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Kate: I look so fat ugly and stupid in all those pictures. Meg: Fat? Are you kidding ...
by WiseGirls
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Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Hedwig: So if any of you out there are looking for the song that's going to ...
by Hedwig And The Angry Inch
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The Princess Diaries
[last lines] Joe: Princess, look out the window, and welcome to Genovia.
by The Princess Diaries
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Freddy Got Fingered
Jim: He said 'Fuck you, dad'. So I said 'Fuck you, fuck me. Fuck you, fuck ...
by Freddy Got Fingered
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Freddy Got Fingered
Jim: Hey, Gord, the water cold enough for ya? [Turns the water temp level down, then ...
by Freddy Got Fingered
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Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
Wimp Lo: I see the way you look at him. I'm a man, too, you know? ...
by Kung Pow: Enter The Fist
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Dracula 2000
Detective Gautreaux: Solina, Dr. Seward here tells me you believe yourself to be a vampire. Now ...
by Dracula 2000
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The Taylor Predicament
Lauren: Well, what makes you think I'd want to go out with you? Adam Taylor: Because the ...
by The Taylor Predicament
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Nutty Professor II: The Klumps
Cletus: Would you *please* put your clothes back on? You look like a roast chicken!
by Nutty Professor II: The Klumps
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The Insider
Mike Wallace: Did I get you up? Lowell Bergman: No, I usually sit around my hotel room ...
by The Insider
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Varsity Blues
Mox: I'm a good boy. I've always been good. What's my upside to being good? [looks ...
by Varsity Blues
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Lake Placid
Sheriff Hank Keough: Look. He's suffering. I get to be humane. [Aims grenade launcher] Hector Cyr: No! ...
by Lake Placid
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Carnival of Souls
Officer Soby: [Showing Alex pictures of a injured Louis] Does that look like someone who's about ...
by Carnival Of Souls
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Suicide Kings
Avery Chasten: He had nothing to do with Elise's kidnapping, he had nothing to do with ...
by Suicide Kings
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L.A. Confidential
Jack Vincennes: Oh, lookee here: the great jerkoff case of 1953.
by L.A. Confidential
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Grosse Pointe Blank
Mr. Grocer: [Martin and Grocer have just killed Agents Lardner and McCullers] Workers of the world, ...
by Grosse Pointe Blank
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Baby Geniuses
Margo: [Dickie has just walked in with an unbuttoned shirt exposing a new tattoo of an ...
by Baby Geniuses
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Two If by Sea
Frank: What are you looking for, a key? Roz: No, I'm lookin' for your brain. Frank: You think ...
by Two If By Sea
0 votes   85 views  
Star Trek: First Contact
William Riker: [Looking up at the moon] Wow! Look at that! Dr. Zefram Cochrane: Don't tell me ...
by Star Trek: First Contact
0 votes   85 views  
Andrew: Look, Mr. Kopek's working in his yard. Daniel: Yeah. Let this be a lesson to you ...
by Carpool
0 votes   85 views  
Fair Game
Adam: [nervous] Are you looking for hardware... or is it software you're interested in? Kate: [sexy] Hardware. ...
by Fair Game
0 votes   85 views  
The Celluloid Closet
Harvey Fierstein: The hunger I felt as a kid looking for gay images was not to ...
by The Celluloid Closet
0 votes   85 views  
The American President
Robin McCall: I think the important thing is not to make it look like we're panicking. ...
by The American President
0 votes   85 views  
The Swan Princess
Puffin: When the hunter has you in his sight, look for the sun and fly into ...
by The Swan Princess
0 votes   85 views  
Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles
Yvette: [to Louis] Are you not hungry sir? Lestat: Aux contraire mon cher, he could eat the ...
by Interview With The Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles
0 votes   85 views  
Color of Night
Dr. Bill Capa: [about Bob's murder] He was locking up here late friday night. Here! Right ...
by Color Of Night
0 votes   85 views  
Bullets Over Broadway
Sid Loomis: You're a star because you're great and you are a great star, but let ...
by Bullets Over Broadway
0 votes   85 views  
The Vanishing
Helene Cousins: Look, he put up a new one. I heard him on Talk Radio. Every ...
by The Vanishing
0 votes   85 views  
Librarian: Sir, wouldn't you be more comfortable in a study room? [Andrew looks up and sees ...
by Philadelphia
0 votes   85 views  
In the Line of Fire
Lilly Raines: What makes you think he'll call again? Frank Horrigan: Oh, he'll call again. He's got, ...
by In The Line Of Fire
0 votes   85 views  
Fear of a Black Hat
Tasty Taste: This is a bazooka, see? And you just pick this up like this. It's-it's-it's-it's ...
by Fear Of A Black Hat
0 votes   85 views  
The Vagrant
Graham Krakowski: I'm not gonna be your test subject no more doc The Vagrant: Oh come on! ...
by The Vagrant
0 votes   85 views  
Stay Tuned
Executioner: [reading the death sentence] By order of the court... Crowley: Looks like Spike's gonna make his ...
by Stay Tuned
0 votes   85 views  
A League of Their Own
Doris Murphy: Hey Mae, Mae, your date's here. Mae Mordabito: How do I look? Doris Murphy: Where'd you ...
by A League Of Their Own
0 votes   85 views  
Aladdin: Look at that, Abu, it's not everyday you see a horse with two rear ends.
by Aladdin
0 votes   85 views  
The Freshman
[first lines] Dwight Armstrong, Clark's Step-father: Over there! Look! Clark Kellogg: Dwight? Dwight Armstrong, Clark's Step-father: Shh! Clark ...
by The Freshman
0 votes   85 views  
Funk Fist: The 32nd Legend of Seesaw
Seesaw: Listen, I am somebody, even if this haircut does not look like it, you are ...
by Funk Fist: The 32nd Legend Of Seesaw
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The Last Ache
Ezra: Feed someone a little Monodrialine and they're looking at a serious nap.
by The Last Ache
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Diary of the Dead
Debra: [voiceover] Jason was compelled. I had never seen him like that before. What is it? ...
by Diary Of The Dead
0 votes   85 views  
The Heart of the Game
Bill Resler: Look into their eyes!
by The Heart Of The Game
0 votes   85 views  
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