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Funny People
Leo: I'm gonna put glasses on your ass so when i fuck you it looks like ...
by Funny People
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Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity
Jeff Dunham: Catwoman? Melvin the Superhero Guy: You know I used to date Catwoman. Jeff Dunham: Really? Melvin ...
by Jeff Dunham: Spark Of Insanity
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The Hangover
Stu Price: I look like a nerdy hillbilly!
by The Hangover
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Justice League: The New Frontier
King Faraday: Come on, level with me. J'onn J'onzz: Very well. I have looked into your mind, ...
by Justice League: The New Frontier
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National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Ben Gates: [thoughtful, looks at his hand] Surrender your hand to the heart of the warrior... ...
by National Treasure: Book Of Secrets
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Black Snake Moan
Lazarus: So what you know how to make? Rae: I don't fuckin' cook. Lazarus: You know Rae, I've ...
by Black Snake Moan
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John Price
We`re grateful that we were able to present our evidence in a fair hearing and ...
by John Price
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Carmen Lee
With near-term market outlook fairly unclear and not helped by current oil prices and the ...
by Carmen Lee
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Barbara Olson
The questions that are not asked by the media surely will be asked by voters. ...
by Barbara Olson
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Angie Everhart
I prefer intellect and charm. Good looks only take you so far. You don`t have ...
by Angie Everhart
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Abe: What's wrong with our hands? Aaron: [has his arms tightly wrapped around his chest, his hands ...
by Primer
0 votes   129 views  
The Wedding Date
Edward Fletcher-Wooten: [after chasing Jeffery] I look like a total wanker, don't I? Nick Mercer: Yeah, kind ...
by The Wedding Date
0 votes   129 views  
The Brothers Grimm
Sasha: It's alright! They're the Brothers Grimm! People talk about them in Marsburg! They're famous! Will ...
by The Brothers Grimm
0 votes   129 views  
The Whole Ten Yards
Lazlo: You killed my Strabo. Jimmy Tudeski: Actually, Strabo was already dead. He got shot when your ...
by The Whole Ten Yards
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Van Wilder
Gwen: I'm doing a human interest piece... on you. Van Wilder: I'm flattered, I'd love for your ...
by Van Wilder
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My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Gus Portokalos: [crying] Why you want to leave me? Toula Portokalos: I'm not leaving you! Don't you ...
by My Big Fat Greek Wedding
0 votes   129 views  
About Schmidt
Roberta Hertzel: People used to think it was strange 'cause I breast-fed him 'til he was ...
by About Schmidt
0 votes   129 views  
Summer Catch
Billy: [looks back at Miles's girlfriend] That is unhealthy... Miles: Can we not do this again? Billy: Domo, ...
by Summer Catch
0 votes   129 views  
Gone in Sixty Seconds
[looking at the Humvee] Mirror Man: Hey Sphinx, check it out. Homeboy got "SNAKE" on the ...
by Gone In Sixty Seconds
0 votes   129 views  
Detroit Rock City
Hawk: Will you guys quit the mom-bashing? I mean, look, look, Lex's mom is cool because ...
by Detroit Rock City
0 votes   129 views  
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Basil: Did we get Dr. Evil? Radar Operator: No, sir, he got away in that big spaceship ...
by Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
0 votes   129 views  
Three to Tango
[Standing outside the cafe, Oscar is looking very ill] Amy: Oh, are you okay? Oscar Novak: Mouth... ...
by Three To Tango
0 votes   129 views  
Treasure Planet
John Silver: [to Captain Amelia] Ahh, t'is a grand day for sailin', Cap'n! And lookit yeh! ...
by Treasure Planet
0 votes   129 views  
Spy Hard
Kabul: Do you have lighter? Dick Steele, Agent WD-40: I only use matches. Kabul: Does your mother know ...
by Spy Hard
0 votes   129 views  
Space Jam
Player: That was a strike-out, Mike. But that was a good-looking strike-out. Real good. Player: I mean, ...
by Space Jam
0 votes   129 views  
Musher: Do you think Steele is losing his edge? Photographer: Looks like just about any dog can ...
by Balto
0 votes   129 views  
An American Tail: Fievel Goes West
Tanya Mousekewitz: [admiring her new dress and makeup] I look like a real lady. Miss Kitty: Remember, ...
by An American Tail: Fievel Goes West
0 votes   129 views  
Baldwin: We're squares, Allison, and squares got to stick together. Allison: Yeah, but Drapes are people too. ...
by Cry-Baby
0 votes   129 views  
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
[at a lingerie fashion show] Guinevere Pettigrew: She naked! Delysia Lefosse: Hardly! She's got so much whale ...
by Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day
0 votes   129 views  
Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One for the Road
Bill Engvall: My wife, trying to be helpful, goes to the grocery store and buys this ...
by Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One For The Road
0 votes   129 views  
Lars and the Real Girl
Sewing Circle Lady 3 - Hazel: Well that's how life is, Lars. Mrs. Gruner: Everything at once. ...
by Lars And The Real Girl
0 votes   129 views  
Bela Lugosi
I guess I`m pretty much of a lone wolf. I don`t say I don`t like ...
by Bela Lugosi
0 votes   128 views  
Dr. Spikowsky: How do you feel about your penis? Bree Osbourne: [giving up] It disgusts me. I ...
by Transamerica
0 votes   128 views  
The Amityville Horror
Jodie Defeo: Hi, Lisa. Look what Ronnie did. [moves her hair away from her head so ...
by The Amityville Horror
0 votes   128 views  
Finding Neverland
J.M. Barrie: Listen, what would you think of loaning Emma out to the Davies' for the ...
by Finding Neverland
0 votes   128 views  
The United States of Leland
Leland: It covers my eyes. It's all I can see. Say there's some kids playing baseball. ...
by The United States Of Leland
0 votes   128 views  
Friday After Next
Bad Boy #1: Man he don't look like no reindeer, he look like a pit bull. ...
by Friday After Next
0 votes   128 views  
Bubba Ho-tep
Elvis: That's it? I mean, we're investigating a scuttling in the hall, trying to figure out ...
by Bubba Ho-tep
0 votes   128 views  
Sweet Home Alabama
Jake: You show up here, after seven years, without so much as a "Hey there, Jake, ...
by Sweet Home Alabama
0 votes   128 views  
Riding in Cars with Boys
Beverly: The only person that's even looked at me is my crazy Aunt Mildy who keeps ...
by Riding In Cars With Boys
0 votes   128 views  
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