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Neutral Ground
Fisher: Me and Zeke have a special arrangement. He lets me smoke and I keep coming ...
by Neutral Ground
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Mad Money
Bob Truman: You think I like thinking of my wife on her feet from 9 to ...
by Mad Money
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Lynn: You think I've forgotten that you cheated on me twice? Monix: I only cheated on you ...
by Semi-Pro
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Gears of War
Marcus Fenix: [Marcus and Dom cautiously enter a basement] Quiet... Augustus Cole: [radioing in] Hey! We're all ...
by Gears Of War
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America: Freedom to Fascism
[from trailer] Ron Paul (Congressman): You have to get permission from the government for almost *everything*. ...
by America: Freedom To Fascism
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Surf School
Rip: [to Tyler] Well, well, well, if it isn't old Southern Cali again. Aren't you, uh, ...
by Surf School
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David Andrews
The changes implemented by the AHL last season were successful in increasing the flow of ...
by David Andrews
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The Kingdom
Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: Tonight, we have the dinner in the palace. Uh, Miss Mayes, she ...
by The Kingdom
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My Name Is Buttons
Nurse: All red shirts please report to punishment room nine.
by My Name Is Buttons
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Officer Collins: [addressing military brass about Rita's background] We did, however have to come to an ...
by Idiocracy
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In Good Company
Carter Duryea: [about to be kissed] Uh, I heard this rumor... alcohol impairs your judgment.
by In Good Company
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Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
Cotton McKnight: Do you believe in unlikelihoods? Average Joe's shocking the dodgeball world and upsetting Globo ...
by Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
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The Lizzie McGuire Movie
Miss Ungermeyer: Room assignments: David Gordon, you'll be rooming with Ethan Craft. You'll be in room ...
by The Lizzie McGuire Movie
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Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams
Juni: I do not understand you Carmen: And you never will
by Spy Kids 2: Island Of Lost Dreams
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Black Hawk Down
Steele: Open up the hatch, we've got men back here! Pakistani Driver: No room here, go on ...
by Black Hawk Down
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The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human
Narrator: They force him to consume large amounts of fermented grain in an attempt to kill ...
by The Mating Habits Of The Earthbound Human
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That Thing You Do!
Heckler: Hey, when are you gonna play "That Thing You Do!"? Lenny: Has our fame preceded us? ...
by That Thing You Do!
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Lone Star
Sheriff Sam Deeds: No telling yet if there's been a crime, but this country's seen a ...
by Lone Star
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Corky: So what are you saying? You don't have sex with men? Violet: I don't. Corky: Oh, for ...
by Bound
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Rachel: You think I'm someone from a mental institution, don't you? Lloyd: Are you?
by Reckless
0 votes   129 views  
Paper Hearts
Jenny: Some famous male writer once wrote, "You can't sleep with all the women in the ...
by Paper Hearts
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Spot Conlon: Where's my picture? Where does it mention me? Jack Kelly: Stop thinking about yourself.
by Newsies
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L.A. Story
Sara: Why didn't you tell me you had just broke up with someone? Harris: How do you ...
by L.A. Story
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My Name Is Wallace
Tiffany: I do what I do... to men... you know? But what I do is not ...
by My Name Is Wallace
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Lou Reed
When I record an album I`m trying to get as close as possible to that ...
by Lou Reed
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Emeril Lagasse
You know, for 300 years it`s been kind of the same. There are restaurants in ...
by Emeril Lagasse
0 votes   128 views  
Just Like Heaven
Elizabeth Masterson: I'm completely capable of meeting men on my own. Abby Brody: I know, I'd just ...
by Just Like Heaven
0 votes   128 views  
Orange Barrels from the Phobosphere
Professor Gutenschlut: [regarding the origin of the Orange Barrels] I'm talking about another dimension entirely. Hickory ...
by Orange Barrels From The Phobosphere
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Midnite: [holding the lamp containing the glowing filament of the smashed bulb] Sure about this? John ...
by Constantine
0 votes   128 views  
The Ladykillers
Marva Munson: [walking in after the explosion in the basement] Professor, I'm surprised! Professor G.H. Dorr: Well... ...
by The Ladykillers
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Hollywood Homicide
Jerry Duran: [after having a disagreement on the price of his house with Julies Armas] Good ...
by Hollywood Homicide
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The Blair Witch Project
Michael Williams: [sees dozens of stick-men hanging from trees] No redneck is this creative.
by The Blair Witch Project
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Skip Skipperton: Do you know how I spend my every single solitary moment? Dr. Mumford: Jerking off? ...
by Mumford
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New Rose Hotel
Fox: Po-tay-to, po-tah-to, you know. Government, corporation, it's the same thing.
by New Rose Hotel
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The Iron Giant
Marv Loach: United States Government, eh? That must mean something big is happening here. Kent Mansley: No, ...
by The Iron Giant
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Tammy Metzler: If you died right now, I would throw myself under one of my Dad's ...
by Election
0 votes   128 views  
George Tyrell: [seeing Roy taking out his bungee equipment] What are you crazy? I have checked ...
by Daylight
0 votes   128 views  
Mr. Jones
Mr. Jones: I'd like to close my account, please. Susan: You just opened this account last week. ...
by Mr. Jones
0 votes   128 views  
Rapid Fire
Mace Ryan: Chicago PD thinks you're a cop-killer, you know what that means? Jake Lo: I'm off ...
by Rapid Fire
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Dead Again
Mike Church: Why would she want to kill me now? Cozy Carlisle: Why do women do anything?
by Dead Again
0 votes   128 views  
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