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Flight of the Intruder
[before leading the daylight raid to North Vietnam] Cdr. Camparelli: This is a daylight raid, gentlemen. ...
by Flight Of The Intruder
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The Limits of Control
Mexican: The old men in my village used to say, "Everything changes by the colour of ...
by The Limits Of Control
1 votes   161 views  
The Hangover
Doug Billings: All good with Melissa? Stu Price: Oh, yeah. Told her we're two hours outside of ...
by The Hangover
0 votes   161 views  
Finishing the Game: The Search for a New Bruce Lee
Interviewer: Well, are you gonna conduct another search to find the replacement for Bruce Lee? Martey ...
by Finishing The Game: The Search For A New Bruce Lee
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Islam: What the West Needs to Know
Walid Shoebat: To a Muslim fundamentalist living in the Middle East, I had to be initiated. ...
by Islam: What The West Needs To Know
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The Nativity Story
Anna: An angel told you this? That you will bear the son of God? Mary... Mary: Elizabeth ...
by The Nativity Story
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Nacho Libre
Sister Encarnación: You went to watch a wrestling match? Nacho: [after a pause] Kind of. Sister Encarnación: You ...
by Nacho Libre
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Vantage Point
Suarez: For the moment, the Americans think they've dodged a bullet. Do not be late. Javier: Don't ...
by Vantage Point
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The Wolf: You know, I'm front page material now. I'm about to crack a story about ...
by Hoodwinked!
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Mark Ryan
We`ve seen them take nuts off of bolts. We`ve seen them open doors and walk ...
by Mark Ryan
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Lionel Jospin
We must lead in a different way... We must have an active president, who gives ...
by Lionel Jospin
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Judith Regan
What readers will discover in this moving memoir is that no one is immune from ...
by Judith Regan
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Jim Cooper
With our national savings rate well below one-percent, it is imperative that the government embrace ...
by Jim Cooper
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Isla Fisher
[After she gives birth] There is no way I am going to worry about missing ...
by Isla Fisher
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Andrew Jarvis
We know that the most fundamental responsibility of our Federal Government is to ensure the ...
by Andrew Jarvis
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Flags of Our Fathers
Franklin Sousley: So, where do you think they're sending us? Mike Strank: I think it's the desert, ...
by Flags Of Our Fathers
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Daphna: We should stay at home. Avner: You are the only home I ever had. Daphna: [laughs] This ...
by Munich
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Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical
Lecturer: Do your children enjoy jazz music? For I am here to tell you that Cab ...
by Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical
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Linguini: Tonight is a big night. Appetite is coming, and he's got a big ego. I ...
by Ratatouille
0 votes   160 views  
National Treasure
[Sadusky, Woodruff and Herbert are walking down the hall after speaking to the guests] Sadusky: There's ...
by National Treasure
0 votes   160 views  
Walking Tall
Sheriff Stan Watkins: [after Chris wins the election, he pulls up to address the police force] ...
by Walking Tall
0 votes   160 views  
Superman Returns
Lex Luthor: See anything familiar? Superman: I see an old man's sick joke. Lex Luthor: Really? Because I ...
by Superman Returns
0 votes   160 views  
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
[after using a spell to mend Harry's broken arm, Lockhart inadvertently removes all the bones ...
by Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
0 votes   160 views  
American Pie 2
[Stifler's brother shows off two girls he picked up] Stifler: Brilliant. You found Lesbians. [scoffs] Stifler: Good ...
by American Pie 2
0 votes   160 views  
The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy
Dennis: If Larry Kramer knew this is how gay men in America spent their time, he'd ...
by The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy
0 votes   160 views  
Bad Boys II
Mike Lowery: Look, I'm down with your spiritual enlightenment and all that, but I need to ...
by Bad Boys II
0 votes   160 views  
Keeping the Faith
Anna Riley: Can I ask you a question? Father Brian Kilkenney Finn: Yeah, of course, anything. Anna ...
by Keeping The Faith
0 votes   160 views  
Mulan: [Mulan and Mushu escape back to shore from Yao, Lin and Chin-Po] Boy, that was ...
by Mulan
0 votes   160 views  
The Million Dollar Hotel
Detective Skinner: No matter how strange or despicable you act, I can do one better, because ...
by The Million Dollar Hotel
0 votes   160 views  
Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
Lord Rayden: [Coming into the Temple of the Elder Gods] I have come to the Eternal ...
by Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
0 votes   160 views  
Four Rooms
Eva: Goddess Diana, fail you I will. / I was to bring you fresh sperm from ...
by Four Rooms
0 votes   160 views  
Apollo 13
Gene Kranz: EECOM, is this an instrumentation problem, or are we looking at real power loss ...
by Apollo 13
0 votes   160 views  
Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle
Charles MacArthur: I was overcome with a powerful feeling of optimism. I said to myself: this ...
by Mrs. Parker And The Vicious Circle
0 votes   160 views  
Super Mario Bros.
King Koopa: Look at this place. Pathetic. It gets worse every day. The humans on the ...
by Super Mario Bros.
0 votes   160 views  
The Man Who Loved
Max: I love women. All women. Even those that aren't women.
by The Man Who Loved
0 votes   160 views  
Streets of Blood
Andy Devereaux: [to Brown] Now I'm not a lawyer, but I do have a rough idea ...
by Streets Of Blood
0 votes   160 views  
Pineapple Express
[Angie says that she wants to marry Dale] Dale Denton: Uh, I'm looking for someone more ...
by Pineapple Express
0 votes   160 views  
Mark Loring: So... Let's talk about how we're going to do this thing. Juno MacGuff: What do ...
by Juno
0 votes   160 views  
Punisher: War Zone
Jigsaw: [Jigsaw's recruitment speech] Whoa, gentlemen, gentlemen. Relax. We're lookin' for, uh, a few good men. ...
by Punisher: War Zone
0 votes   160 views  
Death Race
Coach: [after the Dreadnought is destroyed] Now that's entertainment.
by Death Race
0 votes   160 views  
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