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Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story
Ben Crane: You don't care about anybody, do you? Horses or people. Palmer: Well, in fact, I ...
by Dreamer: Inspired By A True Story
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Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Man in street - greets Todd after competition: Congratulations, Mr. Todd. May I ask you, sir, ...
by Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street
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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Harry: What is it out here with these women? Harmony: Oh please, Harry, they're no different from ...
by Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
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Time Changer
Michelle Bain: I believe that secular entertainment is one of the biggest tools that Satan uses ...
by Time Changer
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The Rules of Attraction
Donald: Need I remind you we have somebody OD-ing back here? Paul Denton: He's not OD-ing. He's ...
by The Rules Of Attraction
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Max Payne
Joey Finito: Ladies and gentlemen, it's the pain in the butt. Virgillio Finito: Pain to the Max! ...
by Max Payne
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Once Upon a Time in Mexico
[El meets Cucuy in the middle of town] Cucuy: There's cartel on every corner. El Mariachi: Sands ...
by Once Upon A Time In Mexico
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The Last Castle
[first lines] Irwin: Take a look at a castle. Any castle. Now break down the key ...
by The Last Castle
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Life as a House
George: I have hated this house from the moment my father put it in my name. ...
by Life As A House
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The Princess Diaries
Vice Principal Gupta: [PA announcement] Will the Feng Shui Club please stop rearranging the tables on ...
by The Princess Diaries
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Shadow of the Vampire
F.W. Murnau: Go ahead! Eat the writer! That will leave you explaining how your character gets ...
by Shadow Of The Vampire
0 votes   166 views  
My Dog Skip
Spit McGee: One night, a boy about our age, looked through her window and what he ...
by My Dog Skip
0 votes   166 views  
Playing by Heart
Joan: Blanche can look at you with a gaze of unflappable superiority that springs from total ...
by Playing By Heart
0 votes   166 views  
The Talented Mr. Ripley
Peter: Sorry, I'm completely lost. Tom Ripley: I know. I'm lost, too. I'm going to be stuck ...
by The Talented Mr. Ripley
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Mystery Men
The Bowler: [to her father's skull, after avenging his death] OK, now I'm going back to ...
by Mystery Men
0 votes   166 views  
Miami Rhapsody
Derek: [explaining why he is breaking up with her] Look, it's my fault. I just can't ...
by Miami Rhapsody
0 votes   166 views  
Born to Be Wild
[Katie is being displayed in a department store window] Rick Heller: [signing to Katie what he ...
by Born To Be Wild
0 votes   166 views  
Dimitri Mishkin: Good morning, Mr. Bond. Sit. I'm Defense Minister Dimitri Mishkin. So, by what means ...
by GoldenEye
0 votes   166 views  
The Fantasticks
Ben Hucklebee: We got your advertisment in the mail and we got a little problem. Amos ...
by The Fantasticks
0 votes   166 views  
Pulp Fiction
Butch: [driving back to his apartment after Fabienne forgot to get his watch] [shouts] Butch: Shit! Of ...
by Pulp Fiction
0 votes   166 views  
Immortal Beloved
Ludwig van Beethoven: [Miss Guiccardi's first piano lesson. She is playing, poorly, a little minuet. She ...
by Immortal Beloved
0 votes   166 views  
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
April: Would somebody please tell me what the heck is going on around here? Donatello: Well, relax, ...
by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
0 votes   166 views  
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze
Keno: Hold it! You guys are under arrest. Burglar: What are you, night security? Keno: No, I'm a ...
by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret Of The Ooze
0 votes   166 views  
Defending Your Life
Eduardo: You gonna eat a lot with us tonight, now? Julia: What do you recommend, Eduardo? Eduardo: You ...
by Defending Your Life
0 votes   166 views  
Flight of the Intruder
[before leading the daylight raid to North Vietnam] Cdr. Camparelli: This is a daylight raid, gentlemen. ...
by Flight Of The Intruder
0 votes   166 views  
Dances with Wolves
Pawnee #1: We have nothing to show for this trail. Pawnee #2: We have no rifles. White ...
by Dances With Wolves
0 votes   166 views  
Dr. Sayer: [in job interview] It was an immense project. I was to extract 1 decagram ...
by Awakenings
0 votes   166 views  
The Supermarket
Pat: They fired us, man. Jenkins: They can't! Madore: Why not? Jenkins: You guys are so important to the ...
by The Supermarket
0 votes   166 views  
Paranormal Activity
Micah: [discussing demons] Basically, they're these malevolent evil spirits that only exist to cause pain and ...
by Paranormal Activity
0 votes   166 views  
Paul Nicholls
There`ll be a real buzz of excitement at the conference which I`m sure will be ...
by Paul Nicholls
0 votes   165 views  
Paul Mckenna
He (Hernandez) has been approached in every conceivable manner to cooperate with the government and ...
by Paul Mckenna
0 votes   165 views  
Mena Suvari
I`m 26 years old. I don`t need to be playing 16 anymore. Mentally and emotionally, ...
by Mena Suvari
0 votes   165 views  
John Bingham
Frustration is the first step towards improvement. I have no incentive to improve if I’m ...
by John Bingham
0 votes   165 views  
Arthur Ashe
Regardless of how you feel inside, always try to look like a winner. Even if ...
by Arthur Ashe
0 votes   165 views  
The Kingdom
Ronald Fleury: [to Prince Bin Khaled] I know you want him caught. We want him caught. ...
by The Kingdom
0 votes   165 views  
The Producers
Carmen Ghia: Roger, We're not alone...
by The Producers
0 votes   165 views  
The Village
Edward Walker: The moment I heard my daughter's vision had finally failed her, and that she'd ...
by The Village
0 votes   165 views  
Walk the Line
Johnny Cash: [playing for the inmates at Folsom prison] Once in El Paso, I had this ...
by Walk The Line
0 votes   165 views  
Over the Hedge
Dwayne: [after shooting the head off a plastic flamingo] Arrrgh! Not again! Those things are so ...
by Over The Hedge
0 votes   165 views  
Shallow Hal
Mauricio: Uh Hal, it's 10:00, we gotta go. Hal: [laughing] What are you talking about? Mauricio: We gotta ...
by Shallow Hal
0 votes   165 views  
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