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Colm Feore
I do dead Canadians. If he`s dead and he`s Canadian and he`s famous I`ll be ...
by Colm Feore
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Charlotte Rampling
I`m just amazed. I`m glad to be alive, because I know what it`s like not ...
by Charlotte Rampling
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Brandon Boyd
We are very fortunate to live in this country, but at the same time, the ...
by Brandon Boyd
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Live Free or Die Hard
John McClane: Are you Matt Farrell? Matthew Farrell? Matt Farrell: No, he, uh, actually does not live ...
by Live Free Or Die Hard
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J: Do I ever disappoint? Fuckin' no. Why? I deliver. Why? I'm your man.
by Shooters
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Almost Famous
Polexia Aphrodisia: [to William watching Penny Lane] Act One, in which she pretends she doesn't care ...
by Almost Famous
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Con Air
[Cyrus is about to burn Cindino alive] Francisco Cindino: Cy... Cyrus Grissom: ...onara!
by Con Air
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Pip: Man, Chazz is right. All we gotta do is make our own action, y'know? Rex: That's ...
by Airheads
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Much Ado About Nothing
Friar Francis: Come, lady: die to live.
by Much Ado About Nothing
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Brian Kessler: Early lived in the moment. He did whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. I ...
by Kalifornia
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Sister Act
Eddie: Can I call you Dolores? Dolores: You can call me anything you want as long as ...
by Sister Act
0 votes   162 views  
The Bodyguard
Rachel: Will you grab that jacket for me? The red one, please? Frank: I'm here to keep ...
by The Bodyguard
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Joe Versus the Volcano
Joe Banks: I have less than six months to live. The Waponis believe they need a ...
by Joe Versus The Volcano
0 votes   162 views  
Black Christmas
Kelli Presely: [phone rings] Alpha Kappa... hello? Hello, hello? Very funny, Kyle. Kelli Presely: I think someone's ...
by Black Christmas
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Pearl Jam
When something this disastrous occurs, when this many lives are lost, it is essential that ...
by Pearl Jam
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Paul Begala
This gets back to the fundamental lesson of political survival that Bill Clinton taught me, ...
by Paul Begala
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John Hensley
We take the ride, just like someone who watches the show takes the ride. We ...
by John Hensley
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Howard Cosell
Then there is a still higher type of courage - the courage to brave pain, ...
by Howard Cosell
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Emil Ludwig
Many a person has held close, throughout their entire lives, two friends that always remained ...
by Emil Ludwig
0 votes   161 views  
David Russell
We live in a Newtonian world of Einsteinian physics ruled by Frankenstein logic.
by David Russell
0 votes   161 views  
Palacio Presidencial!
Josefa Olive: What do you want? Maurice the Butler: Renewed access to the Presidente's personal garage, consequence ...
by Palacio Presidencial!
0 votes   161 views  
Game 6
Paisley Porter: I didn't understand until today how much pain and anxiety you've been causing everybody ...
by Game 6
0 votes   161 views  
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Benjamin Button: Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss.
by The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
0 votes   161 views  
The Pacifier
Shane Wolfe: Once upon a time, there was a family of elves and one day the ...
by The Pacifier
0 votes   161 views  
Glen Foy: Welcome to the toon. Santiago Munez: What's the toon? Glen Foy: It's where the Geordies live. ...
by Goal!
0 votes   161 views  
Club Dread
Jenny: [Re: Coconut Pete's song "Naughty Cal"] Our lives depend on us interpreting the dumbest fucking ...
by Club Dread
0 votes   161 views  
The Sweetest Thing
[Courtney and Christina look at themselves dressed in ridiculous clothes] Christina, Courtney: These are...”The Days Of ...
by The Sweetest Thing
0 votes   161 views  
Wo hu cang long
Jen Yu: I'm getting married soon, but I haven't lived the life I want. Yu Shu ...
by Wo Hu Cang Long
0 votes   161 views  
Bringing Out the Dead
[Frank and Marcus are delivering a baby in a rundown building] Frank Pierce: Oh Jesus, we'd ...
by Bringing Out The Dead
0 votes   161 views  
Saving Private Ryan
Private Reiben: You want to explain the math of this to me? I mean, where's the ...
by Saving Private Ryan
0 votes   161 views  
Bastard Out of Carolina
Glen Waddell: [to Anney] Don't go, I can't live without you! Kill me! Please, baby! Kill ...
by Bastard Out Of Carolina
0 votes   161 views  
Last Action Hero
Danny Madigan: ...I though I was going to die. Jack Slater: Well I'm sorry to disappoint you ...
by Last Action Hero
0 votes   161 views  
Dr. Anna Nolmar: [offering Eddy some water] Studies prove it will help you live longer.
by Timebomb
0 votes   161 views  
Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
Borat: [voiceover, referring to Azamat in Oliver Hardy outfit] I had not come to Hollywood to ...
by Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan
0 votes   161 views  
Kip Pardue
[On growing up in a single-parent household]: No one ever taught me how to shave; ...
by Kip Pardue
0 votes   160 views  
Raising Helen
Audrey Davis: You treat me like a child, I am not a child! Helen Harris: Yes, you ...
by Raising Helen
0 votes   160 views  
Happy Campers
Wichita: I don't know, it's like between family, friends, Playstation, internet, it's possible for a person ...
by Happy Campers
0 votes   160 views  
Azazel: Can you imagine what it feels like to be alive for thousands of years, and ...
by Fallen
0 votes   160 views  
Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America
[regarding the longevity of Fidel Castro] Narrator: After thirty-three failed assassination attempts, entailing two thousand people, ...
by Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America
0 votes   160 views  
DuckTales: The Movie - Treasure of the Lost Lamp
Dewey: What a ride! Louie: Yeah, I wouldn't mind doing it again now that I know that ...
by DuckTales: The Movie - Treasure Of The Lost Lamp
0 votes   160 views  
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