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Death Race
Jensen Ames: So where's the ammo? Gunner: We get that on race day. Jensen Ames: Pity. Coach: Yeah, everyone ...
by Death Race
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Peter Johnson
We can extrapolate that out and make some judgments about the service we`re offering parents. ...
by Peter Johnson
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Mena Suvari
I`m 26 years old. I don`t need to be playing 16 anymore. Mentally and emotionally, ...
by Mena Suvari
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Lauren Jackson
She wanted me to come home and get treatment, but I was pretty much just ...
by Lauren Jackson
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Kevin Anderson
We continue to have serious dialogue with Notre Dame regarding a game next season, but ...
by Kevin Anderson
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John Stuart Mill
A party of order or stability, and a party of progress or reform, are both ...
by John Stuart Mill
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John Horton
You`re going to see it with reintegration as well. Just because we recover a Soldier, ...
by John Horton
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David Warner
[on The Omen (1976)]: I never saw it as a horror movie.
by David Warner
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Anne Sullivan
The truth is not wonderful enough to suit the newspapers; so they enlarge upon it, ...
by Anne Sullivan
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Ana Ivanovic
She`s a good a player, she`s in good form, but I think it was a ...
by Ana Ivanovic
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One Night with the King
King Xerxes: [as his subjects become louder requesting the Queen] Am I to be a mockery ...
by One Night With The King
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Fierce People
Finn Earl: [final statement of the introductory narration] This is my story of my time amongst ...
by Fierce People
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Stage Beauty
[Maria has just asked how men make love to men] Ned Kynaston: Right... In the saddle.
by Stage Beauty
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Love Comes Softly
Clark Davis: Father, I don't know why you brought Marty into my life only to have ...
by Love Comes Softly
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All Babes Want to Kill Me
Mr. Cho: If you are cruel to American wife, she sleep with all manner of salesmen... ...
by All Babes Want To Kill Me
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Mark: [sung] To love attention, no pension, to more than one dimension, to starving for attention ...
by Rent
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The Last Castle
Irwin: We can no long wear the uniform of the soldier. We forfeited that right and ...
by The Last Castle
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The Last Castle
[first lines] Irwin: Take a look at a castle. Any castle. Now break down the key ...
by The Last Castle
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Mayor of the Sunset Strip
Mackenzie Phillips: We would spend hours getting ready but we would spend hours clipping our hair, ...
by Mayor Of The Sunset Strip
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The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy
Dennis: If Larry Kramer knew this is how gay men in America spent their time, he'd ...
by The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy
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[last lines] George: So in the end, was it worth it? Jesus Christ. How irreparably changed ...
by Blow
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Tom Jericho: Do you have any idea what you're talking about? Skynner: Tom's been on sick leave ...
by Enigma
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Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
Manfred Powell: Lady Croft, tell me, is there a good reason why I just kept you ...
by Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
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The World Is Not Enough
[Bond finds Zukovsky, Bull, and two women in the casino office] Zukovsky: Bull, give them an ...
by The World Is Not Enough
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Patch Adams
Hunter Patch Adams: What's wrong with death sir? What are we so mortally afraid of? Why ...
by Patch Adams
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An Ideal Husband
Lord Arthur Goring: My dear Mrs. Cheveley, I should make you a very bad husband. Laura: I ...
by An Ideal Husband
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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Boromir: One does not simply walk into Mordor. Its black gates are guarded by more than ...
by The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring
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Down Periscope
Rear Admiral Yancy Graham: Now, call me a prude if you want, but I don't think ...
by Down Periscope
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Wild Bill
[Wild Bill and Calamity Jane are interrupted by Jack McCall during a romantic moment] James ...
by Wild Bill
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[after painting a ball bearing in the Deacon's eye socket to look like a real ...
by Waterworld
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It Takes Two
Mr. Kensington: [entering the bridal dressing room with a Prozac] I knew somebody in this church ...
by It Takes Two
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French Kiss
Kate: Let me ask you something. If you know so much about men and women, how ...
by French Kiss
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Dead Man Walking
Matthew Poncelet: I just wanna say I think killin' is wrong, no matter who does it, ...
by Dead Man Walking
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True Lies
Harry: [trying to translate for Helen what Aziz is saying] In 90 minutes, the holy fire, ...
by True Lies
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The Ref
Gus: Soooo... got any cigarettes? Lloyd: I don't smoke and Caroline just quit. Gus: Really? Just quit, huh? ...
by The Ref
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The Paper
Bernie's Doctor: Now don't overreact. If we go after it early, before it metastasizes to a ...
by The Paper
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Major League II
Harry Doyle: Tribe fans, we're one out away from our second consecutive divisional title. Rick Vaughn ...
by Major League II
0 votes   128 views  
Immortal Beloved
Ludwig van Beethoven: [Miss Guiccardi's first piano lesson. She is playing, poorly, a little minuet. She ...
by Immortal Beloved
0 votes   128 views  
Mrs. Doubtfire
[as he takes his blouse and bra off] Daniel: [to Mrs. Sellner] I'd just like to ...
by Mrs. Doubtfire
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The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Prince Caspian: Minotaurs? They're real? Trufflehunter: And very bad-tempered. Nikabrik: Not to mention big. Trufflehunter: *Huge*.
by The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian
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