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No Country for Old Men
Carla Jean's Mother: And I always seen this is what it would come to. Three years ...
by No Country For Old Men
0 votes   529 views  

Training Day
Alonzo: [after killing Roger and shooting Jeff] It's not what you know, it's what you can ...
by Training Day
0 votes   528 views  
[holding up a sign reading "Run Home Jack"] Pirates: Run home, Jack! Run home, Jack! Jack: "Run ...
by Hook
0 votes   527 views  
The Simpsons Movie
Todd Flanders: I wish Homer was my father. Ned Flanders: ...and I wish you didn't have the ...
by The Simpsons Movie
0 votes   522 views  
Raising Helen
Pastor Dan Parker: Let's talk about some things you could do at home. Helen Harris: You wanna ...
by Raising Helen
0 votes   521 views  
Scary Movie 3
U-God: You stepped on my shoe, bitch! Redman: Man, call me a bitch again and I'll park ...
by Scary Movie 3
0 votes   521 views  
Loki: Is this why I had to come down here this morning, man? Is this why ...
by Dogma
0 votes   520 views  
The Big Lebowski
The Dude: [on the phone] Of course the car made it home, you're calling me at ...
by The Big Lebowski
0 votes   520 views  
[in the Museum where all clocks are destroyed. Hook hands Jack a hammer to destroy ...
by Hook
-1 votes   520 views  
The Simpsons Movie
Homer Simpson: [while choking Bart for laughing at him] I'll teach you to laugh at something ...
by The Simpsons Movie
0 votes   520 views  
The Sandlot
Timmy: Smalls, you mean to tell me you went home, swiped a ball that was signed ...
by The Sandlot
0 votes   517 views  
Wonder Woman
Homeless man: Hey, look at that lady!
by Wonder Woman
-1 votes   517 views  
Achilles: Apparently you won some great victory. Agamemnon: Ah, Perhaps you didn't notice. The Trojan beach belonged ...
by Troy
0 votes   516 views  
The Santa Clause
Scott Calvin: Well, isn't that a pretty picture, Santa rolling down the block in a PANZER! ...
by The Santa Clause
0 votes   516 views  
Romance & Cigarettes
Tula: [to Nick Murder] G-strings, push-up bras, teddies, garter belts, crotchless pantyhose. Fuck bloomers. That's what ...
by Romance & Cigarettes
0 votes   515 views  
The Legend of Bagger Vance
Bagger Vance: You wanna quit Mr. Junuh? You know you can just go ahead and creep ...
by The Legend Of Bagger Vance
0 votes   515 views  
P.S. I Love You
Gerry Kennedy: Dear Holly, I don't have much time. I don't mean literally, I mean you're ...
by P.S. I Love You
0 votes   514 views  
Hustle & Flow
Lexus: I ain't workin' day shift no more, daddy. I don't care if I have to ...
by Hustle & Flow
0 votes   514 views  
Beyond Borders
[first lines] Sarah Jordan: I wonder, do we all know where we belong? And if we ...
by Beyond Borders
1 votes   512 views  
The Simpsons Movie
Homer Simpson: [gets up to leave and stops in the aisle] Ooh, floor popcorn! [picks a ...
by The Simpsons Movie
0 votes   511 views  
Pope John Paul Ii
...A community needs a soul if it is to become a true home for human ...
by Pope John Paul Ii
-1 votes   510 views  
K-19: The Widowmaker
Capt. Mikhail Polenin: At every stage of this disaster, which came within moments of being a ...
by K-19: The Widowmaker
0 votes   510 views  
Star Trek: Insurrection
Anij: Have you ever experienced, a perfect moment in time? Captain Picard: A perfect moment? Anij: When time ...
by Star Trek: Insurrection
0 votes   509 views  
[It's 2:32am, and Mike decides to call Nikki, a girl he met just a few ...
by Swingers
0 votes   509 views  
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
Charles Eastman: And now you speak of coercion. I don't understand. Henry Dawes: If we don't put ...
by Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee
0 votes   508 views  
Finding Nemo
Marlin: [introduction to the main menu of the first disc of the DVD] Where is it? ...
by Finding Nemo
0 votes   507 views  
Waking Life
Guy Forsyth: Did you ever have a job that you hated and worked real hard at? ...
by Waking Life
0 votes   507 views  
David: [on the phone] Well, he's not homeless, Howard, they just don't say where he lives. ...
by Pleasantville
0 votes   507 views  
The Simpsons Movie
Russ Cargill: [levels a shotgun at Homer and Bart] Russ Cargill: Hello, Homer. Homer Simpson: So, we meet ...
by The Simpsons Movie
0 votes   507 views  
The Invention of Lying
Richard Bellison: [surprised by the homeowner during a burglary] What are you doing here? It's Monday ...
by The Invention Of Lying
0 votes   505 views  
Facing the Giants
Grant Taylor: Brooke, I can't provide you with a decent home, I can't provide you with ...
by Facing The Giants
0 votes   505 views  
Garbage Sweeper in Kensington Gardens: [Peter notices that he looks exactly like Smee] Hello. Having trouble ...
by Hook
0 votes   503 views  
The Replacements
Annabelle Farrell: [while Annabelle's driving Falco home recklessly. Falco is slightly distracted by this] So why ...
by The Replacements
0 votes   502 views  
Loki: Wait, so all I gotta do, I walk through the arch thing, and then I ...
by Dogma
0 votes   502 views  
Toy Story
Buzz: [in Sid's backpack, approaching his home] Sheriff, I can see your indwelling from here. You're ...
by Toy Story
0 votes   501 views  
The Warriors
The DJ: Good news, boppers! The big alert has been called off. It turns out that ...
by The Warriors
0 votes   501 views  
The Holiday
Iris: [Iris answers telephone] Hello? Graham: So are you ever coming home? Iris: Oh, my God, hi. Graham: How's ...
by The Holiday
0 votes   501 views  
Mighty Aphrodite
[after learning that Amanda cheated on Lenny] Greek Chorus: Oh my God! It's more serious than ...
by Mighty Aphrodite
0 votes   500 views  
William Wallace: Lower your flags and march straight back to England, stopping at every home you ...
by Braveheart
0 votes   499 views  
A Few Good Men
Capt. Ross: Dan Kaffee. Kaffee: Smilin' Jack Ross. Capt. Ross: Welcome to the big time. Kaffee: You think so? ...
by A Few Good Men
0 votes   498 views  
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