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The Last Days of Disco
Des McGrath: 'Yuppie scum'? In college, before dropping out, I took a course in the propaganda ...
by The Last Days Of Disco
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The Green Mile
Paul Edgecomb: Men under strain can snap. Hurt themselves. Hurt others. That's why our job is ...
by The Green Mile
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Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
Rayden: [noticing Jax's enhancements] What's the deal with your arms? Jax: I've known you one minute and ...
by Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
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Jerry Maguire
Dorothy: He's coming over. Laurel: Tonight? Dorothy: He just lost his best client. I invited the guy over. ...
by Jerry Maguire
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Captain Hook: [over the airplane intercom] Hello Ladies and Gentlemen this is your Captain speaking...
by Hook
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Jesus Camp
Rachel: [preaching to a group of guys sitting in a park] If you were to die ...
by Jesus Camp
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The Half Life of Timofey Berezin
Timofey: [voiceover] An element loses a particle and becomes unstable. A chain reaction is set in ...
by The Half Life Of Timofey Berezin
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Nacho Libre
Sister Encarnación: You went to watch a wrestling match? Nacho: [after a pause] Kind of. Sister Encarnación: You ...
by Nacho Libre
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Nicole Bilderback
It`s been a amazing spiritual journey of self discovery. Extremely difficult, but eye opening. It`s ...
by Nicole Bilderback
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Herbie Hancock
You can practice to learn a technique, but I`m more interested in conceiving of something ...
by Herbie Hancock
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Elizabeth Moss
The fundamentals of ceramics is based on functionality.
by Elizabeth Moss
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Desmond Morris
This unusual and highly successful species spends a great deal of time examining his higher ...
by Desmond Morris
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David Ackert
Actors are beings who have tasted life`s nectar in that crystal moment when they poured ...
by David Ackert
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Carl Sagan
We`ve arranged a civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology.
by Carl Sagan
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Brian Perry
This was a good tournament, regardless of the outcome. This was a team that gave ...
by Brian Perry
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Belva Lockwood
I do not believe in sex distinction in literature, law, politics, or trade - or ...
by Belva Lockwood
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The Aristocrats
Sue Kolinsky: Once for Hannukah he gave me a box of slim Tampax, and he says, ...
by The Aristocrats
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The Departed
Colin Sullivan: Fuck you, fuckin' queers. Firemen gettin' pussy for the first time in the history ...
by The Departed
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A Good Year
Max Skinner: [to Charlie Willis] Real men don't play bridge.
by A Good Year
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Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War
voice: [spoken over carrier landing scene at end of film] In some respects, it's as if ...
by Uncovered: The Whole Truth About The Iraq War
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Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars
Rygel XVI: [Rygel is preforming John and Aeryn's wedding on Moya's Command] I've traveled with the ...
by Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars
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Empire Falls
Max Roby: You're ready to come home? Tick Roby: Can we? Max Roby: Ask your father, not me. ...
by Empire Falls
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Chasing Liberty
Cynthia Morales: Well maybe you should stop overcompensating, you're a good looking... I mean you look ...
by Chasing Liberty
0 votes   164 views  
Monty: With women, there are really only two options. Either she doesn't sleep with you and ...
by Waiting...
0 votes   164 views  
Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie
Soda Vendor: So, who's the actor in this group? Ron White: Oh, there are no actors. Believe ...
by Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie
0 votes   164 views  
The Recruit
Zack: [to Burke] Are you a senior instructor at the Farm? Walter Burke: [wired up to a ...
by The Recruit
0 votes   164 views  
The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy
Dennis: Where is my living room? Taylor: Oh it's still here, I just shifted it around a ...
by The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy
0 votes   164 views  
Sordid Lives
Noleta: We just finished watching "Thelma and Louise", and we're pissed! LaVonda: At men! Ain't that right, ...
by Sordid Lives
0 votes   164 views  
Deep Blue Sea
Dr. Susan McCallister: Tell me Mr. Franklin, have you ever known anyone with Alzheimer's? Russell Franklin: Well, ...
by Deep Blue Sea
0 votes   164 views  
The Insider
Lowell Bergman: You pay me to go get guys like Wigand, to draw him out. To ...
by The Insider
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The Wedding Singer
[about women] Old Man in Bar: They rip your heart out of your ass!
by The Wedding Singer
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U.S. Marshals
Stark: [seeing Sheridan taking the cigar boxes, which are supplies for him to acheive his asignment] ...
by U.S. Marshals
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A Time to Kill
Ellen Roark: Did I mention that my father's filthy rich and I'll be working for free?
by A Time To Kill
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The Cable Guy
Chip Douglas: You might recognize this song as performed by Jefferson Airplane, in a little rockumentary ...
by The Cable Guy
0 votes   164 views  
William Somerset: Gentlemen, gentlemen... All these books, a world of knowledge at your fingertips, and you ...
by Se7en
0 votes   164 views  
The Paper
Carmen: You wanna cover Brooklyn, then cover Brooklyn! But let me tell you something, it's a ...
by The Paper
0 votes   164 views  
Men of War
Kiefer: This is not the ordinary I hit you, you hit me, I hit you, you ...
by Men Of War
0 votes   164 views  
The Crow
[gazing at falling-snow crystal ball containing a mini-cemetery] Top Dollar: Dad gave me this. Fifth birthday. ...
by The Crow
0 votes   164 views  
Clear and Present Danger
[Before commencing a covert action] Ritter: Let me make this very clear: this is your deal, ...
by Clear And Present Danger
0 votes   164 views  
[Gillon confronts Ham while Slim hangs by a noose, a mysterious man with a gun ...
by Diggstown
0 votes   164 views  
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