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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Cedric Diggory: For a moment there, I thought you were going to let it get me. ...
by Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
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Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
Obi-Wan: But Master Yoda says I should be mindful of the future. Qui-Gon Jinn: But not at ...
by Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
0 votes   347 views  
The Painted Veil
Kitty Fane: Men are incalculable. I thought you were just like everybody else, and now I ...
by The Painted Veil
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Alexander: The greatest honor a man can ever achieve is to live with great courage, and ...
by Alexander
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The Supermarket
Jenkins: [Voiceover] Around noon or so, Newman will saunter in about five hours late but never ...
by The Supermarket
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The Producers
Leo Bloom: Let's assume for a moment, that you are a dishonest man. Max Bialystock: Assume away.
by The Producers
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Philotas: [during the battle of Gaugamela] Alexander! My father's lost! They've overrun the flanks, they're into ...
by Alexander
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The Hangover
Phil Wenneck: You're not really wearing that are you? Alan Garner: Wearing what? Phil Wenneck: The man purse. ...
by The Hangover
0 votes   340 views  
Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: [the Operative has politely asked Mal to return River] You have to open ...
by Serenity
0 votes   339 views  
Inglourious Basterds
Sgt. Donny Donowitz: Speaking of Frau von Hammersmark, whose idea was it for the death trap ...
by Inglourious Basterds
0 votes   339 views  
Muppet Treasure Island
Gonzo: To the southeast, multi-armed Zanzibanian short women and their exploding wigs of death!
by Muppet Treasure Island
0 votes   339 views  
The Producers
[Carmen answers the phone, a piano underscore playing] Carmen Ghia: Hello, the living room of renowned ...
by The Producers
0 votes   338 views  
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Badger: In summation, I think you just got to not do it, man. That's all. Mr. ...
by Fantastic Mr. Fox
0 votes   337 views  
American Psycho
Paul Allen: This is really a beehive of, uh, activity, Halberstam. This place is hot, very ...
by American Psycho
0 votes   337 views  
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
Patches O'Houlihan: Those men and that muff-diver believe in you.
by Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
0 votes   336 views  
The Book of Eli
[after Eli makes a statement about faith] Solara: Is that from the book? Eli: No, it's Johnny ...
by The Book Of Eli
0 votes   336 views  
The Rock
General Hummel: The men of marine force recon are selected to carry out illegal operations throughout ...
by The Rock
0 votes   333 views  
The Wolf: [pretending to be a building inspector] Let me level with you, you're an evil ...
by Hoodwinked!
0 votes   333 views  
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Tibby: Well, maybe sometimes it's easier to be mad at the people you trust. Carmen: Why? Why ...
by The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants
0 votes   332 views  
Alexander: I've come to believe the fear of death drives all men, Hephaistion. This we didn't ...
by Alexander
0 votes   332 views  
Finding Nemo
Crush: [Crush comments on various scenes in the Scene Selection menu on Disc 2 of the ...
by Finding Nemo
0 votes   332 views  
Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
Mike Jared (Magnolia Fine Dining Society): I'm, er... recently retired... Borat: You are a retard? Mike Jared ...
by Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan
0 votes   332 views  
Leaving Las Vegas
Sera: Included with the rent 'round here is a complimentary blow-job.
by Leaving Las Vegas
0 votes   331 views  
The Rock
Chief of Staff Hayden Sinclair: Southern China? We've never even admitted we sent troops into China. ...
by The Rock
0 votes   330 views  
Wrestling Trainer: You don't need much to fight. When you're in the front ranks of a ...
by Alexander
0 votes   329 views  
Men in Black II
[J takes Kevin/K into the Deneuralizer room] Agent J: The Deneuralizer. In a few moments, transverse ...
by Men In Black II
1 votes   327 views  
A Single Man
George: Looking in the mirror staring back at me isn't so much a face as the ...
by A Single Man
0 votes   327 views  
American Psycho
[at Paul Allen's apartment, empty and painted white] Real estate agent: You saw the ad in ...
by American Psycho
0 votes   326 views  
Aristotle: The East has a way of swallowing men and their dreams, but still to think ...
by Alexander
0 votes   325 views  
Alexander: You've fallen in love with all the things in life that destroy men!
by Alexander
0 votes   325 views  
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman: Surrender. You cannot escape. Steve Trevor: Oh, I don't know about that, angel. I've made ...
by Wonder Woman
0 votes   325 views  
American Pie 2
Stifler: You're a disgrace to men everywhere. I mean, look at the Stifmeister. I got laid ...
by American Pie 2
0 votes   324 views  
Mitchell Goosen: Popeye, now there was a great man. Do you know why? Wiley: He never joined ...
by Airborne
0 votes   323 views  
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Dumbledore: Your attention please. I'd like to say a few words. Eternal Glory. That is what ...
by Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
0 votes   322 views  
The Crucible
Rev. John Hale: Do you know your commandments, Mr. Proctor? John Proctor: Aye. Rev. John Hale: Would you ...
by The Crucible
-1 votes   322 views  
In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale
Duke Farrow: [confronting Muriella in the forest] We are no longer in a castle. There are ...
by In The Name Of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale
0 votes   322 views  
The Operative: [Speaking on the bridge of his ship] You should have let me see her, ...
by Serenity
0 votes   321 views  
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Raoul Duke: This is a very ominous assignment, with overtones of extreme personal danger. This is ...
by Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
0 votes   321 views  
The Rock
Bob: Ladies and gentlemen, I, Ranger Bob, cordially invite you to become inmates of Alcatraz.
by The Rock
0 votes   321 views  
Temple Grandin
Temple Grandin: ...They will be very calm. Nature is cruel but we don't have to be. ...
by Temple Grandin
0 votes   321 views  
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