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Four Brothers
[last lines] Evelyn Mercer: Always so good to have you back home, son. You gonna stick ...
by Four Brothers
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Man on Fire
Pita: You're late. Creasy: I'm sorry. Pita: Where's my mother? Creasy: I dropped her at home. Pita: It's no wonder ...
by Man On Fire
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Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
Bridget Jones: You are angry. Mark Darcy: No, I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed. Bridget Jones: Disappointed? Oh, ...
by Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason
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Fair Game
Ilya Kazak: [after Juantorena failed to kill Kate with the home explosion] I'm getting most annoyed ...
by Fair Game
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The Secret Garden
Mrs. Medlock: [greeting Lord Craven] You're home, sir. We weren't expecting you. Lord Craven: Here I am. ...
by The Secret Garden
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The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy
Patrick: Leslie, queen of bitch-town, your people have come to take you home.
by The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy
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When Trumpets Fade
[first lines] Narrator, news footage: August 1944. The outcome of the Second World War appeared to ...
by When Trumpets Fade
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Jackie Brown
Cockatoo Bartender: What's your drink brother? Ordell Robbie: Let me have a screwdriver homes. Cockatoo Bartender: And what ...
by Jackie Brown
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David Mills: [greeting his wife after coming home from work] Hey, loser. Tracy Mills: Hi, idiot.
by Se7en
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The Mummy Returns
[Evie is trying to bribe Rick into checking out the Oasis of Ahm Shere] Evelyn: I ...
by The Mummy Returns
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Muppets from Space
Miss Piggy: Quick, somebody knock and see if Barbie's home!
by Muppets From Space
0 votes   380 views  
City of Angels
Maggie: Why do you wear the same clothes all the time? Why won't you give me ...
by City Of Angels
0 votes   380 views  
Seven Years in Tibet
Dalai Lama: Do you listen to news from your country? Heinrich Harrer: From Austria? No, not really. ...
by Seven Years In Tibet
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Demetrius: [in the woods with the maimed and mutilated Lavinia] So, now go tell, an if ...
by Titus
0 votes   379 views  
In the Shadow of the Moon
Buzz Aldrin: Here we were, on the surface, and I knew this is what people were ...
by In The Shadow Of The Moon
0 votes   379 views  
The Warriors
Cowboy: [from "Quick Rumble"] You gotta know how heavy my set is...! You really gonna mess ...
by The Warriors
0 votes   379 views  
Chasing Amy
Alyssa: Since most of these people are rooting for the home team, I'm gonna cheer for ...
by Chasing Amy
0 votes   378 views  
Human Heart Explodes
Naat Vellov: Although I love traveling, you could pay me millions of dollars, but I would ...
by Human Heart Explodes
0 votes   378 views  
Gone Baby Gone
Helene McCready: [while talking to the press] The thing is, she always had a smile on ...
by Gone Baby Gone
0 votes   378 views  
Jessica White
Not one more dime, not one more life. Demand that our troops be brought home ...
by Jessica White
0 votes   377 views  
Just Like Heaven
Elizabeth Masterson: [after remembering that she was a doctor] I may have been a lonely home-wrecking ...
by Just Like Heaven
0 votes   377 views  
Selby: Thanks Lee. Aileen: No problem. [pause] Aileen: How's your arm? Selby: It's okay. It's kinda white and it ...
by Monster
0 votes   377 views  
October Sky
Jake Mosby: Buck up, Homer. You're a Coalwood boy! You get down there, get that shovel ...
by October Sky
0 votes   377 views  
Danny the Dog
Bart: [putting the collar back on Danny in Sam's apartment] Welcome home, Danny. Danny: [stops him at ...
by Danny The Dog
0 votes   376 views  
The Sex Monster
Marty Barnes: Listen to me, you're taking the whole thing way too far. You're tying women ...
by The Sex Monster
0 votes   376 views  
Palmer Joss: The reason I didn't vote for you to go Ellie, was a good reason ...
by Contact
0 votes   376 views  
Mississippi Masala
Okelo: You gave an interview on BBC saying that Amin was evil. Are you mad? What ...
by Mississippi Masala
0 votes   376 views  
Courage Mountain
Heidi: Ursula, I live on the other side of that snow. I know how to get ...
by Courage Mountain
0 votes   376 views  
No Burgers for Bigfoot
Michael Justice: I can't tell people I'm shooting a short... people might think I'm gonna go ...
by No Burgers For Bigfoot
0 votes   376 views  
Josh Miller
We think that an in-home candle-lighting is more intimate and opens up an ideal setting ...
by Josh Miller
0 votes   375 views  
James Wright
You have lots of people close together, in shelters, all from different homes and walks ...
by James Wright
0 votes   375 views  
Lonesome Jim
Jim: Mom! You're home! Sally: Yep. Jim: How? Sally: Something called bail. One of the girls in prison told ...
by Lonesome Jim
0 votes   375 views  
Mad Dog Time
Vic: Ben, go home. Pack your bags, and leave town. Ben London: Nobody tells Ben London what ...
by Mad Dog Time
0 votes   375 views  
Noises Off...
[everyone except Poppy and Tim are on-stage and have no idea where they are or ...
by Noises Off...
0 votes   375 views  
Bruce Springsteen
Some guys they just give up living, others start dying little by little piece by ...
by Bruce Springsteen
0 votes   374 views  
Lone Star State of Mind
Baby: After work I think I'm gonna go home and change. Earl: I don't see the point ...
by Lone Star State Of Mind
0 votes   374 views  
Man of the Century
Johnny Twennies: Johnny, what's going on? Who are those guys? Virginia Clemens: Aw, just a couple of ...
by Man Of The Century
0 votes   374 views  
Lost in Space
Penny Robinson: This mission sucks. I don't wanna leave early. I don't wanna go at all. ...
by Lost In Space
0 votes   374 views  
DuckTales: The Movie - Treasure of the Lost Lamp
Mrs. Beakley: Children, I think your uncle has something to say to you. Scrooge McDuck: Aye... Welcome ...
by DuckTales: The Movie - Treasure Of The Lost Lamp
0 votes   374 views  
Bill Douglas
My (wife) gets home and I`m off to work. It`s definitely hard.
by Bill Douglas
0 votes   373 views  
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