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Down with the Kings
Tanvir: Trying to help me out? How you helping me out? You givin me money, you ...
by Down With The Kings
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Will Munny: Here, take this money and give my half and Ned's half to my kids. ...
by Unforgiven
0 votes   214 views  
Free Willy
Randolph: Dial is trying to collect the insurance money. Willy's worth a million dollars. Jesse: A million ...
by Free Willy
0 votes   211 views  
Danny Johnson
They patted me down. They took my wallet. They took my money I had in ...
by Danny Johnson
0 votes   210 views  
Adrien Brody
I`ve never taken a role for money. I felt it would be wrong - not ...
by Adrien Brody
0 votes   210 views  
Maurice Doyle: [the children are playing with only the train tracks and engine of a train ...
by Evelyn
0 votes   210 views  
The Spanish Prisoner
George Lang: We must never forget that we are human, and as humans we dream, and ...
by The Spanish Prisoner
0 votes   210 views  
Jungle 2 Jungle
[Richard, Michael and Mimi exit Jovanovic's office] Michael Cromwell: Richard, are you out of your mind? ...
by Jungle 2 Jungle
0 votes   210 views  
Run Ronnie Run
Ronnie Dobbs: I'm gonna go out in this world and get everything I can get. I ...
by Run Ronnie Run
0 votes   209 views  
Ricky Slade: We need guns. Bobby: We don't need guns. Ricky Slade: I'm telling you man, I'm pretty ...
by Made
0 votes   209 views  
Sunshine Cleaning
Oscar Lorkowski: [barely old enough to repeat all the jargon] We're gonna make a money pool, ...
by Sunshine Cleaning
0 votes   208 views  
The Long Shot
Taylor Garrett: Morning mom. Annie Garrett: Mornin'. There's a cinnamon roll and some milk in that sack ...
by The Long Shot
0 votes   207 views  
Get Shorty
Bo Catlett: Yayo! You gonna smoke, then you get the hell off my six-hundred-dollars-a-yard carpet. Now, ...
by Get Shorty
0 votes   207 views  
Kickboxer 4: The Aggressor
Tong Po: You! Fight or die! Megan Laurence: You don't have the guts to fight him yourself. ...
by Kickboxer 4: The Aggressor
0 votes   207 views  
Paxton: Excuse me, I uh... excuse me. How is it in there? Man: [referring to the torture ...
by Hostel
0 votes   207 views  
John Morris
We use a minimal amount of taxpayers money on our battle with drugs, ... It ...
by John Morris
0 votes   206 views  
The Long Kiss Goodnight
Charlie: I'm leaving the country, Mitch. I need a fake passport and I need money, lots ...
by The Long Kiss Goodnight
0 votes   206 views  
Jerry Maguire
Rod Tidwell: Anyone else would have left you by now, but I'm sticking with you. And ...
by Jerry Maguire
0 votes   206 views  
Mad Money
Bob Truman: They say money can't buy happiness but it sure as hell buys everything else.
by Mad Money
0 votes   206 views  
Shark Tale
Lola: The only thing I like more than money is... revenge.
by Shark Tale
0 votes   205 views  
[During the theft of the money, Travers zip lines from one plane to another] Eric ...
by Cliffhanger
0 votes   205 views  
Leo Fitzpatrick
I`ve known Larry Clark since I was fourteen. I`ve always skateboarded in Manhattan. Larry got ...
by Leo Fitzpatrick
0 votes   204 views  
Dorothy Hamill
They`re still considered Olympic eligibles, so there`s never an issue whether they`re going to turn ...
by Dorothy Hamill
0 votes   204 views  
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
Sheriff Hoyt: My money says he aint going nowhere
by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
0 votes   204 views  
Camp Nowhere
T.R. Polk: [after getting the money for Dennis' car] You're a little short. "Mud": Well... you're a ...
by Camp Nowhere
0 votes   204 views  
Casino Lecher: You lose all of your money, honey? Do you wanna make some more? It ...
by Showgirls
0 votes   203 views  
The Distinguished Gentleman
Thomas Jefferson Johnson: Terry, tell me something. With all this money coming in from both sides, ...
by The Distinguished Gentleman
0 votes   203 views  
[last lines] Natalya: [after all the credits have rolled] I get a lot of money for ...
by Hostel
0 votes   203 views  
Anton Schutz
We`re taking a little breather but it`s nothing to worry about ... the money flows ...
by Anton Schutz
0 votes   202 views  
Orange County
Shaun: Mom, you know money can't buy happiness... Cindy: Oh grow up, yes it can! Shaun: But you ...
by Orange County
0 votes   202 views  
[last lines] [Bentley sees a light in the tunnel while driving his vehicle] Raif Bentley: Yes! ...
by Masterminds
0 votes   202 views  
Harriet the Spy
Harriet M. Welsch: I hate money. Sport: You'd like it a lot more if you didn't have ...
by Harriet The Spy
0 votes   202 views  
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie
Ivan Ooze: [after Entering the Command Center] Hey, pretty fancy Spansy, I guess if You invest ...
by Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie
0 votes   202 views  
The Big Bounce
Nancy Hayes: Jack, what do you think will happen if that money reaches those thugs. Jack ...
by The Big Bounce
0 votes   201 views  
Proof of Life
Dino: You and me, we open our own shop. I run New York, you run London. ...
by Proof Of Life
0 votes   201 views  
Rick Spector: Let's make some fuckin' money, folks.
by Magnolia
0 votes   201 views  
The Commune
Dr. Polieos: I don't know where your Mother gets this idea I have money. Dr. Polieos: She's ...
by The Commune
0 votes   201 views  
Daphne Zuniga
I`ve said that if we were going to do a reunion, they have to pay ...
by Daphne Zuniga
0 votes   200 views  
James Thompson
We believe that $30,000 is blood money,
by James Thompson
0 votes   199 views  
Dick Schaap
Today, it`s money. There`s no question about that. Unless you endorse a grill that cooks ...
by Dick Schaap
0 votes   199 views  
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