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National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Sadusky: [to Ben] Your friend writes a book about government conspiricies and you think we don't ...
by National Treasure: Book Of Secrets
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Jupiter Landing
Nicki: [Responding to Catfish's mangled poetry reading] You are such a man! Here's a newsflash for ...
by Jupiter Landing
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George Saunders
The traveller must, of course, always be cautious of the overly broad generalisation. But I ...
by George Saunders
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David Grant
Wadsworth is a tough tournament. It makes the young men focus and listen since they ...
by David Grant
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Coretta Scott King
Women, if the soul of the nation is to be saved, I believe that you ...
by Coretta Scott King
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Chris Wood
This is not an issue of public forest management. It`s an issue of private and ...
by Chris Wood
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Anthony Fauci
This is the biggest win I`ve ever been a part of. Louisville came out with ...
by Anthony Fauci
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The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green
Juarez: Straight men can find love in their golden years, but it's harsher in the gay ...
by The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life Of Ethan Green
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The Sisters
Marcia Prior Glass: ...I haven't flirted with a man in ages. My responses are those from ...
by The Sisters
0 votes   135 views  
The Janitor
Mr. Growbo: You think a woman wants a relationship with men like us? Lionel: Yeah. Mr. Growbo: Lionel! ...
by The Janitor
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One Last Ride
Michael: The guys in my family were like your local mailman: rain or snow, sleet or ...
by One Last Ride
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Vacant Lot
W.C.: The music, this horn, they'll never leave you. Never let you down. But the lights, ...
by Vacant Lot
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Artificial Intelligence: AI
Gigolo Joe: I know women! They sometimes ask for me by name. I know all about ...
by Artificial Intelligence: AI
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Vertical Limit
Skip: How about it Mal? You and Cyril have been up there before. Malcolm Bench: No. I ...
by Vertical Limit
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Cecil B. DeMented
Cecil: I am Cecil B. Demented! And this is a fucking kidnapping!
by Cecil B. DeMented
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Starving Artists
Bob: They're hit men, Zach! They shoot people in their apartment. Zach: If they were hit men, ...
by Starving Artists
0 votes   135 views  
The Object of My Affection
Nina: Don't open the door for any gas men. Unless you think either one of us ...
by The Object Of My Affection
0 votes   135 views  
Blood and Wine
Alex Gates: I've got an idea. Why don't you sit down at your desk and write ...
by Blood And Wine
0 votes   135 views  
Murder in the First
Milton Glenn: Some men are broken by the laws that they break.
by Murder In The First
0 votes   135 views  
Crying Freeman
Shido Shimazaki: [sits at a table with laughing police men. With a forceful loud bang onto ...
by Crying Freeman
0 votes   135 views  
America: Freedom to Fascism
[from trailer] Franklin Sanders (Author/Tax Honesty): The power of the government has been hijacked, so that ...
by America: Freedom To Fascism
0 votes   135 views  
Kirby Dick
There are a lot of comedic elements. We hired a private investigator; she gets her ...
by Kirby Dick
0 votes   134 views  
Joshua Reynolds
The value and rank of every art is in proportion to the mental labor employed ...
by Joshua Reynolds
0 votes   134 views  
John Hopkins
They didn`t know this neighbor, the only connection is they live on the same floor ...
by John Hopkins
0 votes   134 views  
James Ford
It`s very important when you have someone that don`t have anybody, that think they`re by ...
by James Ford
0 votes   134 views  
Horace Smith
Inconsistency is the only thing in which men are consistent
by Horace Smith
0 votes   134 views  
Heather Hill
With those players the leadership of a senior point guard, we`ll be building on the ...
by Heather Hill
0 votes   134 views  
Craig Hill
Treatment is available. It`s (addictive) and … treatment works.
by Craig Hill
0 votes   134 views  
Chris Jenkins
There are some substantial investments being made for new technologies for coal. We are producing ...
by Chris Jenkins
0 votes   134 views  
As Ad Abukhalil
We`re going to go beyond state and federal requirements for air emissions.
by As Ad Abukhalil
0 votes   134 views  
Angie Brown
The passion for office among members of Congress is very great, if not absolutely disreputable, ...
by Angie Brown
0 votes   134 views  
Riding the Bullet
Alan Parker: My mom's a mother for peace. Hippie Guy: Oh that's cool. Hey, were you in ...
by Riding The Bullet
0 votes   134 views  
Down with Love
Vickie Hiller: The men who resent my success won't give me the time of day, and ...
by Down With Love
0 votes   134 views  
Dog Soldiers
Wells: What if shes wrong? What if they're not all in there? Cooper: Then we get some ...
by Dog Soldiers
0 votes   134 views  
Super Troopers
[finishes reading the Governor's letter] Captain O'Hagan: "Due to our tight fiscal situation, we regret to ...
by Super Troopers
0 votes   134 views  
The Affair of the Necklace
Cardinal Louis de Rohan: [to Jeanne] Unless I meet her majesty face to face, our arrangement ...
by The Affair Of The Necklace
0 votes   134 views  
Shanghai Noon
[after dropping off the Imperial guardsmen] Jedediah: Shalom! [confused, the Imperial Guard return the gesture] Imperial ...
by Shanghai Noon
0 votes   134 views  
The Lost World: Jurassic Park
Dr. Ian Malcolm: What are you talking about? Five years of work and a hundred miles ...
by The Lost World: Jurassic Park
0 votes   134 views  
The Jackal
Carter Preston: Major Koslova ends the debate about women in combat as far as I'm concerned. ...
by The Jackal
0 votes   134 views  
Beverly Hills Ninja
Haru: Haru, you are truly the Great White Ninja. [Haru laughs, turns around, and sees Tanley's ...
by Beverly Hills Ninja
0 votes   134 views  
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