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Shattered Glass
Chuck Lane: You're fired, Steve. Stephen Glass: What? Chuck Lane: You're fired, Steve. You've lost your job. Stephen ...
by Shattered Glass
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Uptown Girls
Ray: You can have your job back, you know. Molly: I don't think so. You and I, ...
by Uptown Girls
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Jeff White
We missed a lot of tackles, and to beat a team like that you have ...
by Jeff White
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Dawn of the Dead
Michael: I know which job I was the worst at, it was being a husband. Monica: That's ...
by Dawn Of The Dead
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Shall We Dance
Link Peterson: [after wowing the hecklers at his job] Fuck you all... [walks back to office ...
by Shall We Dance
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Serving Sara
Joe Tyler: My job sucks. It's got no benefits and no future.
by Serving Sara
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Repo Men
Remy: At the end, a job is not just a job, is who you are, and ...
by Repo Men
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Big Stan
Mindy: So... The Master, where are you from? The Master: Hell. Mindy: Oh! Well what brought you to ...
by Big Stan
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Gone Baby Gone
Officer in Procession: [approaching Patrick and shaking his hand] Mr. Kenzie. Nice fucking job on Corwin ...
by Gone Baby Gone
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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Perry: Merry Christmas, sorry I fucked you over. Harry: No problem. Don't quit your gay job.
by Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
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Anne Heche
It`s my job, to create a fantasy.
by Anne Heche
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Totally Awesome
Principal Picker: Gabriel, you can have our dance instructors job back. Gabriel: And? Principal Picker: And it's ok ...
by Totally Awesome
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Paul Mason
We anticipate several hundred new jobs in Greensboro over the next few years.
by Paul Mason
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Max: I can't drive you around while you're killing folks. It ain't my job! Vincent: Tonight it ...
by Collateral
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Another Gay Movie
Nico: Muffler. She does half the cheerleading squad and we can't even cop a handjob!
by Another Gay Movie
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Ken Hughes
We are not giving up tax revenue. We are redirecting it to get 700 new ...
by Ken Hughes
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Stuck on You
Rocket: [Bob is doing a bad job of cooking burgers by himself] Hey Bob, get the ...
by Stuck On You
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Michael Watson
We would not be doing our job of enforcing the capital markets if we only ...
by Michael Watson
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Free Willy
Randolph: Dial is trying to collect the insurance money. Willy's worth a million dollars. Jesse: A million ...
by Free Willy
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Chev Chelios: [Eve abruptly stops a blow job as he drives] What's the matter? Eve: So you ...
by Crank
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Hancock: You're gonna change the world. Good job, Ray.
by Hancock
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Caroline Corr
Yes, my mother was a singer, and my father played piano and keyboards. They were ...
by Caroline Corr
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Bruce Almighty
Bruce: The only one around here not doing his job is you!
by Bruce Almighty
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Thank You for Smoking
BR: We don't sell Tic Tacs, we sell cigarettes. And they're cool, available, and *addictive*. The ...
by Thank You For Smoking
0 votes   197 views  
First Sunday
Durell: You need to worry about getting your hair burnt. Omunique's Client: You need to be worrying ...
by First Sunday
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Hope Partlow
They did an awesome job, ... Some of the lyrics, I just couldn`t believe it. ...
by Hope Partlow
0 votes   196 views  
The Rookie
Tryout Catcher: Pitch... pitch... man, you were bringing some heat up there! Jimmy: Come on... Tryout Catcher: You ...
by The Rookie
0 votes   196 views  
Ricky Slade: We need guns. Bobby: We don't need guns. Ricky Slade: I'm telling you man, I'm pretty ...
by Made
0 votes   196 views  
Betsy Jobs: You kicked Checkers, you're prejudiced and you have a potty mouth.
by Dick
0 votes   196 views  
David Gray
It`s often a fine line what increase you can pass along because if you go ...
by David Gray
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Mr. Knightley: Is it not a brother's job to find fault with his sister?
by Emma
0 votes   195 views  
A Few Good Men
Kaffee: [when Galloway insists on investigation instead of an instant uninformed plea-bargain] Commander, do you have ...
by A Few Good Men
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[repeated line] Hancock: Good job!
by Hancock
0 votes   195 views  
Ghosts of Hamilton Street
Austin: I'd say it's normal for a man your age to fantasize about shacking up with ...
by Ghosts Of Hamilton Street
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Walk the Line
Elvis Presley: Nice job out there, Cash! Jerry Lee Lewis: That's right, kiss his ass! Johnny Cash: Hey ...
by Walk The Line
0 votes   193 views  
Max Payne
Nicole Horne: [as Max Payne is fighting is way through Horne's mercenaries, Horne is suddenly heard ...
by Max Payne
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Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace
Dr. Cori Platt: Jobe, what happened to the memory? Jobe: I forget.
by Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace
0 votes   193 views  
The Taylor Predicament
Jason: Hey, the coffee shop's hiring. I bet you could get a job. Adam Taylor: No thanks. ...
by The Taylor Predicament
0 votes   192 views  
Betsy Jobs: Are you the President's dog trainer? John Dean: I'm John Dean, Chief White House Council. ...
by Dick
0 votes   192 views  
Six Days Seven Nights
Robin Monroe: Ever since we've been here you've been so confident. Quinn Harris: Well I'm the captain. ...
by Six Days Seven Nights
0 votes   192 views  
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