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The Wedding Date
Edward Fletcher-Wooten: [after chasing Jeffery] I look like a total wanker, don't I? Nick Mercer: Yeah, kind ...
by The Wedding Date
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Kent Woodlands: You are being a big baby, Carolyn. These are people just like you and ...
by Pumpkin
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Ghost World
Enid: [looking at a metal cowboy on a horse] What is this? Seymour: Dana got it when ...
by Ghost World
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Treasure Planet
John Silver: [to Captain Amelia] Ahh, t'is a grand day for sailin', Cap'n! And lookit yeh! ...
by Treasure Planet
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Kenny "Squeak" Scolari: [an enormous shadow is cast over Squeak. He looks at his hand, where ...
by BASEketball
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The 13th Warrior
Wigliff - King's Son: [Speaking of Buliwyf] This gentleman has the look of a great warrior, ...
by The 13th Warrior
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Being John Malkovich
[last lines] Craig Schwartz: [voiceover] Maxine. Maxine, I love you, Maxine. Oh, look away. Look away. ...
by Being John Malkovich
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Home Alone 3
[while Beaupre, Unger, Jernigan and Alice are sitting at the dinner table, they discuss their ...
by Home Alone 3
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Chasing Amy
Alyssa: Let me ask you a question. Can men fuck each other? Banky Edwards: What, are you ...
by Chasing Amy
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[after painting a ball bearing in the Deacon's eye socket to look like a real ...
by Waterworld
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Musher: Do you think Steele is losing his edge? Photographer: Looks like just about any dog can ...
by Balto
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Randal Graves: This has gotta be the weirdest thing you've ever been called in on. Coroner: Actually, ...
by Clerks.
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