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Game 6
Lillian Rogan: I want to be fair-minded, Nicky. Nicky Rogan: [taking his attention away from the ball ...
by Game 6
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Five Children and It
Uncle Albert: Ah, children. I expect you could do with a spot of lunch. Martha: Come on. ...
by Five Children And It
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My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Gus Portokalos: Oh, Mrs. White! You find my mama *again*! You know, she come from Greece. ...
by My Big Fat Greek Wedding
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Big Daddy
Layla: So two guys you were best friends with in law school fell in love with ...
by Big Daddy
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Last Man Standing
Capt. Tom Pickett: I'm here about a murdered policeman, got himself killed the other side of ...
by Last Man Standing
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Shrek the Halls
Puss in Boots: In my homeland, we tell a different tale of this Saint Nicolas / ...
by Shrek The Halls
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Sweet Home Alabama
[after looking at divorce papers] Jake: I better have my lawyer take a look at these. ...
by Sweet Home Alabama
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Danny Huston
Sometimes film is just the family business. Some families are generations of carpenters or farmers, ...
by Danny Huston
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Try Seventeen
Jones: You know, I've been some places - Texas, Delaware, three schools in New Hampshire, Kansas ...
by Try Seventeen
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Ken Anderson
We see it every day in our economy. These folks are customers in our stores ...
by Ken Anderson
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Man on Fire
Creasy: 2.5 million, that's what Victor got, isn't it? 2.5 million to your lawyer Jordan Kalfus ...
by Man On Fire
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Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
Master Tang: [dying] Chosen One, do I look all right? Chosen One: Yeah... sure. Master Tang: On a ...
by Kung Pow: Enter The Fist
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The Chamber
Sam Cayhall: If you spend half as much time trying to be a lawyer instead of ...
by The Chamber
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Wyatt Earp
Warren Earp: Wyatt, you're still a marshal around here, aren't you? Doc Holliday: Sure. But now he's ...
by Wyatt Earp
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The Shawshank Redemption
Red: You're gonna fit right in. Everyone in here is innocent, you know that? Heywood, what ...
by The Shawshank Redemption
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Natural Born Killers
Pinky: Are you a real cop? Jack Scagnetti: Oh yeah, I'm a real cop. Pinky: You're not gonna ...
by Natural Born Killers
0 votes   429 views  
Reign Over Me
Charlie Fineman: I have no one. At least you two have each other. [Charlie kisses Ginger ...
by Reign Over Me
0 votes   429 views  
Bernard and Doris
Doris Duke: Look, your present. Voila. For you. Bernard Lafferty: What? Doris Duke: Here. Bernard Lafferty: That's for me? ...
by Bernard And Doris
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Gisele Bundchen
I`m a very private person. I like staying home and doing my stuff. I hate ...
by Gisele Bundchen
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Aaron Gibson
A lawyer starts life giving $500 worth of law for $5 and ends giving $5 ...
by Aaron Gibson
0 votes   428 views  
Chris Noth
I don`t like NYPD Blue (1993) because it tries to pretend it`s a New York ...
by Chris Noth
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The Insider
Lowell Bergman: This news division has been *villified* by the New York Times! In print, on ...
by The Insider
0 votes   427 views  
Man on the Moon
Andy Kaufman: I am sick of this shit, Lawler. I am gonna sue you. I'm gonna ...
by Man On The Moon
0 votes   426 views  
Presidential Lawyer St. Clair: Sir, don't you think all these deletion marks in the transcripts make ...
by Nixon
0 votes   426 views  
My Super Ex-Girlfriend
Vaughn Haige: There are 3 moments I'll remember 'til the day I die. 1: the look ...
by My Super Ex-Girlfriend
0 votes   426 views  
Desolation Canyon
Samuel Kendrick: You might want to take off that badge before we get there. Tomas "Swede" ...
by Desolation Canyon
0 votes   426 views  
Sith Apprentice
Count Dooku: And now, I would like to perform a dramatic piece of work from Professor ...
by Sith Apprentice
0 votes   426 views  
Summer Catch
Sean Dunne: Mr. Parrish. Remember my son Ryan? Ryan: How are you doing? Rand Parrish: Fellows, could you ...
by Summer Catch
0 votes   425 views  
Nick Hexum
What I really like about the package is that Unwritten Law was first a straight ...
by Nick Hexum
0 votes   424 views  
Dade Murphy: Anything else, mom? You want me to mow the lawn? Oops! I forgot, New ...
by Hackers
0 votes   424 views  
Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle
Dorothy Parker: Razors pain you, rivers are damp, acids stain you, drugs cause cramp. Guns aren't ...
by Mrs. Parker And The Vicious Circle
0 votes   424 views  
Jerry Orbach
I used to say when I was working in the theater that if I ever ...
by Jerry Orbach
0 votes   423 views  
Ellen Barkin
[Speaking in 1987] It`s difficult to be married outside the profession. A lawyer might not ...
by Ellen Barkin
0 votes   423 views  
The Newton Boys
Dock Newton: You ain't any less of a drunk now than you was when hooch was ...
by The Newton Boys
0 votes   423 views  
Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat
Martin Lawrence: Here goes all these rumors writin' about me. I see on the paper, one ...
by Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat
0 votes   422 views  
Luke: Don't do this. Don't bring in the lawyers. You know that the kids aren't in ...
by Stepmom
0 votes   422 views  
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Ronald Camp: Who is he, a friend? Melissa: No, this is my date. He's a lawyer. Ronald ...
by Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
0 votes   422 views  
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
Klingon ambassador: The Chancellor of the High Council is dead - the result of an unprovoked ...
by Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
0 votes   422 views  
The Number 23
[last lines] Walter Sparrow: To die there in the street would have been easy. But it ...
by The Number 23
0 votes   422 views  
Mark Kennedy
We must continue to work hard on the federal level, to make sure that our ...
by Mark Kennedy
0 votes   421 views  
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