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Hoop Dreams
William Gates: It became more of a job than a sport to play.
by Hoop Dreams
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I Love You, Man
Peter Klaven: See you later, Joben!
by I Love You, Man
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Fred Astaire
The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any.
by Fred Astaire
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Gone in Sixty Seconds
[when Calitri turns on the car crusher, Memphis points a gun at him] Memphis: Shut it ...
by Gone In Sixty Seconds
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The Mummy
Beni: I need a new job.
by The Mummy
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Anthony Wright
We simply cannot allow for it to continue to kill our jobs and, frankly, to ...
by Anthony Wright
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Thank You for Smoking
Joey Naylor: [as Nick comes to speak to Joey's class about his job] Please don't ruin ...
by Thank You For Smoking
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Kate Libby: Never send a boy to do a woman's job.
by Hackers
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Abhishek Bachchan
Critics have a job to do. They do not criticise you without reason.
by Abhishek Bachchan
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Casino Royale
James Bond: The job's done and the bitch is dead.
by Casino Royale
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National Security
Earl: Your partner got killed. You lost your job. You went to jail. Your girlfriend walked. ...
by National Security
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Just Cause
Blair Sullivan: You've got The Trials Of Job ahead of you. The Trials Of Job!
by Just Cause
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Black Irish
Joey: [about Desmond's job] Just because he don't like it doesn't mean it ain't honourable.
by Black Irish
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Love Stinks
Seth: Nice job, you fucked up date night.
by Love Stinks
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Executioner: [straps Reese in chair] Edgar Reese: [grabs executioner's arm and says] Hey, if you get me ...
by Fallen
0 votes   211 views  
Gay Carpenter: If you're smart - and I was smart - you'll figure out a job ...
by Showgirls
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Luke: Anna! You do NOT run out on your mother! Anna Harrison: No, that's your job.
by Stepmom
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Chris Jordan
When we put the other Tillman kid in there, he`s not a very good man ...
by Chris Jordan
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Toy Story 2
Sergeant: [Buzz regroups the troops] Bravo, Space Ranger! Excellent job! [a Pizza Planet token appears]
by Toy Story 2
0 votes   209 views  
Betsy Jobs: Isn't it against the law to cut up the flag? Arlene Lorenzo: Not if you ...
by Dick
1 votes   209 views  
The Mod Squad
Pete: Man this job sucks. Linc: Beats jail. Julie: A deal's a deal.
by The Mod Squad
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Cop Land
Deputy Cindy Betts: Are you on the job? Jack Rucker: No honey were commin' from Forest Hills. ...
by Cop Land
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Kevin Kern
You have to give credit to Citron. He did a good job with his game ...
by Kevin Kern
0 votes   208 views  
Adam Archuleta
When you put yourself in a situation where your back is against the wall and ...
by Adam Archuleta
0 votes   208 views  
What Lies Beneath
Claire Spencer: We did a great job. She's a good kid. Norman: We did. Claire Spencer: It's just ...
by What Lies Beneath
0 votes   208 views  
The Replacements
Nigel 'The Leg' Gruff: [to the players on strike] Get a job, you wankers!
by The Replacements
0 votes   207 views  
Billy Madison
Frank: [to Billy] When I graduated first grade, all my dad did was tell me to ...
by Billy Madison
0 votes   207 views  
Kyle Eastwood
Our job shouldn`t stop with a bill. It should stop with a solution. Congress should ...
by Kyle Eastwood
0 votes   206 views  
Black Hawk Down
[a dying Ruiz is speaking to Cpt. Steele] Ruiz: Don't go back out there without me. ...
by Black Hawk Down
0 votes   206 views  
Dr. Simon Tam: [referring to River] One simple job. She'll be fine. Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: She is ...
by Serenity
0 votes   205 views  
Friday After Next
Craig Jones: [to Officer A. Hole] Do your fuckin job!
by Friday After Next
0 votes   205 views  
View from the Top
Sally Weston: Donna, did I ever tell you about a nasty habit that flight attendants pick ...
by View From The Top
0 votes   205 views  
Session 9
Bill Griggs: They'd soak the nut-jobs in ice water, or they'd give 'em a lobotomy.
by Session 9
0 votes   205 views  
Demolition Man
Lenina Huxley: Chief, you can take this job, and you can shovel it. John Spartan: Take this ...
by Demolition Man
0 votes   205 views  
Transporter 2
Gianni: I did the job like you. Just... my pay is better. My hair and my ...
by Transporter 2
0 votes   204 views  
Shattered Glass
Chuck Lane: You're fired, Steve. Stephen Glass: What? Chuck Lane: You're fired, Steve. You've lost your job. Stephen ...
by Shattered Glass
0 votes   204 views  
Uptown Girls
Ray: You can have your job back, you know. Molly: I don't think so. You and I, ...
by Uptown Girls
0 votes   204 views  
Donnie Darko
Prof. Kenneth Monnitoff: Um... I'm not going to be able to continue this conversation. Donnie: Why? Prof. ...
by Donnie Darko
0 votes   204 views  
Deconstructing Harry
Harry Block: Every hooker I ever speak to tells me that it beats the hell out ...
by Deconstructing Harry
0 votes   204 views  
Marcus Johnson
My job is just to defeat the guy on the other side,
by Marcus Johnson
0 votes   203 views  
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