss Goodnight
0 votes   424 views  
Glengarry Glen Ross
Blake: You're talking about what.You're talking about... Bitching about that sale you shot, some sonofabitch who ...
by Glengarry Glen Ross
0 votes   424 views  
Visions of Violence
Ice Cream Customer: I don't trust those people. I go in there once in a while ...
by Visions Of Violence
0 votes   424 views  
Michael Clayton
Karen Crowder: You don't want the money? Michael Clayton: Keep the money. You'll need it. Don Jefferies: Is ...
by Michael Clayton
0 votes   424 views  
Benicio Del Toro
I used to play basketball and I was pretty competitive, but I was never a ...
by Benicio Del Toro
0 votes   423 views  
Deborah Myers: Jesus Christ, Ronnie, you know I have to work tonight. Someone around here has ...
by Halloween
0 votes   423 views  
Waking Ned
Jackie O'Shea: I'm not a great man for telling things the way they are. I mean, ...
by Waking Ned
0 votes   423 views  
The Brady Bunch Movie
Marcia Brady: [in Jan's thought] But Jan, you don't have friends. You're just jealous Jan. [Jan ...
by The Brady Bunch Movie
0 votes   423 views  
Pinky: [Pinky's guards have Chanticleer in a wrestling move] Don't hurt him boys. He's got a ...
by Rock-A-Doodle
0 votes   423 views  
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