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Casino Royale
[first lines] James Bond: M really doesn't mind you earning a little money on the side, ...
by Casino Royale
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Year of the Bull
Assistant Coach: This is your time to make some money! It's where your scholarships are on ...
by Year Of The Bull
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Message to Love: The Isle of Wight Festival
Bert "The Agent: They claim that it isn't money that they're interested in. Nobody seems to ...
by Message To Love: The Isle Of Wight Festival
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It Takes Two
Amanda Lemmon: All this money and these people eat slugs?
by It Takes Two
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French Kiss
Luc: [about Luc's brother, Antoine] One night, he got me very drunk. You must understand, I ...
by French Kiss
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Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
Kate McCallister: Why don't you just sit up here for a while and think things over. ...
by Home Alone 2: Lost In New York
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David Wright
When money is involved like this, you have to be really good friends.
by David Wright
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The Ice Harvest
Vic: Don't be so worried. The hard part's done already. Everything worked just like you said ...
by The Ice Harvest
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Death Sentence
Nicholas "Nick" Hume: I'm looking for Billy Darley or any of his friends. [Sammy speaks in ...
by Death Sentence
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[first lines] Natasha Martin: There are cars that get you from point A to point B. ...
by Redline
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Kevin Murphy
What would get Bill Gates animated? ... There`s a lot of money at stake. He`s ...
by Kevin Murphy
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Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius
Walter Hagen: Tell me Bobby why do you play this game? Robert Tyre Jones, Jr.: I play ...
by Bobby Jones: Stroke Of Genius
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Ishmael: Okay, you want to bowl for some big money, eh? But I'll lose my entire ...
by Kingpin
0 votes   410 views  
The Quick and the Dead
John Herod: All I hear from you, you spineless cowards, is how poor you are; how ...
by The Quick And The Dead
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George: I really don't like our dog. Alice: I really don't like those people, George. I don't ...
by Beethoven
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Seraphim Falls
Virgil: How do you write "wife"? Hayes: Kid, that's W-H-O-R-E. Don't much matter how you spell it, ...
by Seraphim Falls
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Quiz Kid Donnie Smith: I used to be smart, but now I'm just stupid. Thurston Howell: Brad, ...
by Magnolia
0 votes   409 views  
I Got the Hook Up
Little Girl: Look, my mama want her money back. Blue: How am I gonna give you the ...
by I Got The Hook Up
0 votes   409 views  
Chet Frank: So what is Jiu-Jitsu? You use one fighter's strength against him? Mike Terry: Yes, in ...
by Redbelt
0 votes   409 views  
The Hurt Locker
Staff Sergeant William James: [to Iraqi street kid] I wanna buy another DVD. But, if it's ...
by The Hurt Locker
0 votes   409 views  
Death to Smoochy
Burke: It's all about the dough, Shel. Once you get the money, you get the power. ...
by Death To Smoochy
0 votes   408 views  
Kill Me Later
Billy: It's like you said all she wanted was the money... I didn't mean shit to ...
by Kill Me Later
0 votes   408 views  
Dutch: I may not look like I could finance a trip to the zoo but the ...
by Dutch
0 votes   408 views  
Jonathan Jackson
You`re probably saving money if you factor in the grief . . . of dealing ...
by Jonathan Jackson
0 votes   407 views  
The Ice Harvest
Vic: He actually threatened to shoot Gladys if I did't tell him where the money was. ...
by The Ice Harvest
0 votes   407 views  
The Hunting of the President
Andrew Cooper: ...and Everett said "Oh, I'm very involved in this organization called ARIA: the Alliance ...
by The Hunting Of The President
0 votes   407 views  
Lake Placid
[Sheriff Keough finds two of his deputies digging a deep hole and gives them an ...
by Lake Placid
0 votes   407 views  
[discussing how to split the money] Piper: I want half. Dodge: Half. Fuck you, this isn't divorce.
by Fled
0 votes   407 views  
[On whether or not he wants more money] E. Howard Hunt: In Richard Nixon's long history ...
by Nixon
0 votes   407 views  
Nacho Libre
Sister Encarnación: You went to watch a wrestling match? Nacho: [after a pause] Kind of. Sister Encarnación: You ...
by Nacho Libre
0 votes   407 views  
Peter Smith
This deal gets people swimming for less money and makes catching a bus more attractive.
by Peter Smith
0 votes   406 views  
Jaimee Foxworth
It was a hard adjustment, I didn`t really have any friends and people seem to ...
by Jaimee Foxworth
0 votes   406 views  
Poster Boy
Henry Kray: You like big speeches, dad? How does this one sound? I, Henry Kray, am ...
by Poster Boy
0 votes   406 views  
Detroit Rock City
Bartender: Save your money, stud-muffin. The lady at the end of the bar sends her love.
by Detroit Rock City
0 votes   406 views  
Tomorrow Never Dies
M: I believe you once had a relationship with Carver's wife, Paris. James Bond: That was a ...
by Tomorrow Never Dies
0 votes   406 views  
[Robbing a bank] Neil McCauley: We want to hurt no one. We're here for the bank's ...
by Heat
0 votes   406 views  
Smokey: [calling Big Worm on his phone] Hey um, did somebody... page Smokey? Big Worm: [v.o. on ...
by Friday
0 votes   406 views  
My Own Private Idaho
Scott Favor: I only have sex with a guy for money. Mike Waters: Yeah, I know. Scott ...
by My Own Private Idaho
0 votes   406 views  
Jerry Orbach
I used to say when I was working in the theater that if I ever ...
by Jerry Orbach
0 votes   405 views  
Failure to Launch
Al: We ain't buying that chair. Sue: I am getting this polka-dot chair. I've got my own ...
by Failure To Launch
0 votes   405 views  
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