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One Night with the King
King Xerxes: Tell me of your people, teach me of your ways Queen Esther: My father told ...
by One Night With The King
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Katie Harris: You what? You cheated me? Jay Austin: Well, I mean I just wasn't very honest ...
by Flywheel
0 votes   217 views  
Million Dollar Baby
Maggie Fitzgerald: I'm 32, Mr. Dunn, and I'm here celebrating the fact that I spent another ...
by Million Dollar Baby
0 votes   217 views  
John Constantine: [about God] He always had a rotten sense of humor. And His punchlines are ...
by Constantine
1 votes   217 views  
Latter Days
Lila: Chris? Sit down. [he comes over and sits down, as she pours him a brandy] ...
by Latter Days
0 votes   217 views  
The Good Shepherd
[Bill Sullivan visits Ed at home to let him know that they're forming the CIA ...
by The Good Shepherd
0 votes   217 views  
The School of Rock
Dewey Finn: God of Rock, thank you for this chance to kick ass. We are your ...
by The School Of Rock
0 votes   217 views  
Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie
Bill: God, she's growing up, and I don't know when it happened, man. I used to ...
by Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie
0 votes   217 views  
Love Actually
Carol-Anne, American Goddess: The thing that's gonna make it more crowded? Harriet. Jeannie, American Angel: Oh, Harriet! ...
by Love Actually
0 votes   217 views  
The Wedding Singer
Holly: Oh, my God... I can't believe I never noticed it before. You've got a thing ...
by The Wedding Singer
0 votes   217 views  
I Know What You Did Last Summer
Barry: We're going to go home now and never ever under any circumstances known to God- ...
by I Know What You Did Last Summer
0 votes   217 views  
Grosse Pointe Blank
Marty: I was sitting there alone on prom night, in a goddamn rented tuxedo, and my ...
by Grosse Pointe Blank
0 votes   217 views  
Event Horizon
Miller: [after he realizes that the ship is alive] God help us...
by Event Horizon
0 votes   217 views  
Captain Ron
Handsome Guerilla: The American girls are very... what's the word? Superficial. Caroline Harvey: Yeah. God, I really ...
by Captain Ron
0 votes   217 views  
Fired Up!
Carly: I know at the beginning I might've been a little against you two joining the ...
by Fired Up!
0 votes   217 views  
Epic Movie
Samuel Jackson Look-Alike: I have had it with these goddamn snakes on this goddamn plane! Susan: Oh, ...
by Epic Movie
0 votes   217 views  
Amy Newman
You don`t know how to love God and your neighbor unless you look to the ...
by Amy Newman
0 votes   216 views  
Silent Hill
Officer Thomas Gucci: What's it gonna be, city boy? I can put you in jail, or ...
by Silent Hill
0 votes   216 views  
Johnson Family Vacation
Glorietta Johnson: We gon' let Mack and Nate pray, uh see which one of 'em was ...
by Johnson Family Vacation
0 votes   216 views  
Austin Powers in Goldmember
Dr. Evil: I don't know how to be no crib on MTV, God only knows, got ...
by Austin Powers In Goldmember
0 votes   216 views  
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
Younger Teensy Whitman: [referring to Jack going to war] He made swear not to till he ...
by Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood
0 votes   216 views  
Pearl Harbor
[Later after Col Doolittle explains the mission] Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle: And I will tell you ...
by Pearl Harbor
0 votes   216 views  
Shakespeare in Love
Queen Elizabeth: I know something of a woman in a man's profession. Yes, by God, I ...
by Shakespeare In Love
0 votes   216 views  
What Dreams May Come
Chris Nielsen: [to Ian] If I was going through fucking HELL, I'd only want one person ...
by What Dreams May Come
0 votes   216 views  
The Truman Show
Network Executive: For God's sake, Chris! The whole world is watching. We can't let him die ...
by The Truman Show
0 votes   216 views  
Princess Isabelle: I understand you have recently been given the rank of knight. William Wallace: I have ...
by Braveheart
0 votes   216 views  
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Riddle: I don't give a good goddamn about that fish. Fillet it and fast food it ...
by Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
0 votes   216 views  
Household Saints
Teresa Carmela Santangelo: My whole life, I used to wonder, what would I do if I ...
by Household Saints
0 votes   216 views  
Malcolm X
[first lines] Announcer: In the name of Allah the merciful, all praises due to Allah, Lord ...
by Malcolm X
0 votes   216 views  
The Distinguished Gentleman
Thomas Jefferson Johnson: Well I've got to do something to help these people. Celia Kirby: Don't tell ...
by The Distinguished Gentleman
0 votes   216 views  
Deep Cover
Carver: So tell me, how does it feel to kill a man? Russell Stevens, Jr.: You're God, ...
by Deep Cover
0 votes   216 views  
Boyz n the Hood
Doughboy: Life would be different if God was a bitch.
by Boyz N The Hood
0 votes   216 views  
Joe Eszterhas
The terrible, diabolic thing with this disease is that you are always looking behind your ...
by Joe Eszterhas
0 votes   215 views  
The Long Shot
Bonnie McCloud: Annie, get the chips! Annie 16 yrs old: Got em! Bonnie McCloud: Where's Katie? Annie 16 ...
by The Long Shot
0 votes   215 views  
Comic Book: The Movie
[Anita runs afoul the orangutan/beaver contest] Anita Levine: What is going on here? You know something, ...
by Comic Book: The Movie
0 votes   215 views  
Naomi: You really want to know why? Monty: Yes I really do. Naomi: Ok Ill tell you why. ...
by Waiting...
0 votes   215 views  
Blue Crush
Anne Marie: What do I want? Oh my god, I want Penny to quit smoking and ...
by Blue Crush
0 votes   215 views  
Kent Woodlands: You are being a big baby, Carolyn. These are people just like you and ...
by Pumpkin
0 votes   215 views  
The Grey Zone
Hoffman: I used to think so much of myself... What I'd make of my life. We ...
by The Grey Zone
0 votes   215 views  
The Mexican
Leroy: I know we're all a little grouchy right now. We'll get something to eat, you'll ...
by The Mexican
0 votes   215 views  
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