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Mugatu: SHUT UP! Enough already, Ballstein! Who cares about Derek Zoolander anyway? The man has only ...
by Zoolander
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The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
Jane Winslett-Richardson: May I turn this on? Steve Zissou: [bites into an apple] Fire one. Jane Winslett-Richardson: [Jane ...
by The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou
-1 votes   739 views  
Amanda Cunningham
Today, unless women gain jobs and athletic scholarships commensurate with their percentage of the population, ...
by Amanda Cunningham
0 votes   723 views  
Donkey: Wow, that was really scary and if you don't mind me saying, if that don't ...
by Shrek
0 votes   722 views  
The Lion King
Scar: [bellowing] Sarabiiiii! [echoes and reechoes; we soon see Sarabi walking through the pack of hyenas, ...
by The Lion King
0 votes   718 views  
The Departed
[upon learning the Police have found Delahunt's body and that he was a cop] Fitzy: I ...
by The Departed
0 votes   715 views  
Spider-Man 2
Man: Get a job. Spider-Man: If you only knew.
by Spider-Man 2
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Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie
Crow T. Robot: [as Joe comes down the stairs] This is a job for "Weenie man!"
by Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie
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The Lion King
Banzai: Hey, Boss! Scar: Oh, what is it this time? Banzai: We've got a bone to pick with ...
by The Lion King
0 votes   704 views  
Kill Bill: Vol. 2
Budd: Larry, there ain't nobody out there! Larry Gomez: [strung-out tone] "There ain't nobody out there... Larry." ...
by Kill Bill: Vol. 2
0 votes   696 views  
Clerks II
Emma: It must be nice to have a job with so much downtime. Randal Graves: Downtime's important. ...
by Clerks II
0 votes   684 views  
The Departed
[Brown is telling Billy why he signed up for the police] Brown: So she tells me, ...
by The Departed
0 votes   658 views  
The Matrix
Agent Smith: Never send a human to do a machine's job. Agent Brown: If, indeed, the insider ...
by The Matrix
0 votes   651 views  
Mr. Bean: Hello, I'm Dr. Bean. Apparently. And my job is to sit and look at ...
by Bean
0 votes   648 views  
The Rock
FBI Director Womack: Great job, Goodspeed. Agent Paxton: Why don't you throw in a trip to Tahiti ...
by The Rock
0 votes   636 views  
Training Day
Alonzo: [on the phone talking to Smiley] Make sure that bathtub is clean, homey. [Jake gets ...
by Training Day
0 votes   632 views  
The Matrix Reloaded
Neo: Are there other programs like you? The Oracle: Oh, well, not like me. But... look, see ...
by The Matrix Reloaded
0 votes   630 views  
Noises Off...
[Dotty enters with the detached receiver and a small shovel] Dotty: I've just come for me ...
by Noises Off...
0 votes   625 views  
Beverly Hills Ninja
Allison: [walks in and stands in the Dojo doorway] Hello? [jumps and the Bo staff in ...
by Beverly Hills Ninja
0 votes   612 views  
Step Brothers
Brennan Huff: I'm so scared right now. I'm just gonna to do what's sensible, I'm gonna ...
by Step Brothers
0 votes   601 views  
The Supermarket
Pat: College is about as helpful as lighting a wheelbarrow full of money on fire. If ...
by The Supermarket
0 votes   599 views  
The Devil Wears Prada
Miranda Priestly: You thought I didn't know. I've known what was happening for quite some time. ...
by The Devil Wears Prada
0 votes   597 views  
The Supermarket
Deirdre Boyle: What they don't realize is how many people are going to be forced to ...
by The Supermarket
0 votes   595 views  
Leaving Las Vegas
Sera: Included with the rent 'round here is a complimentary blow-job.
by Leaving Las Vegas
0 votes   594 views  
Swimming with Sharks
Buddy: What, your job is unfair to you? Grow up, way it goes. People use you? ...
by Swimming With Sharks
0 votes   590 views  
The Supermarket
Jenkins: [Voiceover] She was right, it was up to us. For the first time in my ...
by The Supermarket
0 votes   590 views  
The Supermarket
Bill: Joe, the first thing I need you to understand is this: we think you're a ...
by The Supermarket
0 votes   589 views  
Remember the Titans
Coach Yoast: [after winning the state championship] I know football, and what you did with those ...
by Remember The Titans
-1 votes   578 views  
Remember the Titans
Bertier: Listen, I'm Geery, you're Julius. Let's just get some particulars and get this over with. ...
by Remember The Titans
0 votes   572 views  
The Players Club
Ebony: [while speaking to two strippers trying on shoes] You need a bigger size, huh? Stripper ...
by The Players Club
0 votes   571 views  
The Onion Movie
[singing] Melissa Cherry: When you love me right up front, you know that I don't mind. ...
by The Onion Movie
0 votes   569 views  
Revolutionary Road
John Givings: You want to play house you got to have a job. You want to ...
by Revolutionary Road
0 votes   567 views  
A Few Good Men
Capt. Ross: Danny! Great job today. The redirect on Barnes. Kaffee: I have Markinson. Capt. Ross: Where is ...
by A Few Good Men
0 votes   560 views  
Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity
[after Jeff briefly brushes his nose with his hand] Peanut: What the hell was that? Jeff ...
by Jeff Dunham: Spark Of Insanity
0 votes   560 views  
The Princess and the Frog
Prince Naveen: You know, waitress, I finally figured out what is wrong with you. Princess Tiana: Have ...
by The Princess And The Frog
0 votes   560 views  
No Country for Old Men
[first lines] Ed Tom Bell: I was sheriff of this county when I was twenty-five years ...
by No Country For Old Men
0 votes   558 views  
The Rock
General Hummel: I guess you haven't completely taken care of the rat problem, Captain. Captain Hendrix: No, ...
by The Rock
0 votes   554 views  
A Few Good Men
Judge Randolph: *Consider yourself in Contempt!* Kaffee: *Colonel Jessep, did you order the Code Red?* Judge Randolph: You ...
by A Few Good Men
0 votes   554 views  
Menace II Society
Caine: My father sold dope and my mother was a heroin addict. Moms and Pops were ...
by Menace II Society
0 votes   551 views  
The Devil Wears Prada
Andy Sachs: [on phone] Hello Miranda? Miranda Priestly: [on tje phone from Miami] My flight has been ...
by The Devil Wears Prada
0 votes   551 views  
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