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The Fugitive
Dr. Charles Nichols: [Kimble is confronting Nichols during the banquet] Richard, I'm sorry, but I'm in ...
by The Fugitive
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Death Becomes Her
Ernest Menville: [after the sample of potion] Oh my god... Lisle Von Rhuman: Oh! Thank you!
by Death Becomes Her
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Ten Inch Hero
Trucker: Are you a witch by any chance? Piper: Is that a job requirement?
by Ten Inch Hero
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Snake Ink: The omen was foretold, and now we have a fear more grave. Today I ...
by Apocalypto
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Michelle Shocked
They sign a bunch of women, and they call it a movement. I don`t like ...
by Michelle Shocked
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Jonathan Adler
We are pleased to partner with Destiny Health. It`s refreshing to find a health insurance ...
by Jonathan Adler
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James Murray
We were looking at ways to grow our business and one way was to sell ...
by James Murray
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Julie Bishop
When the Australian Government looked at how to meet the challenges, and the opportunities, presented ...
by Julie Bishop
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Isla Fisher
[After she gives birth] There is no way I am going to worry about missing ...
by Isla Fisher
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Ivan Turgenev
Women... can`t live with `em... can`t shoot `em.
by Ivan Turgenev
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Greg Johnson
Yeah, it`s done. I`m ecstatic. I`m relieved, happy and thankful that all parties came to ...
by Greg Johnson
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Giuseppe Mazzini
Constancy is the complement of all other human virtues
by Giuseppe Mazzini
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Gerald R Ford
I had pro offers from the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers, who were pretty ...
by Gerald R Ford
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Dustin Hoffman
[on Mike Nichols] He makes you feel kind of like a kite. He lets you ...
by Dustin Hoffman
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Barry Brown
This had a tremendous impact on the aviation and tourism related sectors, bearing in mind ...
by Barry Brown
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Barbara Boxer
With so many of our fundamental rights hanging in the balance, it is not good ...
by Barbara Boxer
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Ana Ivanovic
She`s a good a player, she`s in good form, but I think it was a ...
by Ana Ivanovic
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Marie Antoinette
Princesse de Lamballe: I would have told him exactly what to do with it. Duchesse de ...
by Marie Antoinette
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Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
Texas Ranger: [after Reese getting in an argument with an Applebee's waitress] Please let us not ...
by Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby
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Fierce People
Finn Earl: [final statement of the introductory narration] This is my story of my time amongst ...
by Fierce People
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Brokeback Mountain
[Ennis enters the grocery store where Alma works] Ennis Del Mar: Hey, Monroe. Is Alma here? ...
by Brokeback Mountain
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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Lt. Gillette: This ship cannot be crewed by two men. You'll never make it out of ...
by Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl
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The Last Samurai
Higen: Will you fight the white men, too? Algren: If they come here, yes. Higen: Why? Algren: Because they ...
by The Last Samurai
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Anything Else
David Dobel: I broke up with this girl, and they put me with a psychiatrist who ...
by Anything Else
0 votes   169 views  
Jeepers Creepers II
Sheila, Radio Announcer: The fire which gutted the church south of Pertwella four days ago continues ...
by Jeepers Creepers II
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Shanghai Knights
[Handing Doyle Roy's watch] Chon Wang: What else can you tell? Doyle: The owner of this watch ...
by Shanghai Knights
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Pike: The next time we're being stalked by a serial killer, *don't* go into the basement.
by Shredder
1 votes   169 views  
The Grey Zone
SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer Josef Mengele: This isn't our war. Doctor Miklos Nyiszli: Not mine. SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer Josef Mengele: Nor mine. I ...
by The Grey Zone
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Sargeant Ryan 'Ox' Anderson: Do your johns have any thing to do with these Navajo radiomen? ...
by Windtalkers
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The Great Gatsby
Jordan Baker: [Seeing Jordan listening to an argument at the door] Something happening? Jordan Baker: Tom's got ...
by The Great Gatsby
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Natalie: Tell me about her again. Leonard Shelby: Why? Natalie: Because you like to remember her. Leonard Shelby: She ...
by Memento
0 votes   169 views  
Shadow of the Vampire
F.W. Murnau: Ladies and gentlemen, this is Max Schreck, who will be portraying our vampire, Count ...
by Shadow Of The Vampire
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Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000
Zete: Home office is well aware of your academic achievements and obvious talents. That's why we ...
by Battlefield Earth: A Saga Of The Year 3000
0 votes   169 views  
No More Baths
Radio Talk Host: So this is what it's all come down to. A bunch of elementary ...
by No More Baths
0 votes   169 views  
The Boondock Saints
Paul Smecker: Now, you Irish cops are perking up. That's two sound theories in one day, ...
by The Boondock Saints
0 votes   169 views  
Intolerable Cruelty
Rex Rexroth: Have you sat before her before? Miles Massey: No. No, the judge sits first. Then ...
by Intolerable Cruelty
0 votes   169 views  
Jack Crow: What the fuck do you want, Valek? Valek: Oh, you hate me so, don't ya? ...
by Vampires
0 votes   169 views  
The Million Dollar Hotel
Detective Skinner: No matter how strange or despicable you act, I can do one better, because ...
by The Million Dollar Hotel
0 votes   169 views  
Mickey: D, what are we going to do when we get off that plane? We ain't ...
by B*A*P*S
0 votes   169 views  
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
[first lines] Dr. Evil: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my underground lair. I have gathered here ...
by Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery
0 votes   169 views  
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