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Living Out Loud
Bob's Wife: It was never my intention to break up a home. I come from a ...
by Living Out Loud
0 votes   246 views  

Haylie Duff
Naturally, everyone thinks siblings would be jealous over each other and fighting, but my dad ...
by Haylie Duff
0 votes   244 views  
Anna and the King
The Kralahome, Prime Minister: Your Majesty, I believe there has been enough insult caused by this ...
by Anna And The King
-1 votes   244 views  
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Benny: Let me in, Pike. I'm *hungry*! Pike: Go home, Ben. Benny: [whining] C'mon I'm hungry. Pike: You're floating! ...
by Buffy The Vampire Slayer
0 votes   243 views  
Crank: High Voltage
Talk Show Host: [referring to Chev] Tell me what he's like when he's at home. Karen ...
by Crank: High Voltage
0 votes   243 views  
Jello Biafra
This is my home. Home is where the disease is. As long as I stay ...
by Jello Biafra
0 votes   241 views  
Harry: [drunk] Well, I'm gonna go home, have some sex. Jack: Harry, you're gonna go home and ...
by Speed
0 votes   240 views  
Kickboxer 2: The Road Back
Xian Chow: David, I see no fat lady, I hear no singing...Its not over yet...The strongest ...
by Kickboxer 2: The Road Back
0 votes   240 views  
Jeremy Bulloch
The children are grown up and left home.
by Jeremy Bulloch
0 votes   238 views  
Black Christmas
Agnes: Everyone will be home for Christmas
by Black Christmas
0 votes   238 views  
Amy Fisher
When I was a child, I played in trees a lot, ... I`m very attached ...
by Amy Fisher
0 votes   237 views  
Reign of Fire
Creedy: [about his homemade liquor] Creedy's own black label. Aged two weeks in a steel barrel. ...
by Reign Of Fire
0 votes   237 views  
Phil Gramm
Quite frankly, I think nothing could do more to immediately bolster national security then enabling ...
by Phil Gramm
0 votes   236 views  
Corny Collins: Role Call! Council Members: I'm Amber! Brad! Tammy! Fender! Brenda! Sketch! Shelley! IQ! Lou Ann! ...
by Hairspray
0 votes   236 views  
Yes Man
Carl Allen: Hey Carl... you wanna give your money away to some homeless guy? Yes, yes ...
by Yes Man
0 votes   236 views  
The Skeleton Key
Luke: You know my mother used to say that if a lady invites you into her ...
by The Skeleton Key
0 votes   235 views  
Next Friday
Day-Day: [to Craig] When you going home?
by Next Friday
0 votes   235 views  
The American President
President Andrew Shepherd: The White House is the single greatest home court advantage in the modern ...
by The American President
0 votes   235 views  
David Green
Too many Busch guys are packing up and going home each week without getting in ...
by David Green
0 votes   234 views  
The Affair of the Necklace
Jeanne St. Remy de Valois: It is my family's home I wished returned. Minister of Titles: That ...
by The Affair Of The Necklace
0 votes   234 views  
Minority Report
Agatha: [to stranger in mall] He knows, don't go home.
by Minority Report
0 votes   234 views  
Last Action Hero
[When danny comes home with Jack at 4 a.m] Danny's mom: Where have you been? The ...
by Last Action Hero
0 votes   234 views  
Annette Funicello
The Disney studio wasn`t like other studios. It was just like home - it always ...
by Annette Funicello
0 votes   233 views  
October Sky
Homer, Roy Lee, O'Dell: [after lighting their first rocket] Ten, nine, eight... Roy Lee: Should we get ...
by October Sky
0 votes   233 views  
October Sky
Homer: [to his dad] Sure Dr. Von Braun is a great scientist, but he isn't my ...
by October Sky
0 votes   233 views  
D2: The Mighty Ducks
[Stanson and Bombay are plaing three-bar] Coach Bombay: One more post and you go home crying. ...
by D2: The Mighty Ducks
0 votes   233 views  
Andy Stanfield: When is daddy coming home? Beth Stanfield: As soon as he can get them some ...
by Firewall
0 votes   232 views  
Without a Paddle
Dan Mott: This trip is officially over! This is finished! Let's just go home. Tom Marshall: I ...
by Without A Paddle
0 votes   232 views  
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Patricia: You're kind of cute... in a homely sort of way.
by Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind
0 votes   232 views  
Waking Ned
Jackie O'Shea: And don't take it personally, Finn, but I bought you some expensive, fruity soaps. ...
by Waking Ned
0 votes   232 views  
Legends of the Fall
[Alfred's letter to Tristan] Alfred: You have won her. I am bringing her home.
by Legends Of The Fall
0 votes   232 views  
Carl Munro: [to wannabee gangsters] Why dont you trade that thing above your neck for a ...
by RV
0 votes   232 views  
Joel: If I don't get home before 8, she puts on the sweatpants. Joel: And once the ...
by Extract
0 votes   231 views  
[to Murron before assaulting her] English Soldier: You remind me of my daughter back home.
by Braveheart
0 votes   230 views  
Johnny Got His Gun
Joe Bonham: Karen, it's me! I've come home! I'm back; I'm here!
by Johnny Got His Gun
0 votes   229 views  
A Dirty Shame
Dora: Ever take a rufie? Sylvia Stickles: No! Dora: Me neither. I'm afraid I'll stay home and date ...
by A Dirty Shame
0 votes   228 views  
Anna and the King
The Kralahome, Prime Minister: When presented to His Majesty, you and son will remember to touch ...
by Anna And The King
0 votes   228 views  
Good Burger
Ed: [driving everyone home from a night out, and trying to entertain his unconscious date] ... ...
by Good Burger
0 votes   228 views  
The Astronaut Farmer
Audrey 'Audie' Farmer: I expect you home for dinner.
by The Astronaut Farmer
0 votes   228 views  
Proof of Life
Alice Bowman: You stood in my kitchen and you told me my husband was coming home!
by Proof Of Life
0 votes   227 views  
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