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Will: We're going to need as much waterline as we can get. Joe: I've factored in the ...
by Wind
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Bartender: Goddamn prairie niggers!
by Thunderheart
0 votes   208 views  
One Night with the King
Mordecai: [worried, about the search for a new Queen] There's no need for alarm. Nor likelihood ...
by One Night With The King
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Four Brothers
Detective Fowler: If this woman's such a God-damned Saint, how did she end up raising four ...
by Four Brothers
0 votes   207 views  
A Prairie Home Companion
Guy Noir: And her hair! It was what God had in mind when he said "Let ...
by A Prairie Home Companion
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Find Me Guilty
Giacomo 'Fat Jack' DiNorscio: for me it's easy, i still got a long time on my ...
by Find Me Guilty
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Lewellen: Oh my God, you scared me! What are you doin' here? Buddy: I told him to ...
by Hounddog
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Blade: Trinity
Hannibal King: [to the dog licking his ear] Back off, pooch. [the dog opens its three-jawed ...
by Blade: Trinity
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Scary Movie 3
[on the phone] Cindy: Hello? Tabitha's Voice: [indistinct] Seven days. Cindy: What? Willie Mays? Tabitha's Voice: [indistinct] Seven days. ...
by Scary Movie 3
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Artificial Intelligence: AI
Gigolo Joe: Are you in trouble? Have you run away from someone? David: My mother told me ...
by Artificial Intelligence: AI
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House on Haunted Hill
Evelyn Stockard-Price: Oh Steven, you poor clueless old geek, all it would have taken was a ...
by House On Haunted Hill
0 votes   207 views  
Final Justice
Merle Hammond: [during a TV interview] ... My mother idolized all these TV evangelists. I remember ...
by Final Justice
0 votes   207 views  
Very Bad Things
Robert Boyd: A simple vote. We've got two choices. One: we clean up this mess, right ...
by Very Bad Things
0 votes   207 views  
The Prince of Egypt
Aaron: God? When did God start caring about any of us? In fact, Moses, when did ...
by The Prince Of Egypt
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Paul Grogan: The fish were bred for intelligence and endurance and God knows what else.
by Piranha
0 votes   207 views  
Grumpier Old Men
Grandpa: What the... what the hell is this? John: That's lite beer. Grandpa: Gee, I weigh ninety goddamn ...
by Grumpier Old Men
0 votes   207 views  
Dead Man
Trading Post missionary: God damn your soul to the fires of Hell! William Blake: He already has.
by Dead Man
0 votes   207 views  
The Ref
[Lt. Huff smells a mask] Lt. Huff: It's urine. Lt. Steve Milford: Oh thank God. Phil thought ...
by The Ref
0 votes   207 views  
Rocky V
Adrian: Rocky! Put on your coat. Just put on your coat. Come on it's not worth ...
by Rocky V
0 votes   207 views  
Hot Tub Time Machine
Jacob: [from trailer] This is scientifically possible! Nick: Tell us how it's scientifically possible, Professor Hawking. Jacob: I ...
by Hot Tub Time Machine
0 votes   207 views  
Dennis Miller: All In
Dennis Miller: Robert Byrd, the senior senator from West Virginia, they talk about him being statesman ...
by Dennis Miller: All In
0 votes   207 views  
Nelson Rockefeller
You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There ...
by Nelson Rockefeller
0 votes   206 views  
Jason Biggs
I`m still never able to order pie without the server giving me a little smirk ...
by Jason Biggs
0 votes   206 views  
Lucky Number Slevin
Slevin: [from an alternate scene on the DVD] God! This - this smarts. Remember when people ...
by Lucky Number Slevin
0 votes   206 views  
Hellboy II: The Golden Army
Prince Nuada: [to Hellboy about the Forest god] Demon! What are you waiting for? This is ...
by Hellboy II: The Golden Army
0 votes   206 views  
Hotel Rwanda
Jack: [after Paul thanks him for shooting footage of the genocide] I think if people see ...
by Hotel Rwanda
0 votes   206 views  
A Dirty Shame
[Fat Fuck Frank jumps out in front of Sylvia as the Yuppie neighbors work on ...
by A Dirty Shame
0 votes   206 views  
The Royal Tenenbaums
Royal: Ah, shit man. Pagoda: Oh shit man.
by The Royal Tenenbaums
0 votes   206 views  
Vincent: I'll never understand what possessed my mother to put her faith in God's hands, rather ...
by Gattaca
-1 votes   206 views  
Chasing Amy
Banky Edwards: I just have to get something. Holden: Look, man, we miss this train, I'm gonna ...
by Chasing Amy
0 votes   206 views  
Bad Boys
Marcus Burnett: [driving the "ice-cream truck"] What am I smellin'? Mike Lowrey: Just drive! Marcus Burnett: What am ...
by Bad Boys
0 votes   206 views  
Nudist Colony of the Dead
Ms. Luger: Listen, sister. Nudity didn't work for Adam and Eve and it's not gonna work ...
by Nudist Colony Of The Dead
0 votes   206 views  
A Shock to the System
Graham Marshall: [shouting] Why don't you bring Henry Park in here, huh? Why don't you bring ...
by A Shock To The System
0 votes   206 views  
Stargate: Continuum
Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell: [walking in the arctic] Sam, we have to keep moving! Lt. Col. ...
by Stargate: Continuum
0 votes   206 views  
Feast of Love
[first lines, voiceover narration] Harry Stevenson: There is a story about the greek gods. They were ...
by Feast Of Love
0 votes   206 views  
Georgia Rule
Rachel: Oh my God! You're hard! Dude, it was a fight! You don't pull a boner ...
by Georgia Rule
0 votes   206 views  
Two Weeks
Barry Bergman: [on the phone] Look, the honest to God truth, I'm down here because my ...
by Two Weeks
0 votes   206 views  
Avery Brooks
On how he felt about the ending of Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The show ...
by Avery Brooks
0 votes   205 views  
P.S. I Love You
Gerry Kennedy: I'm sorry I said the wrong thing to your mother. God, I still get ...
by P.S. I Love You
0 votes   205 views  
Jake Gray: My God, they think I killed them? The Devil couldn't kill her child, so ...
by Devour
0 votes   205 views  
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