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Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One for the Road
Bill Engvall: I took Duke to the vet 'cause he eats his own turds, and I ...
by Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One For The Road
0 votes   293 views  

Inglourious Basterds
Lt. Aldo Raine: [Drawing a map] Up the road apiece, there's a orchard. Now, besides you, ...
by Inglourious Basterds
0 votes   292 views  
No Country for Old Men
Anton Chigurh: And you know what's going to happen now. You should admit your situation. There ...
by No Country For Old Men
0 votes   292 views  
Training Day
Alonzo Harris: [after killing Roger and framing Jake] Congratulations, son. You're gonna get a Medal of ...
by Training Day
0 votes   289 views  
The Odyssey
Athena: The gods cannot do for man what man must do for himself.
by The Odyssey
0 votes   289 views  
Hellraiser: Bloodline
[the Angelique and Twins Cenobites appear behind Edwards] Edwards: Oh, no. He told me it could ...
by Hellraiser: Bloodline
0 votes   289 views  
Under Siege
[after a bomb explodes in the galley's microwave] Commander Krill: What the hell was that? William ...
by Under Siege
0 votes   288 views  
Lord of War
Yuri Orlov: Thank God there are still legal ways to exploit developing countries. The only problem ...
by Lord Of War
0 votes   287 views  
August Rush
Jennifer: [sees Louis on the projector] Oh my god! Is that you? [Louis doesn't answer] Jennifer: When ...
by August Rush
1 votes   286 views  
A Mighty Wind
Lars Olfen: [In the meeting with Jonathan Steinbloom] The naches that I'm feeling right now... 'cause ...
by A Mighty Wind
0 votes   286 views  
Clayton: If I can teach a parrot to sing "God Save the Queen," I can certainly ...
by Tarzan
0 votes   286 views  
Early Grayce: What's your name, boy? Walter Livesy: Walter Livesy. Early Grayce: Well, I think I gotta kill ...
by Kalifornia
0 votes   286 views  
Hustle & Flow
DJay: See... man ain't like a dog. And when I say "man," I'm talking about man ...
by Hustle & Flow
0 votes   285 views  
Give or Take an Inch
Jackson: Charlotte, when the town drunk widow raises four kids on her own, three of whom ...
by Give Or Take An Inch
0 votes   285 views  
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
Ben Stein: What if after you died you ran into God, and he says, what have ...
by Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
0 votes   285 views  
Love Comes Softly
Clark Davis: Missy could fall down and hurt herself, even if I'm walking right there beside ...
by Love Comes Softly
0 votes   284 views  
Telegraph Operator: From Juneau, Office of the Governor. We are shipping antitoxin by rail, stop. Train ...
by Balto
0 votes   284 views  
Team America: World Police
Kim Jong Il: It will be 911 times 2356. Chris: My God, that's... I don't even know ...
by Team America: World Police
0 votes   283 views  
Scary Movie 3
U-God: You stepped on my shoe, bitch! Redman: Man, call me a bitch again and I'll park ...
by Scary Movie 3
0 votes   283 views  
The Crow: Salvation
Alex Corvis (The Crow): The jolt - eight amps at two to three-thousand volts. It lasts ...
by The Crow: Salvation
0 votes   283 views  
Tommy Boy
Tommy: Look at 'em there, pretty maids all in a row. I want the one on ...
by Tommy Boy
0 votes   283 views  
Love in the Time of Cholera
Florentino Ariza: [closing scene, in bed together, but clothed] I love you, my crowned goddess. We're ...
by Love In The Time Of Cholera
0 votes   283 views  
Smokey: [after Craig knocks out Deebo] You got knocked the fuck out, man! Give me my ...
by Friday
0 votes   282 views  
Southland Tales
Private Pilot Abilene: Look. Green, you dream. Blue, in an hour you feel new. And you ...
by Southland Tales
0 votes   281 views  
Almost Normal
Doris Jenkins: If God had wanted man and a woman to be together, he would have ...
by Almost Normal
0 votes   280 views  
Team America: World Police
Kim Jong Il: [to terrorists on a giant monitor] Who's responsibre for browing up Panama? Terrorist: We ...
by Team America: World Police
0 votes   278 views  
The 24th Day
Tom: You see this lie? You had sex last Tuesday but you wanted to appear pure ...
by The 24th Day
0 votes   278 views  
There Will Be Blood
Eli Sunday: You are a stupid man, Abel. You let some come in here and walk ...
by There Will Be Blood
0 votes   278 views  
Rufus: Jesus wasn't white, Jesus was black. Bethany: Well then why did he get written about and ...
by Dogma
0 votes   277 views  
Sgt. Siek: Now to the rest of you, do you have what it takes to be ...
by Jarhead
0 votes   276 views  
Blade: Trinity
Dracula: Kill one man, you're a murderer, kill a million, a king. Kill them all, a ...
by Blade: Trinity
0 votes   276 views  
Roxie: Mr. Flynn! [pretends to faint] Billy Flynn: Someone open this door immediately! Ms. Sunshine: Oh, my God! ...
by Chicago
0 votes   276 views  
Exit Wounds
Sgt. Lewis Strutt: Welcome to the inner sanctum, Mr. Walker. I always wanted to do that ...
by Exit Wounds
0 votes   276 views  
Ruby Bridges
Lucielle 'Lucy' Bridges: No mater what they say. You know god loves you and they don't ...
by Ruby Bridges
0 votes   276 views  
The Darjeeling Limited
Patricia: God Bless You and keep you with Mary's benevolent guidance in the light of Christ's ...
by The Darjeeling Limited
0 votes   276 views  
John Tucker Must Die
Beth: I was so depressed, I couldn't even enjoy the break-up sex. [the girls stare at ...
by John Tucker Must Die
-2 votes   276 views  
Mean Girls
Karen: [after being dumped by Aaron, Regina is crying and holding hands with Gretchen and Karen ...
by Mean Girls
0 votes   275 views  
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
Dr. Stephen Maturin: [referring to Blankeley's amputation] I'm sorry, Jack. I'm doing everything I can. I ...
by Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World
0 votes   275 views  
Ghost Rider
Caretaker: Contract of San Venganza. Caretaker: [Johnny reaches for the Contract, Caretaker pulls it away] Hell on ...
by Ghost Rider
0 votes   274 views  
Tallahassee: [discovers Hostess truck filled with Sno-Balls] Sno-Balls? Sno-Balls? Where the fuck are the God damn ...
by Zombieland
0 votes   274 views  
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