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Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
[Betty has thrown a claw at Master Tang, the action freezes] Master Tang: [voice over] Ok, ...
by Kung Pow: Enter The Fist
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Deconstructing Harry
Harry Block: [to his brother-in-law Bert] I think you're the opposite of a paranoid. I think ...
by Deconstructing Harry
0 votes   408 views  
Broken Arrow
Secretary Baird: Guys in lawn chairs. I dunno, Giles. Sometimes you scare me. Giles Prentice: Hell, sir. ...
by Broken Arrow
0 votes   408 views  
Starship II: Rendezvous with Ramses
Sergeant Franklin: 186,000 miles per second isn't just a good idea, gentlemen. Sergeant Franklin: It's the *law.*
by Starship II: Rendezvous With Ramses
0 votes   406 views  
Joe Martin
If it weren`t for my lawyer, I`d still be in prison. It went a lot ...
by Joe Martin
0 votes   405 views  
Man on the Moon
Jerry "The King" Lawler: Kaufman, did you come here to wrestle or act like an ass?
by Man On The Moon
0 votes   405 views  
Imaginary Heroes
Kyle Dwyer: Hey, Timmy, I've got a surprise for you. Want one? Tim Travis: What is that? ...
by Imaginary Heroes
0 votes   404 views  
Garfield: Houston! we have a problem! Odie, get off the pail. Would you get off the ...
by Garfield
0 votes   404 views  
Calling Bobcat
Lawson: By this time tomorrow, my friend, we'll be eating chips on the beach!
by Calling Bobcat
0 votes   404 views  
The Mask
Peggy Brandt: I'm with the Evening Star. Can you tell me what happened here? Lieutenant Mitch ...
by The Mask
0 votes   403 views  
The One
Prison Warden: Yulaw, are you ready? Yulaw: [looks at Warden] Are you?
by The One
0 votes   402 views  
Strange Days
Jeriko One: You know what? You've pulled over the wrong black man, Officer Steckler! I'm the ...
by Strange Days
0 votes   402 views  
Hollow Point
Garrett Lawton: You've been married six times? No wonder you're in pain!
by Hollow Point
0 votes   402 views  
Reporter: Is it true that one member of the team is a bisexual witch? Lawyer: I cannot ...
by Cheaters
0 votes   401 views  
The Skeleton Key
[minutes following the "Conjure of Sacrifice", as Caroline become Cecile, Luke walks into the attic] ...
by The Skeleton Key
0 votes   400 views  
Liar Liar
[the lights turn on after Max makes a wish and blows out the candles] Max ...
by Liar Liar
0 votes   400 views  
WLSUU2 Lawyer: [after Ryan swerves his car in front of him] What the hell is your ...
by Cellular
0 votes   398 views  
Jeff Williams
The purpose of the Fish and Wildlife Division is to assure compliance with laws that ...
by Jeff Williams
0 votes   397 views  
Ice Age: The Meltdown
Manfred: Uh, Diego, retract the claws, please. Diego: Oh... right... sorry. [Lets go] Sid: You know, if I ...
by Ice Age: The Meltdown
0 votes   397 views  
The One
[Being ambushed by three cops] Yulaw: Don't you people ever learn?
by The One
0 votes   396 views  
Bulletproof Monk
Monk With No Name: Air is as real as you and me. You have to step ...
by Bulletproof Monk
0 votes   395 views  
Legally Blonde
Brooke: Are you one of my lawyers? Elle: Sort of. Brooke: Well thank God one of you has ...
by Legally Blonde
0 votes   393 views  
Michael Clayton
Karen Crowder: This is a three billion dollar class action lawsuit. In the morning, I have ...
by Michael Clayton
0 votes   393 views  
Ethan Hawke
(On working with Jude Law) I think Jude`s the real thing. He is just electric, ...
by Ethan Hawke
0 votes   392 views  
Stealth Fighter
Adm. Frank Peterson: What the goddamn hell were you thinking out there today, Mitchell? You disobeyed ...
by Stealth Fighter
0 votes   392 views  
Senior Counsel Mr. Wolfe: You asked God to bless Sister Brigid after hitting you? Evelyn Doyle: Yes ...
by Evelyn
0 votes   391 views  
The Good Girl
Cheryl: You didn't bring this into the store with you? Heavy Set Woman: No. Cheryl: Then I'll go ...
by The Good Girl
0 votes   391 views  
The Client
Reggie: I have been sober for three years. Mark: Yeah right, that's what all the drunks say, ...
by The Client
0 votes   390 views  
Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road
Valerie McCabe: Fred, Mr. Oliver is a potential fugitive. Lock him up. Neal Oliver: Lock me up? ...
by Interstate 60: Episodes Of The Road
0 votes   389 views  
Andrew Beckett: What do you call a thousand lawyers chained together at the bottom of the ...
by Philadelphia
0 votes   389 views  
David Milch
The post-Vietnam period was a period of enormous moral confusion. It felt very much like ...
by David Milch
0 votes   388 views  
The School of Rock
Dewey Finn: [showing Lawrence a long, complicated handshake] Let's, rock, let's, rock, today.
by The School Of Rock
0 votes   386 views  
Alice Golembo
Yesterday I, along with a bipartisan Congressional Delegation of lawmakers, inspected the detention facilities at ...
by Alice Golembo
0 votes   385 views  
Lawyer: What are you so worried about? Isn't it good to have the press? Isn't it ...
by Ratatouille
0 votes   385 views  
Father of the Bride Part II
Matty Banks: How would you like to go through life with the name Cooper Banks-Mackenzie? The ...
by Father Of The Bride Part II
0 votes   383 views  
Double Dare
Zoe Bell: [Speaking of Lucy Lawless/Xena] That's my acting double.
by Double Dare
0 votes   382 views  
Murder in the First
Milton Glenn: Some men are broken by the laws that they break.
by Murder In The First
0 votes   382 views  
The Mask
Mayor Mitchell Tilton: I want to see you in my office first thing tomorrow morning. Lieutenant ...
by The Mask
0 votes   382 views  
Lynne Stewart
The cherished freedoms that we really need to defend, among them being the right to ...
by Lynne Stewart
0 votes   381 views  
Frito: [Acting as Joe's public defender] It says here you robbed a hospital. Why'd you do ...
by Idiocracy
0 votes   380 views  
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