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[David and Howard are eating lunch at school and studying for the "Pleasantville" Trivia Competition] ...
by Pleasantville
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Sith Apprentice
The Emperor: Now these final four will go head to head in the most demanding job ...
by Sith Apprentice
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Carol King
We`re still in the process of hiring people from that job fair. We have been ...
by Carol King
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Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie
Jonah: [to Khalil] Well, I did my job. I warned them they would be punished, and ...
by Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie
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View from the Top
[Donna and Christine are filling out job application forms] Donna Jensen: Oh, my God. Do you ...
by View From The Top
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Drowning Mona
Mona Dearly: Don't call yourselves BJ Landscaping. You don't want people to go around calling you ...
by Drowning Mona
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Donald Trump: Well, I'm working on buying St. Patrick's Cathedral, maybe doing a little rip-down job ...
by Celebrity
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The Usual Suspects
Keaton: Hey, uh... friend of mine in New York tells me that you know, that you ...
by The Usual Suspects
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Drag Me to Hell
Waitress: So you're just going to sit here all night, drinking coffee? Christine Brown: Yes... No! Maybe! ...
by Drag Me To Hell
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Jennifer Cole
We`re at around 1,200 registered volunteers. That`s a really good testament because this is kind ...
by Jennifer Cole
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Annette Bening
I think where I`ve instinctively found myself is that I am somewhat guarded in my ...
by Annette Bening
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The Ice Harvest
Vic: Don't be so worried. The hard part's done already. Everything worked just like you said ...
by The Ice Harvest
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In the Line of Fire
Frank Horrigan: [Leary is hanging from an elevator alongside a hotel building. Horrigan offers his hand ...
by In The Line Of Fire
0 votes   411 views  
Orientation: A Scientology Information Film
Plumbing Contractor: With Scientology I'm able to push through any barriers I come across, on my ...
by Orientation: A Scientology Information Film
0 votes   410 views  
The Mummy Returns
Izzy: Remember that bank job in Marrakesh? Evelyn: Bank job? Rick: It's not like it sounds. Izzy: Oh it's ...
by The Mummy Returns
0 votes   410 views  
The Newton Boys
Dock Newton: You ain't any less of a drunk now than you was when hooch was ...
by The Newton Boys
0 votes   410 views  
Jungle 2 Jungle
Mimi-Siku: [after Mimi-Siku suggests they eat Coco the cat] Cat's job feed people. Michael Cromwell: No, not ...
by Jungle 2 Jungle
0 votes   410 views  
Straight Talk
'Dr.' Shirlee Kenyon: I'm returning the car. It came with the job. Gordon: Wherever you go you'll ...
by Straight Talk
0 votes   410 views  
The Insider
Lowell Bergman: I never left a source hang out to dry, ever! Abandoned! Not 'till right ...
by The Insider
0 votes   409 views  
Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
Jade: It is not my fault. I did everything you ordered. Shao Kahn: It was your job ...
by Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
0 votes   409 views  
Doctor Dolittle
Tiger: [atop an observatory] ... And now, on the day I end it all, I'd like ...
by Doctor Dolittle
0 votes   409 views  
Lethal Weapon 3
[Riggs uncovers the bomb in the ICSI building] Martin Riggs: Oh my, more plastic than Cher. ...
by Lethal Weapon 3
0 votes   409 views  
Skip Skipperton: Are you telling me that your last job before becoming a psychologist was an ...
by Mumford
0 votes   408 views  
L.A. Confidential
Lynn Bracken: There's blood on your jacket. Is that an integral part of your job? Bud ...
by L.A. Confidential
0 votes   408 views  
Samantha Brown
What makes my job so incredible is that I literally get to have a fantasy ...
by Samantha Brown
0 votes   408 views  
Pierce Brosnan
[on Casino Royale (2006)] I`m looking forward to it like we`re all looking forward to ...
by Pierce Brosnan
0 votes   407 views  
Rob: I'm looking for a job! Sofia: What kind of a job? A handjob?
by Shortbus
0 votes   407 views  
Surviving Christmas
Tom Valco: [shouts] Brian, get down here and eat your dinner, will you? Brian Valco: I'm not ...
by Surviving Christmas
0 votes   407 views  
The Marine
Kate Triton: You're home! [kisses John] John Triton: [after making love to her] You all right? Kate ...
by The Marine
0 votes   406 views  
[Max is on the radio dispatch with his boss, Lenny] Max: Yeah, Lenny, what's up? It's ...
by Collateral
0 votes   406 views  
Arlene Lorenzo: How dare those people treat us like we're stupid teenage girls. Betsy Jobs: We are ...
by Dick
0 votes   406 views  
Tomorrow Never Dies
M: I believe you once had a relationship with Carver's wife, Paris. James Bond: That was a ...
by Tomorrow Never Dies
0 votes   406 views  
Executive Decision
[Rat is attempting to take command of the mission] Dr. David Grant: Look, I'm not telling ...
by Executive Decision
0 votes   406 views  
Mrs. Doubtfire
Miranda: Hello? Daniel: I am job. Miranda: I beg your pardon? Daniel: I... am... job. Miranda: Do you speak English? ...
by Mrs. Doubtfire
0 votes   406 views  
Hard to Kill
[the owner of Mason Storm's former house enters a room where Storm has caused a ...
by Hard To Kill
0 votes   406 views  
Gone in Sixty Seconds
Sway: I've got two jobs. I've discovered that you have to work twice as hard when ...
by Gone In Sixty Seconds
0 votes   405 views  
Henry Fool
Henry Fool: [very calmly] Once - I forget where I was. Central America, maybe. Somewhere hot. ...
by Henry Fool
0 votes   405 views  
Beautiful Girls
Tracy: I don't think you should take that job. Piano players are sexy, salesmen are uncles.
by Beautiful Girls
0 votes   405 views  
Nora: [to herself] I love my job.
by Gameshow
0 votes   405 views  
Mission: Impossible
Ethan Hunt: The disk Job sold you is worthless. Bait. Part of an internal mole hunt. ...
by Mission: Impossible
0 votes   404 views  
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