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Dinesh D Souza
America is the greatest, freest and most decent society in existence. It is an oasis ...
by Dinesh D Souza
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David Wain
Wet Hot American Summer so far is a financial disappointment and money was lost on ...
by David Wain
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Freddy VS Ghostbusters
Chuck Branson: Dude, why can't you sleep like a normal person? You have nightmare every frickin' ...
by Freddy VS Ghostbusters
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Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
Larry Dennit, Jr.: That little obscene gesture is going to cost us a bundle. Ricky Bobby: With ...
by Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby
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Hellboy II: The Golden Army
Abe Sapien: My name is Abraham Sapien. Princess Nuala: There is no such name. Abe Sapien: Oh, I ...
by Hellboy II: The Golden Army
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Walking Across Egypt
Wesley Benfield: Wow, this smells great. Mattie Rigsbee: Hold on, young man. You need to say the ...
by Walking Across Egypt
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Liberty Heights
Nate Kurtzman: The government doesn't know from shit. They integrate the golf courses in '51, and ...
by Liberty Heights
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Courage Under Fire
Captain Karen Emma Walden: [to Monfriez, after she's been shot in the abdomen] I gave birth ...
by Courage Under Fire
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Broken Arrow
[on whether to disclose the loss of a stealth bomber] Giles Prentice: Wait. We're making a ...
by Broken Arrow
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The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love
Evelyn Roy: Evie, do you have something you want to tell me? Evie: What? No. Evelyn Roy: Honey, ...
by The Incredibly True Adventure Of Two Girls In Love
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The Addiction
Anthropology Student: Look what you've done to me! How could you do this? Doesn't this affect ...
by The Addiction
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The Paper
Bernie's Doctor: Now don't overreact. If we go after it early, before it metastasizes to a ...
by The Paper
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Much Ado About Nothing
Benedick: Serve God, Love me, and mend.
by Much Ado About Nothing
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Pineapple Express
[Angie says that she wants to marry Dale] Dale Denton: Uh, I'm looking for someone more ...
by Pineapple Express
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The Nativity Story
Anna: An angel told you this? That you will bear the son of God? Mary... Mary: Elizabeth ...
by The Nativity Story
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Jesus Camp
Becky Fischer: I can go into a playground of kids that don't know anything about Christianity, ...
by Jesus Camp
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Patrick Murphy
When I was in Iraq, quite frankly I became disheartened with our government. I think ...
by Patrick Murphy
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Margaret Cho
And especially, especially, don`t f*ck with vegans. Do not look vegans in the eye. If ...
by Margaret Cho
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Justin Kirk
You always have these moments when projects are over when you wonder if you`ll ever ...
by Justin Kirk
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Jonathan Adler
We are pleased to partner with Destiny Health. It`s refreshing to find a health insurance ...
by Jonathan Adler
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David Ackert
Actors are beings who have tasted life`s nectar in that crystal moment when they poured ...
by David Ackert
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Benjamin Netanyahu
There is a fundamental situation in which the country has reached rock bottom, that a ...
by Benjamin Netanyahu
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Bernice Johnson Reagon
When I started graduate school I was interested in the culture of the Civil Rights ...
by Bernice Johnson Reagon
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Andy Ritchie
When I look on you a moment, then I can speak no more, but my ...
by Andy Ritchie
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Ava Gardner
Maybe I just didn`t have the temperament for stardom. I`ll never forget seeing Bette Davis ...
by Ava Gardner
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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
[after telling Harry to close his eyes, Ginny hides his book somewhere in the Room ...
by Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
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Love Actually
[at his wife's funeral] Daniel: When she first mentioned what's about to happen, I said, "Over ...
by Love Actually
0 votes   421 views  
The Rules of Attraction
Donald: Need I remind you we have somebody OD-ing back here? Paul Denton: He's not OD-ing. He's ...
by The Rules Of Attraction
0 votes   421 views  
Life as a House
George: I have hated this house from the moment my father put it in my name. ...
by Life As A House
0 votes   421 views  
Deep Blue Sea
Dr. Susan McCallister: Tell me Mr. Franklin, have you ever known anyone with Alzheimer's? Russell Franklin: Well, ...
by Deep Blue Sea
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Patch Adams
Truman: I thought only I could repel women with that kind of raw efficiency.
by Patch Adams
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The Thin Red Line
Colonel Gordon Tall: John, I'm convinced that the Japanese position can be broken right now. All ...
by The Thin Red Line
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Michael Kitz: Your having sent this announcement all over the world may well constitute a breach ...
by Contact
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Father of the Bride Part II
Mr Habeeb: Commence to start!
by Father Of The Bride Part II
0 votes   421 views  
Reality Bites
Vickie: Do you ever wish you were a lesbian? Don't you think it would be so ...
by Reality Bites
0 votes   421 views  
Droz: Want some advice? Tom: Well, yeah. Droz: Well, here's all you need to know. Classes: nothing before ...
by PCU
0 votes   421 views  
Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles
Louis: I walked all night, I walked as I had walked years before when my mind ...
by Interview With The Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles
0 votes   421 views  
Death Becomes Her
Ernest Menville: She's dead! Madeline Ashton: She is? Oh. These are the moments that make life worth ...
by Death Becomes Her
0 votes   421 views  
Captain Hook: Gentlemen, I'm afraid I have decided to cancel the war. Kill them. Kill them ...
by Hook
0 votes   421 views  
Reno 911!: Miami
Deputy Clementine Johnson: Let me in, I don't have a key to this door. Lieutenant Jim ...
by Reno 911!: Miami
0 votes   421 views  
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