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Milton's Father: [to Milton] God's in her gullet. And he's in yours, too!
by Cry-Baby
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Employer: Who is that guy? Jeremy: He's my godbrother.
by Shrink
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The Dark Avengers
Bryan Yuen Sage: My name is Bryan Yuen Sage, and I no longer exist to the ...
by The Dark Avengers
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The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
Merchant: One searches for gods, yet claims humility? The stories I could tell of presumption.
by The Dream-Quest Of Unknown Kadath
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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Morgan: Oh my god, I am WAY too stoned for this!
by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
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Hollywood Ending
Val: At the Plaza Hotel. For God's sake, I got the bill. You had the escargot ...
by Hollywood Ending
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Air Force One
Egor Korshunov: I would turn my back on God Himself for Mother Russia
by Air Force One
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Archie Moses: I don't like your God. Your God scares me.
by Bulletproof
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Detective Mitchell: I felt naked without my gun. God knows, there's only one thing in the ...
by Henryville
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Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!
Rosalee: [after Pete crashes into a pole] Oh, my God, are you okay? Pete: Yeah, no I ...
by Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!
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Dad: You didn't think anyone knew about that, did you? But God saw you! [Dad picks ...
by Frailty
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Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
Jax: If your Father's an Elder God, what does that make Kahn? Lord Rayden: Kahn is my ...
by Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Grueller: Now, I'm a God! Pike: [stakes him] And now, you're a coat rack.
by Buffy The Vampire Slayer
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Final Destination
Carter: What are you God now?
by Final Destination
0 votes   137 views  
Young Adam: God gave it to me
by Frailty
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Super Troopers
Thorny: [car speeds past while Thorny is talking to potheads] Mother of God.
by Super Troopers
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A Life Less Ordinary
Gabriel: [picks up his office phone] This is Gabriel. Get me God.
by A Life Less Ordinary
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The Rapture
Randy: Sharon, it's just a drug. You're in pain. Instead of doing heroin, you're doing God.
by The Rapture
0 votes   136 views  
The Spirit
[On the Subject of Demi-Gods] Silken Floss: Now the greatest of them all was Heracles. The ...
by The Spirit
0 votes   136 views  
Underworld: Evolution
[first lines] Marcus: My God. Brother, what have you done?
by Underworld: Evolution
0 votes   135 views  
Bruce Almighty
Grace: So God is picking on you? Bruce: No, he's ignoring me completely!
by Bruce Almighty
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John Clayton
What is the origin of God?
by John Clayton
0 votes   134 views  
Die Hard: With a Vengeance
Zeus: Excuse me, sir, but I'm expecting a call. I need that phone. Businessman: Why don't you ...
by Die Hard: With A Vengeance
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National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Control Room Guard: The fire alarm's gone off. Riley Poole: Uh-oh. God save the Queen.
by National Treasure: Book Of Secrets
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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Bridget: [excitedly] Oh my God, Lena! Lena: [holding a picture of her and Kostas fishing] I know, ...
by The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants
0 votes   133 views  
Super Troopers
Captain O'Hagan: I swear to God I'm going to pistol whip the next guy who says, ...
by Super Troopers
0 votes   133 views  
Lindenmeyer: Oh, my God. SID 6.7: Which God would that be? The one who created you or ...
by Virtuosity
0 votes   133 views  
Davey: I'm dyin' boys. Jesus, I'm so thirsty. Will Munny: Give him a drink of water, goddamn ...
by Unforgiven
0 votes   133 views  
Gone Baby Gone
Patrick Kenzie: They say how old the boy was? Detective Remy Bressant: Seven. Patrick Kenzie: Second grade. Detective ...
by Gone Baby Gone
0 votes   133 views  
Clint Jackson: We've got a God damn fucking problem here.
by Aquanoids
0 votes   132 views  
Half Past Dead
Nick: [after seeing an inmate fall to his death climbing up a rope trying to escape] ...
by Half Past Dead
0 votes   132 views  
The Tuxedo
Del Blaine: Oh my God! Jimmy Tong: Oh your God what?
by The Tuxedo
0 votes   132 views  
Kill Bill: Vol. 1
Earl McGraw: Well, give me the gory details, Son Number One. Edgar McGraw: It's a goddamn massacre, ...
by Kill Bill: Vol. 1
0 votes   132 views  
Big Trouble
Arthur Herk: [after his TV is shot] I'll tell you who it was, it was these ...
by Big Trouble
0 votes   132 views  
Phone Booth
Stu: [to caller] What are you gunna do about it up in your fucking high window ...
by Phone Booth
0 votes   132 views  
Rambling Rose
Daddy: Rosebud, I swear to God you are as graceful as a capital letter S.
by Rambling Rose
0 votes   132 views  
Mamma Mia!
[from trailer] Bill: We're here for the wedding. [Sophie is frazzled] Sam Carmichael: You are expecting us? ...
by Mamma Mia!
0 votes   132 views  
Half Past Dead
Little Joe: Go with God, my brother. Lester: Always.
by Half Past Dead
0 votes   131 views  
Your Friends & Neighbors
Terri: I don't get you at all. I mean, always with the goddamn semiotics. It's a ...
by Your Friends & Neighbors
0 votes   131 views  
IKE: A Documentary
Francis Sullivan: My so-called friends have said, "Oh your poor dear, you lost everything." No, I ...
by IKE: A Documentary
0 votes   131 views  
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