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Summer Catch
Miles: Excuse me, I am tired of living a lie. I need it to be known ...
by Summer Catch
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Happy Accidents
[Ruby is expanding to her therapist about how they first met. She narrates as we ...
by Happy Accidents
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The Legend of Bagger Vance
Hardy Greaves: I heard my dad say that you won every golf tournament there ever was ...
by The Legend Of Bagger Vance
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Jeremy Brockett: Are you a man who likes to treat himself right? Dr. Mumford: I've had my ...
by Mumford
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Cruel Intentions
Kathryn: Oh, Sebastian? That little wager of yours? Count me in. Sebastian: What are the terms? Kathryn: If ...
by Cruel Intentions
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The Talented Mr. Ripley
Tom Ripley: Don't you just take the past, and put it in a room in the ...
by The Talented Mr. Ripley
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An Ideal Husband
Lord Arthur Goring: My dear Mrs. Cheveley, I should make you a very bad husband. Laura: I ...
by An Ideal Husband
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Shang: [as Yao starts to climb the pole to retrieve Shang's arrow] One moment. You seem ...
by Mulan
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In the Company of Men
Howard: Look at you! You are fucking handicapped! You think you can choose? Men falling at ...
by In The Company Of Men
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Waiting for Guffman
[Corky and Libby are playing a World War II era couple in "Red, White and ...
by Waiting For Guffman
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A Thin Line Between Love and Hate
Brandi Web: You can trust horses. They don't let you down. People always let you down. ...
by A Thin Line Between Love And Hate
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Agatha Trunchbull: [pointing her riding crop at Amanda] Can you spell? Amanda Thripp: Miss Honey taught us ...
by Matilda
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The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love
Evelyn Roy: Evie, do you have something you want to tell me? Evie: What? No. Evelyn Roy: Honey, ...
by The Incredibly True Adventure Of Two Girls In Love
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Heavy Weights
Lars: [over the PA] Pat Finley, please report to the men's toilet. Bring a mop and ...
by Heavy Weights
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Black Beauty
John Manly: Kind treatment makes good horses, Joe. Bad treatment ruins them.
by Black Beauty
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In the Line of Fire
Mitch Leary: [speaking to Horrigan on the phone] Do you know how easily I could kill ...
by In The Line Of Fire
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Cool Runnings
Irv: I told the owner of the bar that these guys were mentally disturbed, so he's ...
by Cool Runnings
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The Hunting Party
Benjamin: We are journalists! We can't do this. It is unethical... and insane. Simon: It would be ...
by The Hunting Party
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Forgiving the Franklins
Betty Franklin: When you talk about God, you sound like one of those women on the ...
by Forgiving The Franklins
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Paul Jackson
You can see how that [approach] can very easily be translated to other consumer entertainment ...
by Paul Jackson
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Patrick Murphy
When I was in Iraq, quite frankly I became disheartened with our government. I think ...
by Patrick Murphy
0 votes   183 views  
Anna Held
There is no glory in war. You should be so prepared that war will never ...
by Anna Held
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Flags of Our Fathers
General "Howlin' Mad" Smith: [on the telephone] I was promised ten days of shelling. You're giving ...
by Flags Of Our Fathers
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Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical
Lecturer: Do your children enjoy jazz music? For I am here to tell you that Cab ...
by Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical
0 votes   183 views  
Blade: Trinity
Hannibal King: [to the dog licking his ear] Back off, pooch. [the dog opens its three-jawed ...
by Blade: Trinity
0 votes   183 views  
Eight Crazy Nights
Whitey: Men's 11 right foot, children's 9 left foot. [does a jig] Whitey: At your service.
by Eight Crazy Nights
0 votes   183 views  
The Sleeping Dictionary
John Truscott: [after a bad day] Sorry about this afternoon. I should've stopped her sooner. Selima... ...
by The Sleeping Dictionary
0 votes   183 views  
Homicide: The Movie
Det. Meldrick Lewis: Luke Ryland snuffed two women live on the Internet. And Baltimore being Balto-less, ...
by Homicide: The Movie
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Psycho Beach Party
Berdine: No one understands Bettina. Her screen persona is a brilliant comment on the socio-political structure ...
by Psycho Beach Party
0 votes   183 views  
Minority Report
[last lines] John Anderton: [voiceover] In 2054, the six-year Precrime experiment was abandoned. All prisoners were ...
by Minority Report
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Tom Jericho: Do you have any idea what you're talking about? Skynner: Tom's been on sick leave ...
by Enigma
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[on the ending of the script Chubby Rain] Robert K. Bowfinger: I mean, at the end ...
by Bowfinger
0 votes   183 views  
The Waterboy
Mama Boucher: [after Vicki Vallencourt mentions a football game] Foos-ball? Buncha overgrown monsters man-handlin' each other... ...
by The Waterboy
0 votes   183 views  
Mickey: D, what are we going to do when we get off that plane? We ain't ...
by B*A*P*S
0 votes   183 views  
Corky: If there's one thing I can't stand about sleeping with women, it's all the fucking ...
by Bound
0 votes   183 views  
Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles
Lestat: We are predators, Whose all seeing eyes were meant to give them detachment.
by Interview With The Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles
0 votes   183 views  
Cool Runnings
Irwin Blitzer: Gentlemen, a bobsled is a simple thing. Man: Yeah, so's a toilet!
by Cool Runnings
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Doctor Murnau: You despise someone like me - because you despise the modern. But you are ...
by Kafka
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The Nanny Diaries
Annie Braddock: Okay Mrs. X, now it's time for a few simple childcare rules. Human Resources ...
by The Nanny Diaries
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Peter Johnson
We can extrapolate that out and make some judgments about the service we`re offering parents. ...
by Peter Johnson
0 votes   182 views  
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