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The Bridges of Madison County
Francesca: They came home. And with them, my life of details.
by The Bridges Of Madison County
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Josh Miller
We think that an in-home candle-lighting is more intimate and opens up an ideal setting ...
by Josh Miller
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Lost in Space
Penny Robinson: This mission sucks. I don't wanna leave early. I don't wanna go at all. ...
by Lost In Space
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Daniela Hantuchova
You know, I definitely am taking home some really nice memories, especially from the match ...
by Daniela Hantuchova
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Home Alone 3
Peter Beaupre: There are 14 houses. The toy car must be in one of them. We're ...
by Home Alone 3
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DuckTales: The Movie - Treasure of the Lost Lamp
Mrs. Beakley: Children, I think your uncle has something to say to you. Scrooge McDuck: Aye... Welcome ...
by DuckTales: The Movie - Treasure Of The Lost Lamp
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Klay World Series
Klay Man #1: Hey, over there! I know who you are! Klay Man #2: Who am I? ...
by Klay World Series
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The Lookout
Lewis: You know, here I am, sitting at home alone every night while you're out getting ...
by The Lookout
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Napoleon Dynamite
Napoleon Dynamite: Why do you got your hood on like that? Pedro: Well, when I came home ...
by Napoleon Dynamite
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The Haunting
Dr. David Marrow: The gate is still locked we have to wait until the Dudleys arrive. ...
by The Haunting
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The Cure
Erik: We really took this moron Pony to the cleaners. The money we gave him won't ...
by The Cure
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Jetsons: The Movie
Mr. Spaceley: I never should've made that dummy George Jetson vice president. When I get home, ...
by Jetsons: The Movie
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Kate Ericson: [the marker is not working, Kate is panicking] Why isn't it working? It's not ...
by Timeline
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My Own Private Idaho
Mike Waters: [in a coffee shop] How'd we get home? Scott Favor: That German guy. Hans. He ...
by My Own Private Idaho
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Sliding Doors
Helen: I come home and catch you up to your nuts in Lady Shagging Godiva!
by Sliding Doors
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The Stepford Wives
Walter Kresby: We should get moving. Dave Markowitz: Yeah, we got a meeting at the Men's Association. ...
by The Stepford Wives
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Idle Hands
Anton: Everybody go home, there's a psycho killer here! I cut off my hand, and now ...
by Idle Hands
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The Cider House Rules
Homer Wells: I've never actually seen a lobster. Candy Kendall: Are you serious? Homer Wells: I've never seen ...
by The Cider House Rules
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Noah Taylor
Italy is definitely where I feel most at home, or alternatively, living in total wilderness, ...
by Noah Taylor
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Michael Todd
We took an approach, supported by the Prime Minister, the Home Secretary and the Mayor ...
by Michael Todd
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Cynthia Harris
What we have noticed is people are traveling closer to home.
by Cynthia Harris
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Better Luck Tomorrow
Virgil Hu: What does he think he is? Some kind of Chinese movie star? [Imitating Han] ...
by Better Luck Tomorrow
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The Last Seduction
Mike Swale: Grow up. Chris: What? Did you leave your dick in Buffalo? Mike Swale: Chris, these women ...
by The Last Seduction
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The Client
Reggie: I have been sober for three years. Mark: Yeah right, that's what all the drunks say, ...
by The Client
0 votes   376 views  
Mrs. Doubtfire
Mrs. Doubtfire: What a lovely home you have. Did you decorate this yourself? Miranda: Yes, I did. ...
by Mrs. Doubtfire
0 votes   376 views  
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
[John Connor wants to get some things from home] The Terminator: Negative. The T-1000 will definitely ...
by Terminator 2: Judgment Day
0 votes   376 views  
King Ralph
Sir Cedric Willingham: Your majesty, may I present the Sovereign King Mulamboa of Zambezi. Ralph Jones: [seeing ...
by King Ralph
0 votes   376 views  
The Commune
Jenny Cross: You know, I was born on Midsummer. Puck: And I am Puck. Puck: Sure you want ...
by The Commune
0 votes   376 views  
[last lines] Seth: [to Becca] I had such bad acne last year that I pretty much ...
by Superbad
0 votes   376 views  
Maximillian Cohen: Failed treatments to date: Beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, adrenalin injections, high dose ibuprofen, ...
by Pi
0 votes   375 views  
Bad Boys
Mike Lowrey: I don't know why you going home to your wife. You got shot in ...
by Bad Boys
0 votes   375 views  
DuckTales: The Movie - Treasure of the Lost Lamp
Genie: It's not my fault Merlock's after me. I don't just want to be Mr. Popularity. ...
by DuckTales: The Movie - Treasure Of The Lost Lamp
0 votes   375 views  
Donna White
While a unit may appear to be safe from the outside, inside it`s not safe. ...
by Donna White
0 votes   374 views  
Darrell Waltrip
This is by far probably the biggest thing that has ever happened to me in ...
by Darrell Waltrip
0 votes   374 views  
Dark Ride
Samantha: Look at that fire, Colleen. That's awesome! You're not looking! You are such a little ...
by Dark Ride
0 votes   373 views  
Sorority Row
Cassidy: [while returning to the party] Where is everybody? Claire: Probably dead. Jessica: Yeah, and the corpses drove ...
by Sorority Row
0 votes   373 views  
No Good Deed
[first lines] Amy: Jack, thank God you're home. Jack Friar: What's wrong? Amy: I need your help. It's ...
by No Good Deed
0 votes   372 views  
The Vanishing
Rita Baker: You have reached the home of Jeff Harriman and Jeff Harriman's twisted ego. Rita ...
by The Vanishing
0 votes   372 views  
Wooly Boys
Shuck: You know, we ought to be thinkin' about gettin' the kid back home, Stoney. He ...
by Wooly Boys
0 votes   371 views  
A Bucket of Blood
Maxwell: Life is nothing but a homeless traveler on the RTD of art.
by A Bucket Of Blood
0 votes   371 views  
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