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Two Bits
Gitano Sabatoni: Can you see my house? Gennaro: Huh? Gitano Sabatoni: The house God is building for me. ...
by Two Bits
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Holy Matrimony
Ezekiel: But Uncle Wilhelm, I'm only 12-years-old. I still hate girls. I would much prefer a ...
by Holy Matrimony
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Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
Marlboro: You know, that gun costs about two dollars every time you fire it. That's two ...
by Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man
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The Hangover
Phil Wenneck: God damn it! Alan Garner: Gosh darn it! Phil Wenneck: Shit! Alan Garner: Shoot!
by The Hangover
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The House Bunny
Shelley: [puts on Natalie's glasses] God, you need to go to the eye doctor! Natalie: I did. ...
by The House Bunny
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Jesus Camp
Becky Fischer: And while I'm on the subject, let me say something about Harry Potter. Warlocks ...
by Jesus Camp
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Desperate Hippies
Chee: [bursts in drunk] Oh, my God, you guys, I'm in love! Mary Jane: Damn. You too? ...
by Desperate Hippies
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Hancock: You and I... Mary Embrey: You and I what? Hancock: ...we're the same. Mary Embrey: No. I'm stronger. ...
by Hancock
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Jamie Farr
[Working with Alan Alda] If I wanted a sermon I`d go to church. He just ...
by Jamie Farr
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Bobby Slayton
A lot of these kids have no fathers, and they want to be gangsters. They ...
by Bobby Slayton
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One Night with the King
Father of Esther: [in Estherís memories] Happy birthday, Hadassah! Young Esther: [looking at her gift] A stone ...
by One Night With The King
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Diane Gaines: Are you huffing? Bartleby Gaines: Oh god. Diane Gaines: Are you high? Jack Gaines: Your huffing grass? ...
by Accepted
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Be Cool
Nick Carr: You hit the goddamn hit man. Raji: The man was bad in his job, man! ...
by Be Cool
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Bruce Almighty
Bruce: [breaking out of a freeze] Hi, Susan! Grace: Oh, thank you, God. Bruce: Bruce Nolan here, aboard ...
by Bruce Almighty
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October Sky
John: Elsie, I don't have the power to settle this strike. Elsie: The bosses listen to you. ...
by October Sky
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[Jack Crow, having been beaten up by Valek, awakens to find himself strangled and tied ...
by Vampires
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From Hell
Sir Charles Warren: My God. He's out of his mind. Abberline: That's very astute of you sir.
by From Hell
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It Takes Two
Diane Barrows: [after Alyssa, as Amanda, was 'adopted' by the Butkises] You were supposed to protect ...
by It Takes Two
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The Doom Generation
Amy Blue: Oh my God. If i don't find my skull lighter, I'll, like, slit my ...
by The Doom Generation
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Radioland Murders
Claudette: [Discovering her husband's remains] Oh God! It's Herman! He's... he's... EVERYWHERE!
by Radioland Murders
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Ed Wood
[On the phone, agitated] Georgie Weiss: Look, look, look, when I said that you could have ...
by Ed Wood
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Mina: I love you! Oh, God forgive me, I do!
by Dracula
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Gates Mcfadden
On auditioning for Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987): I walked in and was told ...
by Gates Mcfadden
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The Longest Yard
Guard Lambert: [Walks in and yells] Everybody stand for the warden! Warden Hazen: [Walks in and sees ...
by The Longest Yard
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The Passion of the Christ
Annas: Yes, we'll listen to those that have heard your blashpemies. Good! Let's hear them! Accuser: He ...
by The Passion Of The Christ
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The Notebook
Duke: Science only goes so far and then comes God.
by The Notebook
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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Sheriff Hoyt: I bet she's real unhappy, real sorry that you're getting fuckin' her blood all ...
by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
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Bruce Almighty
Bruce: What if I need you? What if I have questions? God: That's your problem, Bruce. That's ...
by Bruce Almighty
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Chance: Rory, you can't just manhandle me into your fucking car and expect me to jump ...
by Chance
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Nancy Kendricks: We're totally screwed, right? Alex Rose: I would say screwed is apt. Nancy Kendricks: Do you ...
by Duplex
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House of 1000 Corpses
Captain Spaulding: [after shooting Killer Karl] Goddamn, motherfucker got blood all over my best clown suit.
by House Of 1000 Corpses
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American Outlaws
Frank: That Zerelda turned into a hell of a woman, eh? Jesse James: Oh yeah. Frank: "Big and ...
by American Outlaws
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Beyond the Mat
Vince McMahon: Oh my, God! He's gonna, he's gonna, he's gonna puke! He's gonna puke! He's ...
by Beyond The Mat
0 votes   193 views  
Derrick: You were thinking, Oh my God, I can't believe I got raped by my boyfriend ...
by Gossip
0 votes   193 views  
Ghost World
Rebecca: God, I'm so sick of Seymour.
by Ghost World
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The Shipping News
Jack Buggit: You don't have the sense God gave a donut, do you?
by The Shipping News
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The Green Mile
Paul Edgecomb: We'll be doing this for real tomorrow night and I don't want nobody to ...
by The Green Mile
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From Hell
Lord Hallsham: How did he find out about the unfortunate and her child? Sir Charles Warren: Well, ...
by From Hell
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A Simple Plan
Lou Chambers: It's the American Dream in a goddamn gym bag! Hank Mitchell: You work for the ...
by A Simple Plan
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Eddie: I'm a real person, you know? I'm not some... goddamn... TV image here! I'm a ...
by Hurlyburly
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