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Apollo 13
Jack Swigert: [Swigert bumps his head on the ceiling of the crowded lunar module] Oww! Goddamn ...
by Apollo 13
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Bob Balaban
God, I`d love to do a big commercial movie that made a lot of money ...
by Bob Balaban
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Just My Luck
Jake Hardin: Look, I know a job if you're looking for one. Ashley Albright: Really? What's the ...
by Just My Luck
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The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest
Andy: Hi! I'm Casper - the friendly hologram. I think it was God who said, "Let ...
by The First $20 Million Is Always The Hardest
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Scary Movie 2
Hanson: Ah, it's Cindy. Say "Helloo" to Cindy, Shorty. Shorty Meeks: Helloo... Cindy. [Cindy looks at the ...
by Scary Movie 2
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Ghost World
[after seeing Seymour just miss hitting a truck] Enid: Oh my god. It's him. He's insane. ...
by Ghost World
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Any Given Sunday
Tony D'Amato: You're a goddamn quarterback! You know what that means? It's the top spot, kid. ...
by Any Given Sunday
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Scream 3
Randy: Told ya I'd make a movie someday, huh? Sidney: Oh my god. Randy: Well, if you're watching ...
by Scream 3
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Scream 3
Sidney: God why don't stop your whining and get on with it. I've heard all this ...
by Scream 3
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Return to Me
Joe Dayton: [sees Grace crying] Aw, Christ. Who died? Megan Dayton: No one. Grace Briggs: [sobbing] Bob's wife! ...
by Return To Me
0 votes   224 views  
Jennifer: And I still don't see why we're doing this! David: Because we're supposed to be in ...
by Pleasantville
0 votes   224 views  
The Whole Wide World
Novalyne Price: Well, yeah, that's right, thanks indeed, thank God! If it wasn't for teachers like ...
by The Whole Wide World
0 votes   224 views  
What Is It?
Dueling Demi-God Auteur and The young man's inner psyche: Time for the puppet show!
by What Is It?
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Anne Lamott
You can safely assume that you`ve created God in your own image when it turns ...
by Anne Lamott
0 votes   223 views  
Kissing Jessica Stein
Jessica: [telling Helen why her relationship with Larry didn't work out] He just wasn't funny, you ...
by Kissing Jessica Stein
0 votes   223 views  
Evgeny Onegin: [writing to Tatyana] I can forsee the bitter scorn blazing at me from your ...
by Onegin
0 votes   223 views  
Late Bloomers
Lorne Allen: I don't like homosexuals any more than the next man, but - God damn ...
by Late Bloomers
0 votes   223 views  
Tommy Boy
Tommy: [Tommy is stuck in the middle of a lake on a sailboat with no wind. ...
by Tommy Boy
0 votes   223 views  
17 Again
Ned Freedman: It's a classic transformation story. Are you now or have you ever been a ...
by 17 Again
0 votes   223 views  
Dr. Simon: So, you're hearing voices? Who's voices are you hearing and what are they telling ...
by Bondage
0 votes   223 views  
The Holiday
Hannah: My god, I've just noticed how pathetic you are. Iris: Really? I'm *so* aware of it.
by The Holiday
0 votes   223 views  
Punisher: War Zone
Jigsaw: [Jigsaw's recruitment speech] Whoa, gentlemen, gentlemen. Relax. We're lookin' for, uh, a few good men. ...
by Punisher: War Zone
0 votes   223 views  
Freddy the Ferret: [the unconscious farmer has discovered the animals] He knows too much! We gotta ...
by Barnyard
0 votes   222 views  
Sweet Home Alabama
Pearl Smooter: Your daddy... Lord, but I was a fool for that man. I couldn't even ...
by Sweet Home Alabama
0 votes   222 views  
Marty: What do you want to do? Lisa: I've got to ask you something, Marty. Why do ...
by Bully
0 votes   222 views  
Osmosis Jones
Frank: Honey, the reason that monkeys eat so many fruits and vegetables is because they're not ...
by Osmosis Jones
0 votes   222 views  
Galaxy Quest
Brandon Wheeger: I just wanted to tell you that I thought a lot about what you ...
by Galaxy Quest
0 votes   222 views  
Detroit Rock City
Hawk: Jam! Just shut your faggoty-ass mouth! You're pissing me off! Now we came all this ...
by Detroit Rock City
0 votes   222 views  
Inspector Gadget
Bewildered Japanese Tourist: [as Robo Gadget is attacking the city in a Godzilla-like fashion] [in English ...
by Inspector Gadget
0 votes   222 views  
Rob Roy
Killearn: My God, what a crew you highlanders are. With your airs and honors, come beggin' ...
by Rob Roy
0 votes   222 views  
Rand: I scheme and plan for MONTHS and it gets screwed up because YOU can't control ...
by PCU
0 votes   222 views  
Mac MacGuff: You don't even remember to give Liberty Bell her breathing meds Juno MacGuff: God that ...
by Juno
0 votes   222 views  
Hugh Jackman
Now I meet people with full-color Wolverine tattoos on their backs. Thank God I did ...
by Hugh Jackman
0 votes   221 views  
George Washington Carver
I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks ...
by George Washington Carver
0 votes   221 views  
[over the dispatch system] Lenny: Still there? I'm talking to you. Max. Max! Vincent: He's not paying ...
by Collateral
0 votes   221 views  
Almost Famous
Russell Hammond: I never said I was a golden god... or did I?
by Almost Famous
0 votes   221 views  
Walking Across Egypt
Wesley Benfield: Wow, this smells great. Mattie Rigsbee: Hold on, young man. You need to say the ...
by Walking Across Egypt
0 votes   221 views  
Rosemary Cross: How did I hurt your feelings? Max Fischer: Oh, my God! I wrote a hit ...
by Rushmore
0 votes   221 views  
Fred: You think wedding vows are going to change everything? God, your naivete is astounding! Didn't ...
by Barcelona
0 votes   221 views  
A Few Good Men
Kaffee: Did you assault Santiago with the intent of killing him? Dawson: No, sir. Kaffee: What was your ...
by A Few Good Men
0 votes   221 views  
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