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Chasing Amy
Alyssa: Are you an authorized dealmaker in this establishment? Do you have the power to negotiate? ...
by Chasing Amy
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Tommy Boy
[Moments earlier they hit a deer, it's now riding in the back seat of Richard's ...
by Tommy Boy
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Rachel: You think I'm someone from a mental institution, don't you? Lloyd: Are you?
by Reckless
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Alex: If you're so hot on the idea, why don't you have sex with him? Stuart: Taste ...
by Threesome
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Robin Hood: Men in Tights
[Robin tries to jump on his horse and falls] Ahchoo: Man, white men can't jump.
by Robin Hood: Men In Tights
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Mr. Jones
Mr. Jones: I'd like to close my account, please. Susan: You just opened this account last week. ...
by Mr. Jones
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Gypsy: Some men have called me an ecdysiast. Do you know what that means? An ecdysiast ...
by Gypsy
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Rapid Fire
Mace Ryan: Chicago PD thinks you're a cop-killer, you know what that means? Jake Lo: I'm off ...
by Rapid Fire
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The Muppet Christmas Carol
Rizzo the Rat: Oh, Gonzo, speak to me! I mean, Mr. Dickens. Charlie! Are you hurt? ...
by The Muppet Christmas Carol
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Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
Kirk: What are we all doing here? McCoy: Maybe they're throwing us a retirement party. Scotty: That suits ...
by Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
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L.A. Story
Sara: Why didn't you tell me you had just broke up with someone? Harris: How do you ...
by L.A. Story
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The Truth About Average Guys
Dave: Honest men rarely get laid.
by The Truth About Average Guys
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The Minx
Joe Van Zwick: My kind of culture somehow just doesn't jibe with karma and reincarnation. I'm ...
by The Minx
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Pineapple Express
Private Miller: [2 men in full bodied suits come to take him away] Hell-ooo. Bleep blorp ...
by Pineapple Express
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Mamma Mia!
Rosie: [regarding Sophie's potential fathers] Now, listen, what we're gonna do is... we'll get them plastered ...
by Mamma Mia!
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National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Riley Poole: [over hearing Ben and Abigail's argument] You guys are so great together.
by National Treasure: Book Of Secrets
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Emeril Lagasse
You know, for 300 years it`s been kind of the same. There are restaurants in ...
by Emeril Lagasse
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Cristie Kerr
We played pretty well in the morning. We just didn`t make any putts. We hung ...
by Cristie Kerr
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Chris Hovan
You got to zone everything out and go out and do your assignment.
by Chris Hovan
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My Name Is Buttons
Nurse: All red shirts please report to punishment room nine.
by My Name Is Buttons
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Officer Collins: [addressing military brass about Rita's background] We did, however have to come to an ...
by Idiocracy
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Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
Cotton McKnight: Do you believe in unlikelihoods? Average Joe's shocking the dodgeball world and upsetting Globo ...
by Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
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Cheaper by the Dozen
Charlie: Did I mention I don't like you very much? Tom: Yeah, you mentioned that. Charlie: Then I'm ...
by Cheaper By The Dozen
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Eight Legged Freaks
Mike: Mom, are you there? Sheriff Sam Parker: Yea, Mike. Is everything ok? Mike: Don't make any movements ...
by Eight Legged Freaks
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Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
D: I am here for the young woman. Meier Link: I wouldn't recommend it, Dunpeal. Taking on ...
by Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
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Henry Kissinger: It's alright, gentlemen. I'm familiar with these two young ladies. Well, not "familiar", familiar, ...
by Dick
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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
[last lines] Dr. Evil: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my underground lair. I have gathered here ...
by Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery
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Jeffrey: Ever wonder about women being like fine wine?
by Afterglow
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The Van
[Regarding the Christmas menu] Larry: It's a fuckin' turkey or nothin'!
by The Van
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[shelley opens her apartment door in order to escape Rumpelstiltskin only to find him standing ...
by Rumpelstiltskin
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Tom Sanders: Sexual harrassment is about power. When did I have the power? When?
by Disclosure
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Patriot Games
Jack Ryan: What about my daughter? Doctor: Let's sit down for a moment. Jack Ryan: No, talk to ...
by Patriot Games
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Snaps: You're going to marry this bum. Just as soon as I get my hands on ...
by Oscar
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Neutral Ground
Fisher: Me and Zeke have a special arrangement. He lets me smoke and I keep coming ...
by Neutral Ground
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Press Start
Villager Girl: [as Zack fights an enemy] You can move in three dimensions! Zack Nimbus: Oh, right.
by Press Start
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The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper
Kowalski: Oh, no. He must be out there all by himself. Skipper: He's one of us, men. ...
by The Madagascar Penguins In A Christmas Caper
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Andrew White
We were very pleased with the jury`s verdict and after talking to the jury we ...
by Andrew White
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Four Dead Batteries
Harold: Thou shall not commit adultery. Patrick: What is that, the fifth commandment? Harold: Seventh. Patrick: Are there seven?
by Four Dead Batteries
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Orange Barrels from the Phobosphere
Professor Gutenschlut: [regarding the origin of the Orange Barrels] I'm talking about another dimension entirely. Hickory ...
by Orange Barrels From The Phobosphere
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The Ringer
Mark: Why'd you scratch his C D? Steve Barker: Jeffy just admiring it. Mark: Do it again and ...
by The Ringer
0 votes   110 views  
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