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Sweet Home Alabama
Melanie Carmichael: Hi honey! Looking good! How's the family? Jake: Cut the shit! Where's my stuff? Melanie ...
by Sweet Home Alabama
0 votes   533 views  

Bring It On
Isis: Where we come from, 'cheer' is not a word you hear very often... Lava: They should ...
by Bring It On
0 votes   528 views  
Mr. Deeds
[Deeds asks all the shareholders to look at themselves as children, and as now] Longfellow ...
by Mr. Deeds
0 votes   525 views  
Sling Blade
Frank: Mama's got a boyfriend now. His name is Doyle Hargraves. He works construction so he ...
by Sling Blade
0 votes   525 views  
The Ladies Man
Leon Phelps: Ya know, when a man works hard his entire life enduring hundreds of ladies, ...
by The Ladies Man
0 votes   524 views  
The Big Lebowski
Brandt: Mr. Lebowski is prepared to make a generous offer to you to act as courier, ...
by The Big Lebowski
0 votes   524 views  
The Dark Knight
[after crashing the bus into the bank and running over Grumpy] Bus Driver: School's out, time ...
by The Dark Knight
0 votes   522 views  
Training Day
Jake: What's here? Alonzo: Transactions. You see that Salvatrucha zero head sitting on that fence acting like ...
by Training Day
0 votes   521 views  
The Princess and the Frog
Charlotte: Goodness gracious! This is so much to absorb. Let me see if I got this ...
by The Princess And The Frog
0 votes   521 views  
Shark Tale
Oscar: Hi, I'm Oscar - you might think you know me, but you have no idea! ...
by Shark Tale
0 votes   520 views  
Smokey: [after Craig knocks out Deebo] You got knocked the fuck out, man! Give me my ...
by Friday
0 votes   519 views  
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Barbossa: You don't know what this is, do ye? Elizabeth: It's a pirate medallion... Barbossa: This is Aztec ...
by Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl
0 votes   518 views  
New Jack City
Nino Brown: You sound like this shit'll change the world. G-Money: I don't know about all that ...
by New Jack City
0 votes   517 views  
Annabelle: Well look at this. Here's a lot of money and your gun is six feet ...
by Maverick
0 votes   513 views  
Cheaper by the Dozen
Hank: [motions to his face] This is the moneymaker! I'm not that good of an actor! ...
by Cheaper By The Dozen
0 votes   511 views  
Rob Zombie
I`d just be obsessed with a movie. I`d need more. So we`d make Super-8s at ...
by Rob Zombie
0 votes   510 views  
J. Edgar Hoover: I have to wonder if you people realize the level of responsibility you ...
by Chaplin
0 votes   508 views  
The Original Kings of Comedy
Bernie Mac: When you're listening to one of our conversations you might here the word MOTHER ...
by The Original Kings Of Comedy
0 votes   505 views  
Dennis Johnson
We`re particularly looking at the John Paynter scholarship, which was initiated several years ago, ... ...
by Dennis Johnson
0 votes   504 views  
Smokey: [to big worm on the phone] Yeah, I got your money. And I don't appreciate ...
by Friday
0 votes   504 views  
Menace II Society
O-Dog: You got some money or not? Basehead: Come on, man. You know I'm a little short. ...
by Menace II Society
0 votes   503 views  
About a Boy
Marcus: I'll come if you take my mom, too. She hasn't got any money, so either ...
by About A Boy
0 votes   502 views  
Ed Bradley
You know, I think I still have a sense that no matter what you do, ...
by Ed Bradley
0 votes   500 views  
Tommy Boy
Tommy: Let's think about this for a sec, Ted. Why would somebody put a guarantee on ...
by Tommy Boy
0 votes   500 views  
Madea Goes to Jail
Toni: Hey Katie, I mean hello Mama. Katie: Mama? What've you been doing to my daughter? Madea: I've ...
by Madea Goes To Jail
0 votes   500 views  
Dolores Claiborne
Vera Donovan: Husbands die every day, Dolores. Why... one is probably dying right now while you're ...
by Dolores Claiborne
0 votes   498 views  
Kathleen Turner
The studios are no longer creative institutions. Their job is to raise a great deal ...
by Kathleen Turner
0 votes   496 views  
Kickin It Old Skool
Aki: [Darnell's invention of the Jewbix cube, a Jewish version of the Rubik's cube. Aki is ...
by Kickin It Old Skool
-1 votes   496 views  
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Jesse James: Did I ever mention that scalawag George Shepherd? George was one of Quantrill's lieutenants ...
by The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford
0 votes   495 views  
Quiz Kid Donnie Smith: You look like you have money in your pocket. Thurston Howell: Maybe I'm ...
by Magnolia
0 votes   494 views  
The Moguls
Otis: I'm in. Except for no money, it's a no-brainer for me. First off, making a ...
by The Moguls
0 votes   493 views  
Next Friday
Day-Day: Roach, if Pinky catches you doing that X-Games shit on the counter, we gon' be ...
by Next Friday
0 votes   493 views  
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
Buzz McCallister: [after making a formal apology to the family; whispers to Kevin] Beat that, you ...
by Home Alone 2: Lost In New York
0 votes   492 views  
Bob Munro: [Really needs to use the toilet] I've got an ICBM coming! [Mutters to himself] ...
by RV
0 votes   491 views  
Phone Booth
Stu: I have never done anything for anybody who couldn't do something for me. I string ...
by Phone Booth
0 votes   490 views  
No Country for Old Men
[last lines] Loretta Bell: How'd you sleep? Ed Tom Bell: I don't know. Had dreams. Loretta Bell: Well ...
by No Country For Old Men
0 votes   490 views  
Cosmo: Posit: People think a bank might be financially shaky. Martin Bishop: Consequence: People start to withdraw ...
by Sneakers
0 votes   489 views  
Money Talks
Franklin Hatchett: What you got? Roland: Dodgers tickets, Lakers tickets and Phantom of the Opera tickets. Franklin ...
by Money Talks
1 votes   488 views  
Beavis and Butt-Head Do America
Little Old Lady: Oh, hello, there. Are you two heading for Las Vegas? Beavis: Yeah. We're gonna ...
by Beavis And Butt-Head Do America
0 votes   488 views  
James L. Kemper: [Kemper, Pickett, Garnett, and Col. Freemantle are sitting around a table playing cards, ...
by Gettysburg
0 votes   487 views  
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