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You Can Count on Me
Terry: [as they get in the car] Where are we going? Sammy: To pick up Rudy. Terry: What, ...
by You Can Count On Me
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Playing by Heart
Hugh: Fucker works for NBC. He's sitting in my home, with my wife, and my dog, ...
by Playing By Heart
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Training Day
Bone: Jake, go ahead and bounce, homey. Get up out of here. We got your back. ...
by Training Day
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The Truman Show
[Truman attempts to leave his town and a convoy of cars pulls in front of ...
by The Truman Show
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City Hall
Mayor John Pappas: Enough about me, enough about me. What are you going to do tonight, ...
by City Hall
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Henny Youngman
Do you know what it means to come home at night to a woman who`ll ...
by Henny Youngman
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Anthony Edwards
There`s really no point in having children if you`re not going to be home enough ...
by Anthony Edwards
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Four Brothers
Detective Fowler: If this woman's such a God-damned Saint, how did she end up raising four ...
by Four Brothers
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Vanilla Sky
Dr. Curtis McCabe: I'm real. I'm... I'm... mortality as home entertainment? THIS CANNOT BE THE FUTURE. ...
by Vanilla Sky
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Welcome to Sarajevo
[Flynn has saved a child from sniper fire, getting photographed by the world's media in ...
by Welcome To Sarajevo
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Digging to China
Ricky: My mother says before I was born I was the same as everybody else, better ...
by Digging To China
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While You Were Sleeping
Jack: [playing cards with a comatose Peter] You remember back in high school? I was starting ...
by While You Were Sleeping
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Operation Dumbo Drop
David Poole: You know something? This country's really beautiful. Sp5 Lawrence Farley: Yeah. Kind of reminds me ...
by Operation Dumbo Drop
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Maggie: [gets up and grabs Captain Hook's hook] I wanna tear your hook off! Captain Hook: [looks ...
by Hook
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The Last House on the Left
Krug: Do you want to hear what I did to Mari? I bet you do. Pervert. ...
by The Last House On The Left
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Beth Broderick
I was a total nerd growing up. I`d rather sit home and read a novel ...
by Beth Broderick
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Silent Hill
Officer Thomas Gucci: What's it gonna be, city boy? I can put you in jail, or ...
by Silent Hill
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Miter: You know what I am Bozz? I'm a butcher. Bozz: Yeah, we all butchers, Miter. Miter: No, ...
by Tigerland
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Johnny Mnemonic
Girl in Hotel Room: [dressing] Where's home, Johnny? Johnny Mnemonic: Home? [ponders the question a moment longer] ...
by Johnny Mnemonic
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Cereal Killer: FYI man, alright. You could sit at home, and do like absolutely nothing, and ...
by Hackers
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Marty: You're marrying this girl? Newton Davis: It's not marriage! It's an informal arrangement where she humiliates ...
by HouseSitter
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Hot Shots!
Kent Gregory: That flying stunt today was pure madness. If there wasn't a lady present, I'd ...
by Hot Shots!
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Kate & Leopold
[Talking on the phone] Stuart: Are you sitting down? Kate: [standing] Yes. Stuart: No, you're not. Kate: Yes, I ...
by Kate & Leopold
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Angela Read
Whoever putts best wins. When you have a decided advantage in the home crowd, that ...
by Angela Read
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How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Glenda: Now Andie, I hope you know that we expect you to come back here because ...
by How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
0 votes   443 views  
Die Another Day
Miranda Frost: I'll show you your room. James Bond: A palace of ice; you must feel right ...
by Die Another Day
0 votes   443 views  
Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000
Zete: Home office is well aware of your academic achievements and obvious talents. That's why we ...
by Battlefield Earth: A Saga Of The Year 3000
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Homeless Man: You left customers in there. That's not a very good way to run a ...
by Wishmaster
0 votes   443 views  
Good Will Hunting
Will: I don't care if Helen of Troy walks in the room, that's Game 6! Sean: Oh, ...
by Good Will Hunting
0 votes   443 views  
Con Air
Larkin: [tosses a folder onto a table] Here's the jacket on Cameron Poe. His wife's on ...
by Con Air
0 votes   443 views  
While You Were Sleeping
Jerry: What's this? Lucy: A wedding invitation. Jerry: Now wait a second! This is *your* wedding invitation. Lucy: So? ...
by While You Were Sleeping
0 votes   443 views  
It Was a Wonderful Life
[first lines] Title Card: Thousands of homeless people in the United States are hidden and go ...
by It Was A Wonderful Life
0 votes   443 views  
Matthew: Gimme another one. Soda Shop Counterman: Kid, you've had enough. You're gonna spoil your dinner. Why ...
by Ladybugs
0 votes   443 views  
Maury Wills
We played in the Coliseum then, that had over 94,000 people. Prior to that, the ...
by Maury Wills
0 votes   442 views  
John Horton
You`re going to see it with reintegration as well. Just because we recover a Soldier, ...
by John Horton
0 votes   442 views  
Jim Richards
Words cannot describe what we felt in terms of the support we received the night ...
by Jim Richards
0 votes   442 views  
James Gandolfini
I`m an actor... I do a job and I go home. Why are you interested ...
by James Gandolfini
0 votes   442 views  
Colin Farrell
(On people who drink tequila) I tell them, `When you`re at home puking your guts ...
by Colin Farrell
0 votes   442 views  
Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical
Ralph Wiley: [shouting at the radio's report of Jimmy being executed] Shut up! Mae Coleman: We can't ...
by Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical
0 votes   442 views  
Jack: Listen, man. Cammi gets off in an hour, so I was thinking I'd just hang ...
by Sideways
0 votes   442 views  
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