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Escape from L.A.
Malloy: For God sakes, don't do it, Snake! Snake Plissken: The name's Plissken. [pushes the button]
by Escape From L.A.
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The Usual Suspects
Fenster: So who in the goddamn piss-hell stole the fuckin' truck? Hockney: What did you say? Fenster: Who ...
by The Usual Suspects
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Judgment Night
Buck: Cause I'm a goddamned college graduate!
by Judgment Night
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Leap of Faith
Jonas: What did the doctors tell you about your legs? Boyd: The doctors have nothing to do ...
by Leap Of Faith
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Life Stinks
Goddard Bolt: I did it! Goddard Bolt: I did it!
by Life Stinks
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The Albino Code
The Preacher: Next, you need to drive across town to The Louvre. Whylas: Oh-you know, I can't... ...
by The Albino Code
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Jackass Number Two
Dave England: Oh God! Oh... Oh... Oh God!... my ass hurts so fucking bad!
by Jackass Number Two
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James Whale
Gods and Monsters
by James Whale
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American Desi
Salim: All right, who's hungry? My mummy made some fantastic Chicken Tikka Masala. [Opens container in ...
by American Desi
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Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas
Sinbad: Pray to the gods. We may be meeting them soon.
by Sinbad: Legend Of The Seven Seas
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Stu: I always had a thing for ya, Sid! [She bites his hand and he screams] ...
by Scream
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Kingdom of Heaven
Hospitaller: [to Balian] You sail now for Jerusalem as your father wished. If God has purpose ...
by Kingdom Of Heaven
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Love Actually
Daniel: And her name's Joanna? Sam: Yeah, I know, just like Mum. Spooky. Daniel: Well, in one way ...
by Love Actually
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Professor Jones: If God created this world in six days, and I can make hell of ...
by Hellmaster
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Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Dr. Evil: Mini Me, stop humping the "laser". Honest to God! Why don't you and the ...
by Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
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Men in Black
[first lines] Nick the Van Driver: Goddamn bugs!
by Men In Black
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Dead Man
Conway Twill: 'Course you can't put much stock in a man who spends the most part ...
by Dead Man
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Michelle Ryan
We were getting five, six phone calls an hour going, `Oh my God, you`re closing?`
by Michelle Ryan
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Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical
Jesus: Jimmy, take a hit of God instead. You think you can handle the high? Jimmy: I've ...
by Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical
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Ladder 49
Jack Morrison: [Latched onto a frantic man while hanging from a rope] Calm down! Sir - ...
by Ladder 49
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Cassandra: [Drunk] Hey Roland. Wanna get outta here and you can take me for a spin ...
by Saved!
0 votes   142 views  
The Even Stevens Movie
[after learning the islanders' tiki goddesses' name] Eileen Stevens: [to Miles] Oprah? Miles McDermott: It's a coincidence.
by The Even Stevens Movie
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Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Wilhelmina: Thank God I lost my sense of taste years ago.
by Atlantis: The Lost Empire
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The In Crowd
Bobby: Wow guys... I think you met your match. Andy: Did we just get dissed by the ...
by The In Crowd
0 votes   142 views  
End of Days
The Man: Where was God? He could have stopped it. Instead he fucked you and made ...
by End Of Days
0 votes   142 views  
Disturbing Behavior
Dr. Edgar Caldicott: Science is God.
by Disturbing Behavior
0 votes   142 views  
Chapter 27
Mark David Chapman: You were taking pictures. Paul: Right here. Mark David Chapman: Did you take one of ...
by Chapter 27
0 votes   142 views  
Seraphim Falls
Hayes: Say, how'd you come by that scar on your neck? Indians? Them savages? Minister: No, it ...
by Seraphim Falls
0 votes   142 views  
Son of the Mask
Tim Avery: Okay, you give me Alvey, and the mask is yours. Loki: [takes the mask and ...
by Son Of The Mask
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Deep Blue Sea
Russell Franklin: What in God's creation? Jim Whitlock: Oh, not His. Ours.
by Deep Blue Sea
0 votes   141 views  
Stay Tuned
[Darryl Knable transmits his voice through the HVTV dish to the set of Off With ...
by Stay Tuned
0 votes   141 views  
Frankenstein Unbound
The Monster: What am I that you must destroy me? Buchanan: An abomination, in the eyes of ...
by Frankenstein Unbound
0 votes   141 views  
Sorority Row
Jessica: Please God don't let me get killed. Please God don't let me get killed. Cassidy: Stop ...
by Sorority Row
0 votes   141 views  
Raise Your Voice
Francis Fletcher: [Terri has just woken up from a brief coma] Oh, thank God! Terri Fletcher: Paul? ...
by Raise Your Voice
0 votes   140 views  
Love Actually
Colin: [after insulting the food] And what do you do Nancy? Nancy the caterer: I'm a cook. ...
by Love Actually
0 votes   140 views  
Young Fenton: There is no God.
by Frailty
0 votes   140 views  
The Next Best Thing
[Talking about Abbie and Robert's baby] Annabelle: Of course he'll be gorgeous. Kelly: Will he be gay? ...
by The Next Best Thing
0 votes   140 views  
Free Willy
[repeated line] Mr. Dial: God. I hate that whale.
by Free Willy
0 votes   140 views  
Under Siege
Jordan Tate: So who are you? Are you, you, like, some special forces guy or something? ...
by Under Siege
0 votes   140 views  
Leaving Normal
Darly: Oh my god. This room has "Please God don't make my son a fag" written ...
by Leaving Normal
0 votes   140 views  
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