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Harry Donovan: I'm not a shoe-maker, and I don't work for slobs off the street. I ...
by Incognito
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My Fellow Americans
Matt Douglas: Well, I don't think you had anything to do with Charlie's death, but I'm ...
by My Fellow Americans
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Julia Sawalha
Without being sexist about it, there's a different sensitivity in the room when it's just ...
by Julia Sawalha
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Miami Rhapsody
Derek: [explaining why he is breaking up with her] Look, it's my fault. I just can't ...
by Miami Rhapsody
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True Lies
Simon: I have to lie to women to get laid. And I don't score much. I ...
by True Lies
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The Swan Princess
Rogers: You should write a book: How To Offend Women In Five Syllables or Less.
by The Swan Princess
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Noises Off...
Dotty: Sardines! I've forgotten the sardines... [She notices the sardines sitting on the table and stares ...
by Noises Off...
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Death Becomes Her
Ernest Menville: [after the sample of potion] Oh my god... Lisle Von Rhuman: Oh! Thank you!
by Death Becomes Her
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The Cutting Edge
Doug: Hey, I'm sorry buddy, I wouldn't wish this on a snake. I'm outta here. Anton: [shouts ...
by The Cutting Edge
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Genie: I'm telling you, nice to be back, ladies and gentlemen. Hi! Where you from? What's ...
by Aladdin
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RoboCop 2
Mayor Kuzack: Bullshit! This is bullshit, you senile old bastard! Bullshit! Mayor's Assistant: Let's get out of ...
by RoboCop 2
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Dances with Wolves
[talking about the white men coming] Kicking Bird: How many? John Dunbar: Like the stars.
by Dances With Wolves
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Cadillac Man
Molly: ...you have no respect for women. Joey: I guess dinner and a blow job's out of ...
by Cadillac Man
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The Supermarket
Madore: [standing before crayon-drawn strategy map] Gentlemen, this is the big one. I've been planning this ...
by The Supermarket
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The Half Life of Timofey Berezin
Timofey: [voiceover] An element loses a particle and becomes unstable. A chain reaction is set in ...
by The Half Life Of Timofey Berezin
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The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Jesse James: [indicating Frank] My brother and me are hardly on speaking terms these days. Robert ...
by The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford
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Mark Harmon
When I got divorced and moved into an apartment, I started keeping the TV on, ...
by Mark Harmon
3 votes   408 views  
Mario Andretti
Desire is the key to motivation, but it`s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit ...
by Mario Andretti
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Judy Greer
We went on this journey, ... and whether we were supposed to laugh, be happy, ...
by Judy Greer
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James Bond
This man called President Bush has a lot to answer for, ... I don`t know ...
by James Bond
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Johnny Vegas
You can sway an audience if you win the women over. The gentlemen will follow ...
by Johnny Vegas
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Brenda Strong
The truth is that this particular ideology was persecuted terribly, and had to put up ...
by Brenda Strong
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V for Vendetta
V: [V interrupts the three policemen about to rape Evey, whips out a dagger, and quoting ...
by V For Vendetta
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Aquamarine: [eating Ben and Jerry ice cream] Who needs Raymond? I found two new men to ...
by Aquamarine
0 votes   408 views  
The Departed
Colin Sullivan: Fuck you, fuckin' queers. Firemen gettin' pussy for the first time in the history ...
by The Departed
0 votes   408 views  
Inglourious Basterds
Col. Hans Landa: I have no doubt, and yes, some Germans will die, and yes, it ...
by Inglourious Basterds
0 votes   408 views  
The Family Stone
Ben Stone: [after opening Susannah's Christmas gift] Hey! Is this houndstooth? Susannah Stone: Yep! Filene's Bargain Basement.
by The Family Stone
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Jeepers Creepers II
Sheila, Radio Announcer: The fire which gutted the church south of Pertwella four days ago continues ...
by Jeepers Creepers II
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The Devil: You know, you'd think that meeting the Devil would be interesting enough but no. ...
by Bedazzled
0 votes   408 views  
The Legend of Bagger Vance
Rannulph Junuh: I can't do it, Bagger. It was too long ago! Bagger Vance: No it wasn't. ...
by The Legend Of Bagger Vance
0 votes   408 views  
Patch Adams
Hunter Patch Adams: Now you have the ability to keep me from graduating. You can keep ...
by Patch Adams
0 votes   408 views  
Money Talks
Franklin Hatchett: James had a lot of women. Actually, he had all the women. James Russell: All ...
by Money Talks
0 votes   408 views  
George of the Jungle
George: [on Ursula's apartment balcony] This very high treehouse. Ursula Stanhope: Mmm-hmm. George: Good place to call friends ...
by George Of The Jungle
0 votes   408 views  
Mission: Impossible
Jim Phelps: Any questions? Ethan Hunt: Yeah. Could we get a capuccino machine in here? 'Cause I ...
by Mission: Impossible
0 votes   408 views  
Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers
Dr. Wynn: Well, guess who after 32 years is finally relequishing his duties as chief administrator ...
by Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers
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Major League II
Harry Doyle: Tribe fans, we're one out away from our second consecutive divisional title. Rick Vaughn ...
by Major League II
0 votes   408 views  
In the Line of Fire
Mitch Leary: [speaking to Horrigan on the phone] Do you know how easily I could kill ...
by In The Line Of Fire
0 votes   408 views  
Iago: [Jafar is just being turned into a sorceror] Ladies and gentlemen, a warm Agrabah welcome ...
by Aladdin
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The Killing Zone
Carmen Vasquez: And now we will begin the hunt. Sam, you and Garret will have fifteen ...
by The Killing Zone
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Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Joe Blumfield: I've distracted myself with ridiculous things; youth, parties, lingerie. I mean, I trained in ...
by Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day
0 votes   408 views  
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