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French Kiss
Kate: And we had plans together, okay? We had plans for a home and a family. ...
by French Kiss
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Devon Werkheiser
I grew up in the suburbs north of Atlanta. I had an amazing childhood and ...
by Devon Werkheiser
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Suspect Zero
Benjamin O'Ryan: I know what you're thinking. "Pain is coming. Will I take it like a ...
by Suspect Zero
0 votes   417 views  
Final Destination
Alex Browning: [looking at Tod in the funeral home] Is that him? Clear Rivers: I think so. ...
by Final Destination
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Gone in Sixty Seconds
[looking at the Humvee] Mirror Man: Hey Sphinx, check it out. Homeboy got "SNAKE" on the ...
by Gone In Sixty Seconds
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Lethal Weapon 4
[Riggs comes home] Martin Riggs: Hey. You look a little banged up. Lorna: Well, you look a ...
by Lethal Weapon 4
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My Fellow Americans
Matt Douglas: Look, Joanna, if the book goes, if it doesn't go, I don't really care. ...
by My Fellow Americans
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Legends of the Fall
Tristan: Alfred's going to do well wherever he is. Colonel Ludlow: Except here with us. Tristan: That's my ...
by Legends Of The Fall
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Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties
Garfield: This is a huge mistake, Jon. One of your biggest. Don't roam. Stay home. Odie ...
by Garfield: A Tail Of Two Kitties
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Henry Fool
Henry Fool: You can't go to work! You have to stay home and write!
by Henry Fool
0 votes   416 views  
Kieran Culkin
Until my brother Mac started making major money, our house was really wild. The outside ...
by Kieran Culkin
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Katherine Jackson
We`re mainly concerned for any campers that we may have in the area, people in ...
by Katherine Jackson
0 votes   415 views  
Carol Cox
We will spend less money next year than we did two years ago -- not ...
by Carol Cox
0 votes   415 views  
Bruce Almighty
[while Bruce is looking a guy next to a broken down car] Homeless Man: [holding up ...
by Bruce Almighty
0 votes   415 views  
Blue Crush
Anne Marie: Penny didn't finish her homework. Penny: You weren't here to help me. Anne Marie: She's got ...
by Blue Crush
0 votes   415 views  
American Outlaws
Jesse James: Let's go home, back to our farms. Cole: Platin' corn, harvesting corn... and eatin' corn. ...
by American Outlaws
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Six-String Samurai
Satellite DJ: You're listening to K-LOST, home of the Apocalypse. The call in question of the ...
by Six-String Samurai
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Blitzkrieg: Escape from Stalag 69
The Priest: One night while I was sleeping, you had your men storm into the bunker ...
by Blitzkrieg: Escape From Stalag 69
0 votes   415 views  
Wild Hogs
Mother-in-Law: In my day, the women stayed home. Not the lazy men. Bobby Davis: In your day, ...
by Wild Hogs
0 votes   415 views  
Julie Foudy
They`re playing in their home country against one of the top teams in the world. ...
by Julie Foudy
0 votes   414 views  
Just My Luck
Jake Hardin: This is my new apartment? Tiffany: I know it's pretty amazing. Home theatre, satellite TV. ...
by Just My Luck
0 votes   414 views  
Laura Dannon: You're quite a pill. Brendan Frye: Uh-huh. Laura Dannon: Where are you going? Brendan Frye: Home. Laura ...
by Brick
0 votes   414 views  
James: [in a meeting with Larry] I have some of my artistic renderings over here. Here ...
by LolliLove
0 votes   414 views  
Mr. Garter: Willard, look. You have no choice... Willard: [shouts] If I have no choice, why did ...
by Willard
0 votes   414 views  
The Cider House Rules
[Mr. Rose is lying in bed, bleeding to death. He's just made Homer and Muddy ...
by The Cider House Rules
0 votes   414 views  
Men in Black
[Jay is looking at a homely looking man who is holding a dog on a ...
by Men In Black
0 votes   414 views  
The Wolf: You know, I'm front page material now. I'm about to crack a story about ...
by Hoodwinked!
0 votes   414 views  
Joey Porter
We`ve tried that home thing in a championship game before and it didn`t work. Maybe ...
by Joey Porter
0 votes   413 views  
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Harry: [voiceover] I sent Harmony home believing A, we'd meet tomorrow to go over her case, ...
by Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
0 votes   413 views  
National Treasure
Ben Gates: It's invisible. Abigail Chase: Oh! Right. Riley Poole: And that's where we lost the Department of ...
by National Treasure
0 votes   413 views  
The Guru
Lexi: Mother, when you realize that not all people of color were put here to serve ...
by The Guru
0 votes   413 views  
Good Will Hunting
Chuckie: I didn't get on Cathy last night. Will: No? Chuckie: Nah. Will: Why not? Chuckie: I don't know. [yells ...
by Good Will Hunting
0 votes   413 views  
It Could Happen to You
Charlie Lang: [about Muriel] It's like we're on two different channels now. I'm CNN and she's ...
by It Could Happen To You
0 votes   413 views  
The Commitments
Natalie: You all right, Jimmy? Jimmy Rabbitte: Sure. They just get on my arse at times. Natalie: Wanna ...
by The Commitments
0 votes   413 views  
Judy Austin: I thought you were coming home at five. Jay Austin: I guess I'm late. Judy ...
by Flywheel
0 votes   412 views  
Pretty Persuasion
Headmaster: We will not tolerate racial slurs at Roxberry. You can use them at any other ...
by Pretty Persuasion
0 votes   412 views  
The Day After Tomorrow
Jack Hall: [on the phone] Are you sure you can't get home any sooner than tomorrow? ...
by The Day After Tomorrow
0 votes   412 views  
Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco
Riley: Well, this is it. Home sweet home. Hey, it's nothing fancy, but the price is ...
by Homeward Bound II: Lost In San Francisco
0 votes   412 views  
Empire Records
Joe: Gina, you'd better go home. Gina: Am I fired? Joe: Have I fired anyone today? No. Why ...
by Empire Records
0 votes   412 views  
Quiz Show
Account Guy: Stempel is an underdog. You know, people root for that. It's a New York ...
by Quiz Show
0 votes   412 views  
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