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Allegra Pazzi: Dr. Fell, do you believe a man could become so obsessed with a woman, ...
by Hannibal
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First Ancestor: Great Stone Dragon, have you awakened? Mushu: [holding up the Great Stone Dragon's head, which ...
by Mulan
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James Bond: Governments change... the lies stay the same.
by GoldenEye
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Dolores Claiborne
Vera Donovan: Husbands die every day, Dolores. Why... one is probably dying right now while you're ...
by Dolores Claiborne
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In the Line of Fire
Leary: The irony is so thick you could choke on it. Horrigan: There's no fuckin' irony, Mitch. ...
by In The Line Of Fire
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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
[At dawn, Sam Witwicky looks up in the sky and makes a discovery] Sam Witwicky: [calling ...
by Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen
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Mathieu Kassovitz
[On the policemen that protested `La Haine` at Cannes] How can you disapprove of something ...
by Mathieu Kassovitz
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John Major
The first requirement of politics is not intellect or stamina but patience. Politics is a ...
by John Major
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Not Another Teen Movie
Albino Folk Singer: [singing] I have no pigment, I need sunscreen...
by Not Another Teen Movie
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Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
Borgoff: Ready or not, here they come. It's Zombie Time. Kyle: Yeah. Come and get it, zombies! ...
by Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
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Major Payne
Major Payne: You're still a shit sandwich. You're just not a soggy one. From this moment, ...
by Major Payne
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[Blue watches a Buster Perkins "Power Tap" video while doing a power tap exercise] Blue ...
by Norbit
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Inglourious Basterds
Adolf Hitler: [in German] Nein, nein, nein, nein, nein, nein! How much more of these Jew ...
by Inglourious Basterds
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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Harry: You're Aragog, aren't you? Aragog: Yes. Hagrid has never sent men into our hollow before. Harry: He's ...
by Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
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Kill Bill: Vol. 1
[first lines] Bill: Do you find me sadistic? You know, I bet I could fry an ...
by Kill Bill: Vol. 1
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The Tailor of Panama
Gen. Dusenbaker: There's a missing star on our flag, gentlemen. It looks to me as if ...
by The Tailor Of Panama
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O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Homer Stokes: [as Grand Kleagle at a KKK rally] Brothers! Oh, brothers! We have all gathered ...
by O Brother, Where Art Thou?
0 votes   223 views  
The Iron Giant
Annie Hughes: Would you say grace, please? [Hogarth sees the Giant's hand in the kitchen] Hogarth ...
by The Iron Giant
0 votes   223 views  
[Princess Jasmine is in disguise, and hanging out with Aladdin; the guards capture him] Princess ...
by Aladdin
0 votes   223 views  
Blood Diamond
Commander Zero: You get something for me? Danny Archer: And yourself get something for me, huh? Commander ...
by Blood Diamond
0 votes   223 views  
Dirty Love
Rebecca: Here's to the men that we love... Here's to the men that love us... But ...
by Dirty Love
0 votes   222 views  
An Extremely Goofy Movie
Max: Gentlemen, welcome to the first day of the rest of our lives! Bobby: That's pretty deep. ...
by An Extremely Goofy Movie
0 votes   222 views  
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
[Dr. Evil has opened a trapdoor, sending Mustafa and several incompetent henchmen falling into a ...
by Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery
0 votes   222 views  
Unaccompanied Minors
Donna Malone: It's really small in here. Charlie: Yeah it's great isn't it? Grace Conrad: Charlie, just because ...
by Unaccompanied Minors
0 votes   222 views  
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Ulysses Everett McGill: Deceitful, two-faced she-woman. Never trust a female Delmar, remember that one simple precept ...
by O Brother, Where Art Thou?
0 votes   221 views  
The Last Boy Scout
Joe Hallenbeck: The sky is blue, water is wet, women have secrets. Who gives a fuck?
by The Last Boy Scout
0 votes   221 views  
Southland Tales
Announcer on PA: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the way the world ends. Not with a ...
by Southland Tales
0 votes   220 views  
The Whole Ten Yards
Lazlo: Do you remember... Janni Gogolak? [Oz bolts to his feet, Strabo punches him and shoves ...
by The Whole Ten Yards
0 votes   220 views  
K-19: The Widowmaker
Capt. Mikhail Polenin: At every stage of this disaster, which came within moments of being a ...
by K-19: The Widowmaker
0 votes   220 views  
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Elrond: There's no strength left in the world of men.
by The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring
0 votes   220 views  
That Thing You Do!
[When Jimmy is reluctant to sign a management contract] Lenny: Are you crazy? A man in ...
by That Thing You Do!
0 votes   220 views  
Sling Blade
Doyle: What am I supposed to do about supper while you're out runnin' around with that ...
by Sling Blade
0 votes   220 views  
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Jack Skellington: Forgive me, Mr. Claus. I'm afraid I've made a terrible mess of your holiday. ...
by The Nightmare Before Christmas
0 votes   220 views  
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
Dewey Cox: Prison has changed me. I understand the common man the way I never did ...
by Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
0 votes   220 views  
Althea Gibson
I always wanted to be somebody. If I made it, it`s half because I was ...
by Althea Gibson
0 votes   219 views  
Pretty Persuasion
Kimberly Joyce: [to Emily Klein, a lesbian reporter] I could never give up men, I like ...
by Pretty Persuasion
0 votes   219 views  
Tristan + Isolde
Tristan: [to Isolde] I live in torture thinking of these moments. Every look he gives you ...
by Tristan + Isolde
0 votes   219 views  
Fahrenheit 9/11
Byron Dorgan: We had some airplanes authorized at the highest levels of our government to fly ...
by Fahrenheit 9/11
0 votes   219 views  
The Life of David Gale
[Governor Hardin and David Gale are engaged in a debate on Batter's Box] Governor Hardin: Alan, ...
by The Life Of David Gale
0 votes   219 views  
Matt Murdock: [Director's Cut version/Narrating] Violence doesn't discriminate. It hits all of us... the rich, the ...
by Daredevil
0 votes   219 views  
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