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Men Cry Bullets
Gloria: Why do I have to turn 33? Billy: Don't worry, I'll help you. Gloria: Why would you ...
by Men Cry Bullets
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American History X
Derek Vinyard: We're so hung up on this notion that we have some obligation to help ...
by American History X
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Kiss the Girls
Dr. Kate McTiernan: Somebody help me. My name is Kate! I'm Kate McTiernan! I'm a doctor ...
by Kiss The Girls
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Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco
Riley: Well, this is it. Home sweet home. Hey, it's nothing fancy, but the price is ...
by Homeward Bound II: Lost In San Francisco
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The Celluloid Closet
Quentin Crisp: Mainstream people dislike homosexuality because they can't help concentrating on what homosexual men do ...
by The Celluloid Closet
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William Wallace: [to a swaying Hamish] You all right? You look a wee bit shaky. Hamish: Shoulda ...
by Braveheart
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Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
Harry: Yep, one quick score. We get ourselves a couple of phony passports and we hightail ...
by Home Alone 2: Lost In New York
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Gears of War
Old Man: [upon reaching the stranded settlement and seeing it under attack] Sounds like they could ...
by Gears Of War
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Clash of the Titans
Perseus: [sparring with Io] Wish I didn't enjoy this so much... Io: I'm trying to help you ...
by Clash Of The Titans
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Gone Baby Gone
Lionel McCready: Helene's got emotional problems. Beatrice McCready: It's not that, Lionel. Lionel McCready: What is it, then? ...
by Gone Baby Gone
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Meg Tilly
There we times when everybody in the house has the flu. You`re cleaning up vomit ...
by Meg Tilly
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John Ball
When they go to market and try to sell their computer systems, it’s more expensive ...
by John Ball
0 votes   94 views  
John Hawkes
[On being an actor]: You never really forget who you are. If you did, you`d ...
by John Hawkes
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Little Children
May McGorvey: [Helping Ronnie get ready for his date] There, you look handsome. She won't be ...
by Little Children
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The Baxter
Ed: You want help? Go see a doctor. You want trouble? Go see this girl.
by The Baxter
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Claire Colburn: And so we all became helpers, which I *so* can't help. I can't help ...
by Elizabethtown
-1 votes   94 views  
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Sheriff Hoyt: How about giving me a hand here, asshole? You don't expect me to do ...
by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
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Dirt Merchant
Dirt Merchant: I knew it all along. But why? Huh? Why? Holly So Tightly: Why do you ...
by Dirt Merchant
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[a train passes and Gin appears on the opposite platform] Mac: How did you do it? ...
by Entrapment
0 votes   94 views  
Fox: [Thumbelina is helped onto her feet by a fox] Well, look'a what we got here. ...
by Thumbelina
0 votes   94 views  
Return to Me
[Grace and Bob are on top of a building looking down at the city] Grace ...
by Return To Me
0 votes   94 views  
Iris Chapman: Excuse me? This is my last day here and I was wondering if you ...
by Clockwatchers
0 votes   94 views  
Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfolds
Angel Grace: Help me, I'm huge!
by Attack Of The 60 Foot Centerfolds
0 votes   94 views  
Apollo 13
Reporter: So... the number 13 doesn't bother you? Fred Haise, Sr.: Only if it's a Friday, Phil. ...
by Apollo 13
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In the Army Now
Bones: You're sitting in the chair, like "Can somebody [coughing,gagging] Bones: help me?" [coughing] Fred Ostroff: See, see ...
by In The Army Now
0 votes   94 views  
Mrs. Doubtfire
Mrs. Doubtfire: Can you help me with something, I found this outside. [holds up Mercedes hood ...
by Mrs. Doubtfire
0 votes   94 views  
Cool as Ice
Johnny: Hey-yo, wassup ma'am? Grace Winslow: Can I help you? Johnny: Yeah, I'm looking for Kat. Grace Winslow: We ...
by Cool As Ice
0 votes   94 views  
Chris: You really helped me today. I don't know, maybe I'm fuckin crazy. Karina: You're not crazy. ...
by Daymaker
0 votes   94 views  
Jim Williams
We`ve walked into victim sites where the victim technical support and consultants have asked FBI ...
by Jim Williams
0 votes   93 views  
Jessica Wilson
I`m going to play defense. I`m going to have my team`s help so it`s not ...
by Jessica Wilson
0 votes   93 views  
Armand Hammer
While the people of New Orleans and other affected areas clearly need help, I am ...
by Armand Hammer
0 votes   93 views  
Anne Meara
If something is amiss, such as a rapid gain in weight overnight, the nurse contacts ...
by Anne Meara
0 votes   93 views  
Alan Thicke
There are psychological repercussions to illness and we need a little more help to get ...
by Alan Thicke
0 votes   93 views  
Emily: [over the phone] I screwed up real bad, you know. Brendan Frye: Screwed up how? Emily: Look, ...
by Brick
0 votes   93 views  
Halfway to Heaven and Hell
God: Oh excuse me, could I get another coffee here? The Barista: Sure thing suger. God: Thank you. ...
by Halfway To Heaven And Hell
0 votes   93 views  
Blue Crush
Anne Marie: Penny didn't finish her homework. Penny: You weren't here to help me. Anne Marie: She's got ...
by Blue Crush
0 votes   93 views  
[Jonathan is trying to get Sara's information from her old Bloomingdale's account] Jonathan: Would $20 help? ...
by Serendipity
0 votes   93 views  
Erin Brockovich
Ed Masry: I'd love to help, Erin, but I'm sorry, I have a full staff right ...
by Erin Brockovich
0 votes   93 views  
Jim Kurring: Sometimes people need a little help. Sometimes people need to be forgiven. And sometimes ...
by Magnolia
0 votes   93 views  
Scary Movie
[the killer attacks Heather, while Gail watches, recording] Heather: Gail, help me! Gail Hailstorm: Sorry, kid, but ...
by Scary Movie
0 votes   93 views  
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