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The Taylor Predicament
Jason: Hey, the coffee shop's hiring. I bet you could get a job. Adam Taylor: No thanks. ...
by The Taylor Predicament
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Six Days Seven Nights
Robin Monroe: Ever since we've been here you've been so confident. Quinn Harris: Well I'm the captain. ...
by Six Days Seven Nights
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Honeymoon in Vegas
Jack Singer: [seeing Betsy in a dancer costume] Did you get a job here?
by Honeymoon In Vegas
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Tom Walton: I'm going to throw in a lube job for free...
by Spared
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Dr. David Monroe: Uh, I'm not gonna give you some bullshit hokey speech and tell you ...
by Manic
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Henry: Samantha, she is third chair on The City Hall Symphany Orchestra Samantha: Well we both know ...
by Samantha
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Jim Wilson
Twice we were at the goal line and couldn`t get it in. (New Brighton) did ...
by Jim Wilson
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Prozac Nation
Elizabeth: You don't understand. You don't understand, it was an accident. Ruby: An accident? You call that ...
by Prozac Nation
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Pro-Black Sheep
Rashad: Morning ma. Niema: Morning. Job hunting must've been good. So good you stayed out all night. ...
by Pro-Black Sheep
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The Albino Code
Whylas: You know my last job was at Food Mart, right?
by The Albino Code
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Street Kings
Tom Ludlow: I'm from Vice Special. Pathologist: Tom Ludlow. I know who you are. I handled your ...
by Street Kings
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The Green Mile
Paul Edgecomb: We all know who your connections are Percy. You ever threaten a man on ...
by The Green Mile
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Rush Hour 3
Detective James Carter: We have an assassin in custody that only speaks French... A limo blows ...
by Rush Hour 3
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Trust the Man
Tom: Did I tell you I had a dream last night, that you gave me a ...
by Trust The Man
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Rev. Elton: Were I not an old married man, I should gladly do the job. But ...
by Emma
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Mater: Hey! Watch the paint job, would ya!
by Cars
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The Hours and Times
John Lennon: The lads are probably having a big party without us. Brian Epstein: You're not allowed ...
by The Hours And Times
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Mike Evans
We`ve seen an increase in training requests by agencies due to an increased need for ...
by Mike Evans
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Super Troopers
Captain O'Hagan: Did you guys put in for any transfers yet? Mac: I applied for a guard ...
by Super Troopers
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Hellboy: What landed you this job, pushing "pamcakes"?
by Hellboy
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Joe Versus the Volcano
Mr. Waturi: I know he can get the job, but can he do the job?
by Joe Versus The Volcano
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Dennis Miller: All In
Dennis Miller: I think Hillary has got a good chance and I only see one guy ...
by Dennis Miller: All In
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Stuart: Why didn't you just fuck her? Eddie: Yeah, right! Stuart: Eddy, the girl was ripping your pants ...
by Threesome
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Music and Lyrics
Sophie Fisher: I'm just here to cater to the plants. Alex Fletcher: And you're doing a marvelous ...
by Music And Lyrics
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Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: So I'm noticing. Is there a problem we don't know of? [pause] Capt. ...
by Serenity
0 votes   187 views  
Syd Gilbert: I'm gonna be flyin' solo soon. I got a job. Will Carlson: Where? Syd Gilbert: Tuott ...
by Vulgar
0 votes   187 views  
Nothing But Trouble
J.P.: [asking about Chris' job] Banker? Chris Thorne: No, not banker. Financial publisher. "Thorne Weekly"? J.P.: Ok, banker.
by Nothing But Trouble
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The Depression of Detective Downs
Rolando Downs: Gun battles, there's nothing cool about them - nothing exhilarating, just part of the ...
by The Depression Of Detective Downs
0 votes   187 views  
The Hills Have Eyes II
Mickey: My leg's asleep. Crank: Your dick's asleep. Mickey: Wanna wake it up? Crank: No, that's your daddy's job.
by The Hills Have Eyes II
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Poncho: Snow job? I said blow job!
by Bedussey
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Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Jay: So, you think I could get a little kiss for good luck? [Justice kisses him ...
by Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back
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Bordello of Blood
Zeke: Step outside! Rafe Guttman: Sorry, Zeke - I'm just not in the mood for a blowjob.
by Bordello Of Blood
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Merry Anders
[on quitting her acting career]: I had a couple of years where I only grossed ...
by Merry Anders
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Mission: Impossible III
Ethan Hunt: Is our truck in place? Ethan Hunt: Weapons good to go? Luther Stickell: Yeah. You? Ethan ...
by Mission: Impossible III
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Missy: What a nutjob.
by Beatrix
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David Weaver
You can bet if 3,000 counties responded to the Gulf Coast, they would do a ...
by David Weaver
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[during sex with Jim] Diane McAllister: You gonna do it? Come on. Fill me up! Come ...
by Election
0 votes   182 views  
Grosse Pointe Blank
[the Ultimart has just been blown up] Martin Q. Blank: Are you all right? Ultimart Carl: No, ...
by Grosse Pointe Blank
0 votes   182 views  
Mad Dog and Glory
Mike: Slip your piece under the towel. Andrew: I got no beef with you. Mike: Are you sweet? ...
by Mad Dog And Glory
0 votes   181 views  
The Mexican
Jerry: Yeah...”you're just doing your job...” Ted: Hey, I do what I have to do, okay? Jerry: Would ...
by The Mexican
0 votes   180 views  
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