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Cecil B. DeMented
Fidget: No! I want to go home! I don't want to be in show business anymore! ...
by Cecil B. DeMented
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A Dog of Flanders
Nicholas Cogez: [calling out] Aloise! Aloise! Aloise! Answer me! Aloise! [Aloise wakes up at the circus ...
by A Dog Of Flanders
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October Sky
O'Dell: God's honest truth, Homer. What are the chances... a bunch of kids from Coalwood... actually ...
by October Sky
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Six Days Seven Nights
Robin: [after using their only flare and hitting a palm tree with it] Oh no! Oh ...
by Six Days Seven Nights
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Bartleby: [to the parishioners] Prepare to taste God's wrath.
by Dogma
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Vampire in Brooklyn
Detective Justice: So you say you saw... what? Silas Green: It was a wolf godammit! A big ...
by Vampire In Brooklyn
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The Shadow
Margo Lane: Oh, God I dreamed. Lamont Cranston: So did I. What did you dream? Margo Lane: I ...
by The Shadow
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My Father the Hero
Andre: Are you out of your mind? What the hell were you thinking about? Nicole: You're yelling. ...
by My Father The Hero
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Nando: Between these mountains somewhere there's a green valley. See those mountains over there? There's no ...
by Alive
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Zombie Strippers!
Dr. Chushfeld: Iraq is making us enough money to make god cream in his fucking jeans!
by Zombie Strippers!
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Seth: Oh my God! That's the coolest fucking story I've ever heard in my life! Can ...
by Superbad
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Killer Pad
Craig: I don't know how I'd feel about having some poor bastard work for free. Doug: It's ...
by Killer Pad
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The Last Mimzy
Naomi Schwartz: What are you doing? We're talking about miracles here! The whole Universe is trying ...
by The Last Mimzy
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Reno 911!: Miami
Deputy Clementine Johnson: Let me in, I don't have a key to this door. Lieutenant Jim ...
by Reno 911!: Miami
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Richard: Susan, what's wrong? Honey, what happened? Lady On The Bus: Oh, my God. She's been shot. ...
by Babel
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Elizabeth Montgomery
The minute someone says `Oh God, you could never do that; you can`t get that ...
by Elizabeth Montgomery
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Charles Stanley
When God speaks, oftentimes His voice will call for an act of courage on our ...
by Charles Stanley
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See No Evil
Kira: This is not what God wants!
by See No Evil
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Life as a House
[Alyssa has just kissed George] George: Why did you do that? Alyssa: When you were dating my ...
by Life As A House
0 votes   211 views  
Saving Private Ryan
Mellish: [shouting] Upham! Upham! Ammo goddamn it!
by Saving Private Ryan
0 votes   211 views  
The Green Mile
Percy Wetmore: Adios, Chief. Drop us a card from hell, let us know if it's hot ...
by The Green Mile
0 votes   211 views  
From Hell
Peter Godley: You know who you're going to turn into. That sad old man in the ...
by From Hell
0 votes   211 views  
Tommy Boy
Tommy: D+?... Oh, my God... I passed! I passed! Oh, man! [shouting] Tommy: I got a D+! ...
by Tommy Boy
0 votes   211 views  
Canadian Bacon
Gus: Canadians are always dreaming up a lotta ways to ruin our lives. The metric system, ...
by Canadian Bacon
0 votes   211 views  
Night at the Museum
Larry: [speaking to Civil War diorama figures] Civil war dudes... You guys are brothers for God's ...
by Night At The Museum
0 votes   211 views  
Black Christmas
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: [Searching for Billy's present under the christmas tree] Billy! Billy! Girls, I can't ...
by Black Christmas
0 votes   211 views  
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Jesse James: [motioning to Bob] Sit over here closer, Kid. [begins massaging Bob's neck] Jesse James: Charley, ...
by The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford
0 votes   211 views  
John Hurt
We are all racing towards death. No matter how many great, intellectual conclusions we draw ...
by John Hurt
0 votes   210 views  
Ed: [Watching the Manchurian Candidate] Heh. I knew Frank. Edna Fender: Who didn't? Ed: Hey, Edna you know ...
by Domino
0 votes   210 views  
Before Sunset
Jesse: Oh, God, why weren't you there, in Vienna? Celine: I told you why. Jesse: Well, I know ...
by Before Sunset
0 votes   210 views  
The Big Bounce
Jack Ryan: Have a little faith in people. Not God, cause he's just an imaginary friend ...
by The Big Bounce
0 votes   210 views  
The United States of Leland
Leland: And that's when I figured out that tears couldn't make somebody who was dead alive ...
by The United States Of Leland
0 votes   210 views  
The Affair of the Necklace
Jeanne St. Remy de Valois: In the eyes of God and the world, I wanted my ...
by The Affair Of The Necklace
0 votes   210 views  
Center Stage
Maureen Cummings: I am the best goddamn dancer in the American Ballet Academy. Who the hell ...
by Center Stage
0 votes   210 views  
House on Haunted Hill
Evelyn Stockard-Price: I gave you a goddamn guest list two pages long. Where the hell are ...
by House On Haunted Hill
0 votes   210 views  
Bad Boys II
Carlos: It's not good, boss. [Johnny looks in the storeroom and sees rats nesting in stacks ...
by Bad Boys II
0 votes   210 views  
The Road to El Dorado
Cortes: My crew was as carefully chosen as the disciples of Christ, and I will not ...
by The Road To El Dorado
0 votes   210 views  
Intolerable Cruelty
Miles Massey: I intend to devote myself to pro-bono work in East Los Angeles, or one ...
by Intolerable Cruelty
0 votes   210 views  
Sandra: How do you know they'll be back? Todd: Because they're soldiers, Sir. Like me. Sandra: Why are ...
by Soldier
0 votes   210 views  
Out to Sea
[Ellen heard Gil's rant] Ellen Carruthers: You know, Gil. I never believed it but it's true. ...
by Out To Sea
0 votes   210 views  
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